Week: End Game: On 11.16.2013

What’s on the staff’s plate this weekend?

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Sam Stewart

I’m still kind of floating in unknown space for now. Mario and Zelda come out in about a week, and although my PS4 will be here tomorrow I’m not getting any games just yet. So it looks like this weekend will be more Call of Duty: Ghosts to prepare for my review next Friday.

In non-gaming news, though, I’ll be going to Chicago for a day this weekend just to look around and eat pizza, so that should be fun/delicious!

Anthony Vigna

I found Hotel Dusk: Room 215 at a Best Buy for ten dollars this week, and I had to pick it up after hearing so many good things about it for years. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with it! I became sucked into the game’s story and the mysteries behind it, leading me to beat it within the same week that I got it. Hotel Dusk has a very cool film noir tone to it that features beautiful sprite work that looks hand drawn, establishing a very unique look unlike anything I have ever seen. Despite falling into some of the usual gameplay pitfalls of the point and click genre, it held my attention well and was well worth the money I spent on it. There’s a sequel to this game floating around, and I might just track it down if I ever get the urge for a good interactive novel anytime soon.

Speaking of interactive novels, Capcom finally released a statement about when the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies DLC will come out. The DLC is going to release next week, and I’ll be downloading it immediately upon its released. I anticipate I’ll finish it in the same day that I download it, as I can’t get enough of the series.

Robert Marrujo

I’m all hyped up for this Sunday when I will be snagging and playing a Wii Mini! I recently got a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy that isn’t in a steel book, so I’m researching it a bit to see if the box is legit (I got it used from a GameStop), but also plan on giving it a proper play on the Wii Mini. For research purposes, of course! Wouldn’t want to be accused of having fun and calling it work, of course!

Jett Rocket II is downloading in the background as I type this. This 3DS sequel to the Wii original shows promise. I highly recommend downloading the first Jett Rocket, if you haven’t, as it pushed the graphics on the system like few games did. Seriously, it was a WiiWare game and looked stunning. Jett Rocket II seems to be more of what I liked the first time around, so hopefully I can spend some time sinking my teeth into the game.

I guess the last thing on my gaming docket is seeing the first episode of Pokémon Origins and downloading the Pokémon X and Y soundtrack from the iTunes store. I’m especially looking forward to the music from Red and Blue.

Kyle England

A Wii Mini you say, Robert? I was surprised to see a few of those at the store the other day! They are simply adorable. A more impulsive man than I would have bought one just for the novelty and the red remote– and then hocked Mario Kart Wii. Hmm not a bad idea…

Right. Weekend. Games. Well, I have a season pass from BioShock Infinite on PS3 from way back in March, so I’ve been playing the new Burial at Sea DLC. It’s a real trip for anyone who enjoyed the original game in the underwater city of Rapture. And the film noir style of Elizabeth and the story is pretty cool. I’m not too far into it, but I’m liking what I’ve seen already.

Otherwise, I have kind of run out of new games to play, but that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s time to go into the backlog and dig out some games I never finished. There’s a couple 3DS games here, a Wii game there, some Sega games, Game Boy Advance games… This might be tough to decide.

Nicolas Vestre

More news has arisen on my Wii U repair! Actually, it’s technically not a repair. I can confirm that Nintendo is replacing my Wii U. The only way I know this is that the serial number for the Wii U that’s currently in transit to my house is completely different from the one on the Wii U I sent in. Was fixing a faulty HDMI port really so difficult? Or was the problem more severe than I thought? Regardless, I just hope my Nintendo Network ID, along with my Wii U eShop titles and WiiWare/Virtual Console games, are all intact, even if I have to download them again (for free). And I really, really hope that I can re-download the Donkey Kong Country trilogy; I’ve only beaten the Game Boy Advance versions of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.

By the way, it looks like the replacement would have been $175 Canadian if it wasn’t under warranty. Yikes.

Besides waiting for a Wii U to arrive at my doorstep, I finally got the second badge in Pokémon X! I know, I’m the slowest gamer known to man. I took down Gym Leader Grant’s Amaura with Combusken’s Double Kick– he’s four times weak to Fighting moves, after all. Now I’m in Route 10, just trying to catch a Level 19 Eevee so it can evolve into a Sylveon and learn Drain Kiss. I don’t even plan to use Sylveon much, but I just have to have one!

And if I ever see another Snubbull, I think I will tear my hair out.

What will you be playing this weekend? Will you also be picking up a Wii Mini, or will you be spending time with your Wii U (or 3DS)? Let us know in the comments!

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