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By Nintendojo Staff. Posted 09/18/2015 15:00 41 Comments     ShareThis

Got a level you’d like to share with your fellow Super Mario Maker players? Or maybe you’d like to try your hand at someone else’s creation? We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find codes for levels made by the Nintendojo staff. If you’d like to share your own courses with us, feel free to leave their codes in the comments section. We’ll even highlight our favorites in their own special list!

Staff Courses

Kevin Knezevic (Follow on Miiverse!)

  • Follow the Coins!: 27CF-0000-0039-F018
  • P Switch Panic: 69D6-0000-0062-8CEC
  • Far Out: BB0E-0000-0062-F4B0
  • Para-Beetle Battalion: ACF4-0000-00AF-9C81

Marc Deschamps

  • Winged Piranhas in the UG: 4FCB-0000-002A-5C91
  • Castle M-D: B78E-0000-004E-5D75
  • Last Second Savior: 2F19-0000-0063-EB8B

Robert Marrujo (Follow on Miiverse!)

  • Airship Construction Yard: 81C3-0000-006B-9A07
  • Koopa Gold Mine: BA34-0000-006B-66D1
  • Bowser’s Secret City: CEF0-0000-0075-A5C6
  • Airship Cargo Infiltration: FC15-0000-006B-89BF

Anthony Pelone

  • Beginner’s Wingdom: 4BD2-0000-001A-BFE2
  • Spikey Mushroom Hill: DBF9-0000-0023-FA75
  • SUPER HAPPY FUN BOUNCY CAR TIME!:  01E7-0000-0036-C63F

Community Courses


  • Fair Enough: B408-0000-0058-E1D4


  • The 6 Labours of Mario: F8E8-0000-0052-AFFE
  • Lost Treasures of Atlantis: 04FD-0000-005E-1094
  • The Beginning of the End!: B347-0000-0075-22E9


  • Battlesaur in Snakey Spiky Cave: 47BF-0000-006A-BA7F
  • Marius Aran in Crateria Land: 7D4C-0000-009A-437D
  • Marius Aran in Brinstar Land: F5E9-0000-00C2-B958
  • Ninja Kid: Shredder Strikes Back: F02E-0000-00C0-C57A
  • Helmet Tutorial: D6AB-0000-00AD-59AD
  • Boot Tutorial: B40A-0000-00C2-4CF6
  • Marius Aran in Norfair Land: B0B2-0000-0123-3882


  • Gauntlet the First: 00B1-0000-0049-87D4
  • Bowser Jr.’s Airship Armada: B9CC-0000-0064-7016
  • Sabrina’s Deserted Gym: B8F1-0000-006B-1DDF
  • Edoc Imanok? 4F86-0000-007B-C865
  • Coordinated Mirrored Despair: 5967-0000-00B5-F40D
  • Clifftop Descent: EF0F-0000-0110-9914


  • High Road or Low Road: 627E-0000-007B-7E62
  • One Airship, Many Paths: 5C07-0000-00A4-9094

Matthew Tidman

  • Shark in the Weeds: 99EB-0000-0032-4BDB
  • They Lurk Above… BEWARE: A6A2-0000-003A-7BDD
  • Airship Travails: 6FD9-0000-003F-C87E
  • Three Spooky Paths: 10F1-0000-0042-9A38
  • Boots Were Made for Stomping: 1434-0000-005B-01E3


  • Full Speed Ahead!: E669-0000-0045-01EC
  • Dig!: 3D3F-0000-003B-4629
  • Bowsers’ Castle: 18BD-0000-0034-DDDE
  • Penduin’s Puny Puzzle: 415A-0000-0105-E63E
  • Goomba Pal: D61C-0000-0212-8464
  • Safety Zone: 78FC-0000-01FC-96C7
  • Where are my keys?: 8F1C-0000-01FB-E6D6

41 Responses to “Nintendojo’s Super Mario Maker Level Exchange Hub”

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    00B1-0000-0049-87D4. I spent way, way too long on this one.

  • 0 points

    O man. So many courses to try out. Can’t wait! I’m having more fun playing others courses than thinking about making my own, but then again I just tried the game last night.

  • 267 points
    decoupage says...

    B408-0000-0058-E1D4. Making this course made an hour magically disappear; any pointers would be helpful, and note that I am on day two of unlocking the game so enemies/items are somewhat limited.

  • 1561 points
    penduin says...

    Full Speed Ahead!


    Bowsers’ Castle

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    B9CC-0000-0064-7016 – SMW – Bowser Jr.’s Airship Armada

    Multiship airship level, has a Bowser Jr. boss fight that’s as unavoidable as I’ve figured out how to make in this game.

  • 784 points
    Marc Deschamps says...

    Updated the top list with a pair of newer levels that I’m more proud of. Last Second Savior: 2F19-0000-0063-EB8B and Castle M-D: B78E-0000-004E-5D75. Check them out!

    Also played a couple of Kevin’s courses. I would not rest until I beat P Switch Panic! That one was cruel, boss!

  • 702 points
    Matthew Tidman says...

    Here are the levels I’ve been working on. Trying to not go super hard, but definitely seems like they’re harder than I think they are based off of stats. Let me know what you think of them.

    Shark in the Weeds

    They Lurk Above… BEWARE

    Airship Travails

    Three Spooky Paths

    Boots Were Made For Stomping

  • 1294 points
    Robert Marrujo says...

    Quick note: Updated my courses to two that don’t suck so much. I think they’re ok =)


    The creativity on display here is nuts! Keep it up, Nintendojo readers! And staff! You guys are crazy, too!

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...


    Any Pokémon players out there should be able to ace this one ;)

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    a couple of battletoads inspired courses…

    and a small multipath

  • 819 points
    Toadlord says...

    It was honestly this thread that convinced me to order this game. Looking forward to playing all of these later in the week.

  • 3 points
    furryfoxman says...

    E54F-0000-0069-C211 Tiny/Huge Island HD Remix

    F8E8-0000-0052-AFFE 6-1 The 6 Labours of Mario

    04FD-0000-005E-1094 6-2 Lost treasures of Atlantis

    B347-0000-0075-22E9 The Beginning of the End!

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...


    Do you know your cheats?

  • 27 points
    shadownin says...

    WT!!3 Too much water 7.8 IGN
    This level is hard but it has four paths.

  • 0 points

    I’ve had a chance now to play a bunch of levels, and have been fooling around trying to make one of my own basic ones. It’s pretty intense what you can do with this game. By the way, saw an article that the game has already sold 1 million copies, and over 2.2 million courses created. That is a hit game! It only came out on Sept. 11!

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    my first metroid-like level…its several nights job, hope you like it

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    5967-0000-00B5-F40D – Super Mario World
    Map things out!

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    another metroid inspired level:

    ninja kid inspired level:

    and 2 “tutorial” levels for use of the “down button” with helmets and boots

  • 1294 points
    Robert Marrujo says...

    UPDATE! Added more levels, corrected one that was out of date, and I inserted a hyperlink into my name up above that will take you to my Miiverse page online where you can see my level posts, plus anything else I might put there, including art. I’ll try to keep things current on here, too, but that will be up to date much more quickly.

  • 1 points
    Kevin Knezevic says...

    I’ve added a new level to the list as well! It’s a hybrid Para-Beetle/airship course. >:]

    I’ve also created a separate list for community courses! I tried to add every code from the comments to the list, but some of them were no longer available.

    I’m really impressed by a lot of these levels! Can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with!

  • 0 points

    Man those Battletoads courses…tough. Going to try some other courses listed on here tonight, as I have a night with no plans. Looking forward to it.

  • 3 points
    Irvyne says...

    I’m pretty happy with my two main levels. Both of them have a number of different ways you can make your way to the exit. Replayability! w00t! There’s also lots of secrets hidden. Enjoy!

    “High Road or Low Road”

    “One Airship, Many Paths”

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    I have been changing a bit my levels so most of the codes in my previous posts (except the last one) are now invalid (is there any way to delete posts here?), so I’m posting them again:

    Battletoads inspired:

    Battlesaur in Snakey Spiky Cave v1.1 (now with checkpoint!)

    (Battlesaur in) Turbo Castle v1.1

    Metroid inspired:

    Marius Aran in Crateria Land v1.1

    …and the most complex level my 8-year old has made so far:

  • 1561 points
    penduin says...

    Penduin’s Puny Puzzle

  • 30 points
    Dantato says...

    Dang it, I don’t have Mario Maker!

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    Clifftop Descent – EF0F-0000-0110-9914 – Super Mario World

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    My only new level in 2 months…
    Marius Aran in Norfair Land

  • 1561 points
    penduin says...

    Goomba Pal: D61C-0000-0212-8464
    Safety Zone: 78FC-0000-01FC-96C7
    Where are my keys?: 8F1C-0000-01FB-E6D6

  • 15 points
    sonic125 says...

    Do you play ssb4 I’m looking for friends here my
    Name c-300
    FC. 1908-1820-3295 also add me I add you !

  • 23 points
    AlxXyl says...

    Ghosts are among us 2( 996A-0000-022F-02BF )
    Donjon of the Rings!( A1EA-0000-0129-CA47 )
    Yoshi’s Castle!( E46E-0000-01D7-C439 ).

    • 23 points
      AlxXyl says...

      Try these one too:
      The Mario’s vs Koopa’s Donjon!
      ( 25B9-0000-0262-61E3 )

      Sledge-Hammer’s Ghost House!
      ( 6E60-0000-0241-8C7B )

      Mario & the Aquatic Kingdom…
      ( ED46-0000-0235-D391 )

      The Gombas Boots Donjon!
      ( 9391-0000-0224-132C )

  • 18 points
    gatoburger says...

    My first level in months:

    Fun with power ups & red coins

    (Also, today I’m adding checkpoints to my old levels)

  • 23 points
    AlxXyl says...

    Heres is my list of all of my 17 current courses:

    Monsters, Ghosts & the Bowsers!

    Pit vs Lakitu’s Revange.

    Castle of Winged Koopa!

    The Forestial Mountains Temple!

    The Varymore Mushroom Trails!

    The Fearsome Rendez-vous…

    The Ships of Dreams!

    Bowser Jr’s Toybox!

    The Mario’s vs Koopa’s Donjon!

    Sledge-Hammer’s Ghost House!

    Mario & the Aquatic Kingdom…

    Ghosts are Among us 2!

    The Great Donjon of Challenges!

    A Fantastic ride with Yoshi!

    Yoshi’s Castle!

    Another Frightening Mansion!

    Donjon of the Rings!

    Before this, I had 2 Medals & 131 Bravos :)

  • 23 points
    AlxXyl says...

    Monsters, Ghosts & the Bowsers!(CF9C-0000-0290-2925)
    Pit vs Lakitu’s Revange.(1B16-0000-028A-CC24)
    Castle of Winged Koopa!(5DF2-0000-0289-D846)
    The Forestial Mountains Temple!(9351-0000-0285-EC89)
    The Varymore Mushroom Trails!(28CD-0000-0285-E6FB)
    The Fearsome Rendez-vous…(86ED-0000-0281-3913)
    The Ships of Dreams!(B8F0-0000-027C-11AB)
    Bowser Jr’s Toybox!(DAD3-0000-0270-19F4)
    The Great Donjon of Challenges!(D7C5-0000-0220-BA6C)
    A Fantastic ride with Yoshi!(C471-0000-0210-D946)
    Another Frightening Mansion!(2CA9-0000-01D2-04DC)

  • 23 points
    AlxXyl says...

    Let’s try my whole new levels & some old ones…

    Boo’s & Magikoopa’s Mansion

    The Legend of Yoshi’s Eggs!

    Bowser & his Thwomp Army!

  • 23 points
    AlxXyl says...

    Heres some fun Super Mario Maker Courses
    I’ve created in Super Mario Maker…

    Gomba’s Mushroom Land vs Mario!

    The Koopas Battle!

    Cat Mario & Fire Mario Trail’s !

    Boo’s & the Magikoopa’s Mansion !

    Amazing Mario Bros. 3 vs Bowser!

    Pyramid of Black Pirana Plants!

    Three Keys for Glory of Mario!

    Luigi’s Triple Keys Challenges!

    The Great Donjon of Challenges!

    Great Sledge-Hammer Temple!

    Yoshi vs Giant Magikoopas!

    Yoshi’s Island Castle Style!

    The Fearsome Rendez-Vous…

    The Creepy Koopa jr. Mansion!

    Ghosts are Among us 2!

  • 3 points
    muk100b says...

    I worked pretty hard on some of these and they are stuck in limbo. I would love for some people to play them and leave feedback so I can get better! THANKS!

    Morning Commute – W2Q-6MM-SLF “reasonably hard kaizo platformer”

    The Legend of Helga – G9W-T6F-THF “Zelda puzzles”

    Quicky Kaizo – 40Y-P17-TLG

    QUicky Kaizo 2 – SDV-HHM-YYF

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