Week: End Game: On 10.05.2013

What will the staff be playing this weekend?

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After a lengthy hiatus, Week: End Game: On is back– and just in time for the retail release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD! With Link’s GameCube adventure now available in all its high definition glory, will the staff be using their weekend to chart the Great Sea all over again, or do they plan on catching up on some of the games they still haven’t finished? Read on to find out!

Kyle England

I’m trying to tie up a few loose ends this weekend. Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote an article talking about how I planned to create a living Pokédex of all 649 Pokémon. I have failed everyone. About a month after I published that article, I got burned out. My living Pokédex is currently filled all the way up to Budew, #406. So I have an instance of every single Pokémon up until that point in my PC in Pokémon White! I recently picked that game up again and looked at my once glorious empire. Where did it all go? I can’t lose like this. So, this week I have been playing Pokémon again, going between White and White 2 (mostly playing the sequel to explore the endgame content I missed).

I fully intend to catch as many Pokémon as I can in the intervening days before the release of Pokémon X and Y. I won’t make the living ‘dex, but I can at least try to catch the ones I missed. I can stockpile as many Pokémon as I can before the new Poké Bank rolls out in December. At that point, I can dump my troops en masse! And have a fully loaded Kalos Pokédex!

It’s always hard to dump out old versions, you know. Having to borrow so many Pokémon from my old games to fill out the Dex in White made me sad at times. However, I always keep my old files and original fighting teams, just in case. I wonder what I’ll do with my Gen V games? If only we can get the Wii U’s version of Battle Revolution, something that works with both Gen V and Gen VI games…

Ah, but I’m being a bore. I’m playing with the Pokémans this weekend you guys!

Robert Marrujo

I’m finally digging into Pikmin 3, which has been really good so far. I’m up to about the 11th day and it’s been impressing me non-stop. Especially the graphics! Man, I never thought staring at a kiwi could be so… entrancing. Besides that, the story is actually pretty interesting. Will we see Olimar? Does he become playable at some point? I’m genuinely engrossed. Overall, I feel like I’m playing a Pixar movie or something; Pikmin 3 deserved a way higher score than what IGN gave it.

I still check on my Animal Crossing town every day, so that’s definitely on my plate. Oakland is now home to a lighted tree near the train station, which I haven’t been able to check out at night yet! Months later, I’m still setting goals for what I want to build and looking for cool patterns to make. I wish the game had a better way of managing neighbors. I have some weirdo lion named Bud in my town that I’ve been wanting to see move since the beginning, and my favorite neighbor, Tex, has threatened to leave twice now. Twice! Assassination DLC– go! By the way, anyone who wants to trick out their Animal Crossing games or just connect with cool Animal Crossing fans should give Animal Crossing Community a look. I’ve found so many patterns there it’s ridiculous.

Wonderful 101 has also been a pleasant surprise. The premise is unique and the characters are perfectly whacky. Wonder Red is the coolest. I’m at the point in the game where Wonder Green is introduced, and, at least so far, using the right stick to align formations hasn’t been bad. Not perfect, mind you, but it works and hasn’t disrupted me so far. The combat is also done very well; 3D brawlers are hit and miss with this, but Wonderful 101 has that sense of weight and beefiness during fights that I’m fond of. Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 both speak to what makes Nintendo special. The look and feel of these two games alone are different than anything else that’s popular on other systems these days, and I love it.

That’s my gaming weekend this time around!

Sam Stewart

One of my good friends is getting married this weekend, but that won’t stop me from making time to finally play The Wind Waker HD. I’ve managed to hold out two weeks for a physical copy (with Ganon statue!) and I refuse to wait any longer. I wonder if anyone will mind if I bring my Wii U to the reception and stealthily play on the GamePad during the boring parts… (just kidding!). I doubt I’ll be able to complete the whole game in a single weekend like I originally planned, but I will definitely make some good progress and take plenty of selfies.

If I somehow become burnt out on The Wind Waker HD (impossible!) I’ve got plenty of games on the back burner to fall back on, including Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Tales of Xillia, Mark of the Ninja, and of course Grand Theft Auto V (where I can take even more selfies). I plan to complete all of these games at some point, but only if I can stop myself from playing Dota 2 every chance I get…

Anthony Vigna

I’ve only just joined Nintendojo, but I’m already getting overexcited about my job and taking on as much as possible. I’m already jumping in head first, as I have volunteered to review a game called AiRace Speed on Nintendo 3DS. This short, yet affordable, eShop game plays like a time trial component of an F-Zero game in which all of the vehicles are aircraft. Each track is filled with tight, high speed gameplay that is fun to master. Playing this game brought me to the realization that 3DS is sorely lacking in racing games, which is a shame because every one that I have played on the handheld so far looks amazing in stereoscopic 3D.

Another game I have been playing is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on Nintendo DS. I am a die hard Ace Attorney fan, and I have played through each game in the series multiple times. The series has such an emotional resonance with me due to it’s well crafted characters and dramatic court cases. In preparation for the upcoming Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies on 3DS, I’ve been going back to replay my favorite cases to get hyped and remind myself why I fell in love with the series in the first place. There hasn’t been an Ace Attorney game that featured Phoenix Wright as the main character since 2007, and I can’t wait to see him make his grand return.

Other than that, I have been revisiting 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure in short bursts at a time. I have a soft spot for fast-paced platformers, and this game fits the bill perfectly. The levels are short and easy to run through, making it ideal as a portable game. I also can’t get enough of the stereoscopic 3D in this game, as I have always thought that the effect looks very impressive with 2D sprite work. Playing through this Kirby game once more makes me wish that 3D Classics were still being made by Nintendo.

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