5 Things We’d Like to See in The Wind Waker HD

The legendary GameCube game is coming to Wii U this fall! Here’s some of the best improvements we want to see in the remake.

By Kyle England. Posted 02/08/2013 10:00 3 Comments     ShareThis

3. Online Capabilities

We already know that The Wind Waker HD is getting Miiverse support, but the online functions don’t have to stop there. The Great Sea is a vast place filled with mystery and wonder, and it would be a ton of fun to share the fun with your friends. I’m not suggesting a multiplayer mode, but imagine a Zelda world that could be augmented and shared with your friends.

The Nintendo Gallery sidequest was one of Wind Waker‘s most time-consuming challenges, and it could be easily be turned into a community experience. You and your Nintendo Network friends could explore each other’s galleries and trade figurines! The Pictobox could include a share function that can publish your pictures straight to Miiverse or Facebook, or turn them into personalized postcards for your Wii U friends as well.

Another cool feature would be the ability to subtly influence your friends’ game world. Imagine if you were able to take some item– be it bait, rupees, or an item from the Spoils Bag– and put it into a chest in the ocean. Then, you can send the treasure to your friends, making it appear in their Great Sea! You could mail them a sea chart– hand-drawn on the GamePad of course– to allow your pals to hunt for hidden booty. Players could get wildly creative with what they hide and where they put it, and knowing that there is treasure hidden by your buddies out there in water could make those long sea voyages more tolerable.

And remember those decorations you could place all over villages and islands in The Wind Waker? What if you could make your decorations appear in your friends’ games too? Small community functions like these could really deepen the experience without directly impacting the gameplay or story at all.

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3 Responses to “5 Things We’d Like to See in The Wind Waker HD

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    Robin Wilde says...

    The cut content would be fantastic and I’d love to see it included. I imagine they still have all the art assests, etc. hanging around and it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to remake them.

  • 3 points
    jakrabbit says...

    I recon if they shrank the heads of main characters so they don’t look like lolipops they would increase the apeal of the game to a wider audience, thats my only gripe with the art design as it seems soley focused on children. Of coarse i don’t expect that to happen.

  • 288 points
    JPtheNintendoFan says...

    I’ve always thought the art design was fitting for the game. Yes the characters do look strange with bit heads and floating eyebrows, but overall this is a great game. If Nintendo can include the extra content (new dungeons, mini-games, useful islands, side quests, new items) then a great game would become much better. My Gamecube is still connected to the TV with Wind Waker in it but this is a 1st day purchase for me. Zelda fanboy…probably, but who cares.

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