News Desk: Wii U Allegedly Receiving the “Worst” Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines

A Reddit poster claims to have tested the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the experience wasn’t pretty.

By Kevin Knezevic. Posted 02/18/2013 17:00 5 Comments     ShareThis

With Aliens: Colonial Marines turning out to be a critical dud (likely due to its fragmented development process), Nintendo fans were left wondering if the upcoming Wii U version would fare any better. After all, developer Gearbox had claimed that the title ran best on Nintendo’s new home console, leading many to believe that the game would not suffer from the same issues that plague the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Unfortunately, if a Reddit poster is to be believed, it looks like this isn’t the case at all.

According to the poster, “soetester” (whose account on the site has since been deleted), the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines actually fares worse than the Xbox and PlayStation versions in many respects, with graphical issues and ill-conceived use of the GamePad miring what was already a shaky experience. His full, unedited post reads as follows:

“Oh wow. Yes okay. I was hoping someone would ask this. I have played the WiiU version. The one that is supposedly the best of all of them? It is not. It is the worst. It is a bit of a joke. The WiiU is basically the same game as the console version but with framerate issues, worse texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in. You get a ‘scanner’ to scan enemies and get bonus points that aid your harming them. When you cut open doors (which happens a lot in the game) you have a game where you have to keep the heat ‘optimal’. They just add frustration, and take away even more from the fun. We don’t know if it will come out, Sega are conisdering canceling it, but right now its still going.”

If this is indeed the case, then it looks like the Wii U version will be even more broken than its counterparts. This is certainly a shame considering the level of hype behind the title, but it’s not altogether unexpected given the amount of care that Sega seems to have put into it. Still, we won’t know for sure whether soetester was correct until we get our hands on the game, which will be released in North America this March.

Source: Nintendo Life

5 Responses to “News Desk: Wii U Allegedly Receiving the “Worst” Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    I’m not sure Reddit counts as a reliable anything source… except grief. If you need a reliable source for grief, they have that in spades at Reddit.

    • 1 points
      Kevin Knezevic says...

      Normally I’d abstain from posting rumors, but I thought this one seemed really, really likely, especially considering how much of a mess the game’s development seems to have been. :p

  • 318 points
    Greg Wampler says...

    I dunno….another rumor is saying that the Wii U version is the best version and is what the demo is based off of. COnsidering the demo is completely different from the versions released on PS3, 360 and PC, this could be legit.

  • 849 points
    ejamer says...

    People should not get their hopes up for an improved Wii U version. The game is not good. Period.

    The person who posted that comment has been verified (to a reasonable extent) as a tester for the A:CM games, and while opinions can always differ about what a “good” game is A:CM doesn’t deserve benefit of the doubt at this point.

    Also, think carefully about where the “Wii U version might be the best versions” rumors come from. Hmm… same place where the hype for other platforms started? Going to need more than a grain of salt before I take that spin as fact.

  • 784 points
    Marc Deschamps says...

    Guys, of course the Wii U version is going to be better. It has to be. Because they would actually have to TRY to make this game get worse publicity.

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