Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U

Better than the rumored cancelation, but still unfortunate.

By Marc Deschamps. Posted 02/10/2014 17:00 5 Comments     ShareThis

Ubisoft representatives have announced today that Wii U owners looking forward to the highly anticipated title Watch Dogs will have to wait a bit longer. That’s because the title is being held back as the team works on other versions. Ubisoft did not announce a firm release date for the Wii U version.

“We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team’s resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft,” said a Ubisoft spokesperson.

Rumors had been swirling for some time that the Wii U version had been out-right canceled. While it’s good to know that the game is still coming, it’s still a bit disheartening. Ubisoft was once looked at as a publisher that pledged strong support for Wii U, but that quickly changed. Many fans were left disappointed last year when the publisher delayed a completed Rayman Legends in order to release it on multiple platforms. This news can only serve as a reminder of that scenario to Wii U owners. It also raises the question of how successful Watch Dogs can be on Wii U if it doesn’t come out for months after the other versions.

Does this news make you less excited for Watch Dogs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo World Report

5 Responses to “Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U”

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    penduin says...

    I’ve been getting the feeling that Watch Dogs is being rushed to release (no way to know how much stock to put in that, of course), plus I have tons of backlog gaming to do anyway, so I actually welcome this delay. …Which sounds weird even from a big Nintendo fan. ;^)

    Naturally, I’d rather see the Wii U version released at the same time as the others, but if this honestly means more polish and better gamepad support, then so be it.

    • 849 points
      ejamer says...

      “…but if this honestly means more polish and better gamepad support, then so be it.”

      Sadly, feels like a big “if” here. The statement that Ubisoft released about the delay made it sound like Wii U gamers clearly weren’t considered part of a meaningful customer base – which might be fair given the weak install base. I doubt that a Wii U delay means anything other than the Wii U team has been deprioritized and lost resources to help finish/polish the game for other platforms.

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    PanurgeJr says...

    I’m not bothered at all. This game looks less interesting every time I see it, to the point where I was considering it only to show 3rd parties that some Wii U owners buy 3rd party.

    To those that lament the continued abandonment of Wii U by 3rd parties that this appears to be, I say yesterday Nintendo Enthusiast compiled a list of 120 indie games that are hoping to come to Wii U. That’s plenty of 3rd party support, and I’m going to take the $60 that Ubi was going to get, and give it to 4 or 5 indies who appear to be making more interesting games anyway.

    Final note: I’m also suspecting more and more that the entire game isn’t doing well, that Ubi may not be supporting Wii U because they can’t afford to, and that they’re trying to figure out how to lose the least amount of money on the entire affair.

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    decoupage says...

    The press statement seems to me to indicate what ejamer said. With that in mind I don’t blame Ubisoft; Wii U 3rd party sales simply stink (e.g. Zombie U, Call of Duty, and Batman). I for one am happy they didn’t cancel the game, and I’ll likely buy it thanks to what the game promises, and in blind hope that others (Wii U owners) will do the same. Sadly I hoped the same would happen with the Dreamcast, so my good intentions might not help much.

  • 745 points
    OG75 says...

    Uh huh….

    First the delay…

    Then the long silence…..


    Cut it out Ubi-Soft. Just tear the band-aid off already! Or for our British friends: “Just tear the plaster off already!”

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