Nintendo Heartcast Episode 056: An Earthbound Link

Evan and Noah enjoy another mini-E3-like Nintendo Direct and react to each announcement.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 04/18/2013 09:00 5 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 056: An Earthbound Link

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 056: An Earthbound Link

Evan and Noah react to each of the exciting announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct.

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Recording Date
April 17, 2013

Evan and Noah

Show Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:12 Next Week’s Game Night
00:02:53 Nintendo Direct Goodness
01:15:43 Listener Feedback
01:31:08 Conclusion
01:32:44 Credits
01:34:34Total Length


5 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast Episode 056: An Earthbound Link”

  • 1 points
    Kevin Knezevic says...

    You both disappoint me on Pikmin 3. :P Considering how conservative Nintendo has been in recent years, I’m happy to see the company devoting so much time and so many resources to something more off-beat like Pikmin (rather than, say, another Wii Sports or another New Super Mario game). I don’t think Nintendo has any delusions about its appeal considering the numbers the first two did, so I look at this as a gift to the fans more than anything.

    And online multiplayer would be fantastic (after all, both Kid Icarus and Luigi’s Mansion had it after they were delayed), but I wouldn’t count on it. Better to keep your expectations low on that, though it really is pretty inexcusable at this point.

    Great show otherwise. :P

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    The Zelda trailer was unexpected an awesome. Far from my favorite Zelda or art style but still looks cool. I think Dream team will be my first of those games. It looks really cool. Happy for Bravery default. Still have my fingers crossed for Fantasy Life. 3DS is looking awesome. As for WiiU what a fiasco. I’m looking forward to Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario a lot but wtf…so long. Pikmin 3 better have had online multi-player added.

  • 702 points
    Matthew Tidman says...

    I don’t think the new Mario Party (or Luigi Party as it will forever be known in my head) will have online. Nintendo has always been quick to shoot down online in any of its party games because half the fun of party games like this is being able to talk about and see reactions to the game. Unless Nintendo were able to implement some sort of audio or video chat after each round, I don’t think an online Luigi Party would be that much fun.

    I saw the news about Zelda on the front page of Nintendojo because I was busy with stuff at work during the Nintendo Direct. I just sat there for a minute with my mouth hanging open. So excited!

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    this nintendo direct was AMAZING. Really guys what is wrong with you? i usually agree with your opinions but this time… you guys are crazy, giving tumbs down or indiferent to almost all the game announcements, even the new super amazing zelda didnt manage to excite noah, noah im starting to wonder if you really like nintendo! i don’t want to offend you guys but this is the first time i don’t like one of your shows , very negative or indifferent opinions coming from nintendo fans.

    well i guess we don’t have to agree on everything or have the same tastes, but i just had to get this little rant out of my chest.

  • 33 points
    RichardS says...

    I have to agree with Kevin about the negative talk about Pikmin 3 but to add to those comments, even though it was suppose to be out by now, I’m guessing we’ll probably only get one Pikmin game during the Wii U life cycle so I’d rather wait and have a more polished game.

    Also I’m surprised Noah said he would still be indifferent about Mario Party even if it had online multiplayer. If it does I’m sure a lot more people will pick it up and would be a good game for game night. As long as it’s better than Mario Party 9 was anyways. If it doesn’t have it I doubt I will pick it up.

    I think Nintendo should put online features in as many of the 3DS titles as possible if it makes sense to do so. Playing a game like Mario Party is a lot different on a handheld compared to a console. Multiplayer isn’t as fun locally on a handheld as it is on a console.

    Otherwise the podcast was great and it was a half hour longer than usual! And Noah your not the only who thought Reggie and Bill looked like they were made out of plastic. You guys had me laughing for a half hour after that part of the podcast. And I would recommend Evan gets Lego City for Wii U before the 3DS game.

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