Amazon UK Games Head Lauds Nintendo

Expects the company “will do very well this year.”

By Marc Deschamps. Posted 02/03/2014 17:00 9 Comments     ShareThis

In 2013, Nintendo could have used a couple of extra lives. Sales expectations were cut and public perception of Wii U took a hard hit. Everyone from gaming pundits to late night talk show hosts question just what the future of Nintendo might be. But not everyone thinks that things look dismal. Last week, Ketu Patel of Amazon UK Games spoke to EDGE at Amazon’s Summer Wish List event in London, and he had some very interesting things to say about Nintendo and why he feels that the future is bright for the company.

“Contrary to a lot of people’s opinion, Nintendo is here to stay and Nintendo will do very well this year,” said Patel. “They’re not going to meet their expectations, absolutely, but they’ve still got strong franchises and strong hardware and if you look at the back end of last year when they had a fairly good release slate, it certainly drove their hardware. 3DS has done very well for us so that format is here to stay.”

The strength of the 3DS last year is hard to contest, but what about Wii U? Patel went on to raise some interesting questions about how Nintendo is treated in the press:

“I think Nintendo have this imposed on them and it’s driven by a lot of the media, and the media drives perception. Nintendo are getting a lot of bad press and PR and as soon as anything negative is out there it’s a media frenzy. It diminishes what they’ve actually done. If you look at 3DS as a format, it has done very well last year – had that sort of performance been with Microsoft or Sony, my personal opinion is that everybody would be thinking ‘wow, what a fantastic job’. Because it’s Nintendo and they’ve been embroiled in this negative PR frenzy, everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not.”

Nintendo’s poor fortunes have been well publicized, it’s true. But things aren’t exactly bright for one of its greatest competitors, either. While the PlayStation 4 had a strong performance late last year, Sony Entertainment has had quite a few problems of its own, a fact that many in the gaming media have not well advertised. According to Forbes, Sony’s credit status was downgraded to “junk” status last week, leaving many questioning its overall viability in the future. Compared to Nintendo, a company with a large amount of money in the bank, the problems for Sony appear to be far more serious. Yet this is something few pundits in the gaming industry appear to be talking about. It certainly leads some credence to Patel’s belief that Nintendo isn’t getting a fair shake in the media.

Do you think Nintendo’s poor fortunes have been overblown? Do they have a bright future ahead of them? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Life

9 Responses to “Amazon UK Games Head Lauds Nintendo”

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    Robert Marrujo says...

    Nice to hear. I have my own issues with Nintendo, but I totally agree that (most of) the video game news outlets (and even regular ones) get a kick out of bashing on Nintendo. I have a feeling Nintendo is going to really go into overdrive after this latest debacle and deliver an unprecedented E3 this year.

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    In terms of the PR that Nintendo has enjoyed, I think we’re forgetting what mine-field Microsoft walked into at E3, and how the PlayStation brand went from “the thing everyone has to have” with the PS2 to “the thing that only suckers have” with the PS3.

    Rather than treating “the media” as a source which is good at pin-pointing a specific malady – I think they’re much more accurate at forecasting or displaying the current trending opinion. Which in Nintendo’s case this time was: you didn’t bring your game.

    The World doesn’t have anything against Nintendo – so when the world anonymously says “We’re not buying” – the onus should, correctly, be placed on Nintendo.

    Especially in the realm of video games. Looking at Sony’s larger fortunes and then tying them into the PlayStation brand is a really gigantic misnomer. For the most part, their outside PlayStation brands have been simply terrible. From their countless number of super HD TVs that just aren’t moving, to the whole long line of technological formats that failed to become the standard (Blu-Ray), pinning the PlayStation’s brand to Sony’s greater misfortunes, while not exactly inappropriate, really doesn’t gel with the actual movement and vision the PS4 has enjoyed to date.

    If anything, Sony really brought their game with the PS4. They made it powerful, customer and indie-friendly, easy-to-use, social-media savvy, and powerful, powerful, powerful. They launched themselves as the simple answer. They really brought it at E3. When Nintendo was trying to convince everyone that they don’t make games any more, so why should they show up to one of the greatest expositions the medium has, Sony was there advertising itself as the only answer to Microsoft’s thirst for your right to own games.

    It should have been Reggie and Iwata on that stage, showing people that, “Yo – this is how you lend a friend a game with Nintendo.” But, no. They don’t need to be a part of that conversation – they’re above it. So, it was Sony that came in and advertised itself as the simple, straight-forward, trusted, understandable, and modern answer to gaming.

    Contrast that with a blurred to non-existent marketing message from Nintendo – and you start to see that the pieces don’t fall as neatly as, “Where do the overall companies stand in terms of their greater wealth?”

    I’d trust a company with junk bond status that has vision, motion, and traction over an entity that just has money – any day.

    The PlayStation 4 is here. It’s clear. And it ain’t going anywhere for the next six/seven years. The Wii-U is . . . wait, is the Wii U a new machine? Oh, okay. It is. Well, it looks like it plays games akin to seven years ago, so, it’s new? But then there’s the tablet thing! So, I can play my games anywhere? I can’t? So, it’s not a tablet? It needs the consoles power? So, it’s just the consoles walk-away screen? You can still play on the television? Oh! So, the second screen is completely needless – or, wait, how does this work again?

    If Nintendo can start raking in the cash because it can pull out a whole litany of trusted franchises – well, good for them, I guess. If that equates to success – it’s success.

    Somehow though – I think that Nintendo knows they’re sitting with a bit of a hot potato in form of the Wii U. It’s there. It’s not going anywhere. People still don’t know what it is. The path forward isn’t clear. The year lead is gone (without having been put to much use). Making games that rely too heavily on an unknown game-play mechanic might not pay off – making games that rely too heavily on old-school formats might not pay off either.

    Nintendo is sitting with a home console after it’s second Christmas that failed to move more than 2.8 million units after their main mascot (or, both of them) made their entrance.

    Ketu Patel having faith in a brand that’s always brought it in, one way or the other, is understandable. But Patel doesn’t bring any actual arguments to the fore on how Nintendo is going to make itself relevant again. They just released their two biggest name-sakes. The reception wasn’t all that interested. If the premise going forward is that people are going to pick up Nintendo consoles just because they’re Nintendo consoles – I don’t think the current sales data is backing that up.

    The over-driving idea here at Nintendojo seems to be that Nintendo is just going to sell another few million units – no problem. It’s just bound to happen when they release more and more games. Well, we’re two years in. What’s a realistic number for the Wii U now at the end of it’s life-span? 15 million units? 10 million? How are five times the number of these things going to fly off shelves? And, even if it reaches 15 million, what fraction of consoles sold is that compared to the Wii?

    I’m a Nintendo fan. I want Nintendo to succeed. But I’m not seeing any actual “evidence” that would predict this turn-around. Ketu Patel is convinced Nintendo is going to do it. That’s great. Is there any reason besides, “That’s what’s always kind of happened” at work here? Because, if so, I’m not seeing it.

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    wombatguy880 says...

    I just want to tell you that I’m very frustrated with how ignorant some Nintendo “fans” can be. The situation is obviously out of control. I don’t have an argument here because the poster above is my argument. It’d be fine if he explained how Sony launching at $100 higher with less games and no exclusives that were as acclaimed as any one of the WiiUs original exclusives is a better business plan. There could be another explanation. I’d love to hear another one. The fact is though he keeps acting like the PS4 launched with some killer app and all these new games. It launched with games from 2009-2011 and many of them were already on WiiU. PS4 launched at a higher price with less features.

    I do think it’s going to be very tough for Nintendo to come back. It shouldn’t have been this bad. There was no reason that it should have been. “Fans” like the guy above just seem to ruin it.

    Some facts however. MS took 2 years to get to 13 million units sold. Now this was with an 8 million unit launch year. Nintendo only has ~5. There is this possibility however that Mario Kart and Smash could push the WiiU over this 13 million threshhold. The 360 then went on to sell 80 million units. What I’m saying here is while the outlook isn’t rosy. The WiiU could still easily come back. The problem will be these “fans” though. Writing their articles on their blogs or fansites. It’d be hard to ignore the negativity if you weren’t a fan.

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    Luter says...

    Hey everybody, long time reader first time writer.

    First off @Nintendojo: is WombatGuy some sort of marketing ploy to captivate your readers into reading his train-wreck like opinions of Nintendo in order to draw more fans in, because its very much like a train wreck, in that its so wrong to look at but I just can’t pull myself away!!

    I am a Nintendo fan, but feel a little embarrassed at that title if people like WombatGuy are also Nintendo “Fans” it truly is remarkable that people as defensive and, (for want of a better word, blind as him can defend Nintendo this time round.

    WombatGuy STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT THEIR OPINIONS SHOULD BE!! Your reasons are ridiculous. I will say this one time Wombat so please please pay attention.

    Nintendo produced a stunner with Wii, they tried it again with Wii U( i.e. Gimmicky controller) and it has failed. There is no turnaround from this, sure they will sell lots more in the years to come (maybe more than even the GameCube) but for Nintendo as a company that is a failure.

    The reason people are buying PS4’s is that for all intents and purposes they are Future Proof and wont buckle under hardware restrictions within two years, as they will be the industry standard. Where are the Elder Scrolls games on Wii? The Bioshocks, The Dark Soul’s and GTA V’s of this world? They are cutting edge games that Nintendo would love to have but didnt last gen and its looking as if they wont get this gen. Dont give me the tripe about Nintendo fans not buying them because (save for the mobile esq China Town Wars) we have not had any to buy!

    Wombatguy please, please step into the future, call Nintendo out for the faults they have made and stop trying to belittle normal everyday people who have an issue with a Behemoth of a Conglomerate corporate firm who want to take our money (just as Sony and MS do) except in return they are giving us outdated hardware with no third party support. If you cant understand this grievance than I pity you but please try to understand that people are feeling a little ripped off by Ninetendo and their hardware, we all gave them the befit of the doubt last time round with Wii, but this time its wearing a bit thin. I for one am losing patience. Though I like my 3DS still. :) Great articles Lately Dojo!! Plenty of community input, which I expect is what you want :)

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    wombatguy880 says...

    Kartridger, might I suggest you hide your identity better.

  • 0 points


    Sorry to say it bud, but I’m not Luter.

    It would make sense that I would be though, right? Because, technically, everyone who doesn’t love Nintendo and just throw their wallets at them while screaming, “I give up! You are my master!” must be me.

    Tell you what buddy. Once I’m done typing this message, I’m going to go out and buy those 6.2 million Wii U’s I’ve been holding off on.

    It’s been tough staying in this tiny room all alone, riling against Nintendo’s world, but I’ve had enough. You’ve beaten me Wombat.

    Now, excuse me while I go to the bank. I’ve got to with-draw 1.8 billion dollars, and if I don’t upgrade to a business account, they’re going to make me wait a whole five days till I get my money.

    You win Wombat. The Wii U will be back on track by Friday. I promise it!

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    wombatguy880 says...

    I find fault in every company all the time. My issue is not now and has never been an inability to find fault in this company or any other. My issue is the way you selectively choose to find fault in every detail of Nintendos business plan… but when those same details occur elsewhere then it’s no problem for you to praise them. Sure 36 games is alot but isn’t the age old adage that we use here “quality over quantity”? It’s a fine argument but I’m not talking about 3 new copies of Mad World for WiiU. We had 36 games and many of them were big games from big developers… Ohh but mostly they were PS3 ports and 360 ports… Fine argument again but so are most the biggest titles on PS4 and XboxOne. If we are going to attack Nintendo for getting Mass Effect 3 “late” or getting Need For Speed Most Wanted “late” then where’s all the negative articles elsewhere pointing out that Rayman Legends was late. Injustice was late. Minecraft was late. Flow was late.

    Point is that it’s not that Nintendo as a big faceless corporation does everything right. They make mistakes like every big faceless corporation. It’s the spin we are putting on that however. Nintendo released 36 games and we (the collective fans and fansites) spun it poorly to suggest that every game that should have released for this console should have been a brand new concept. We don’t do that for PS4 or XboxOne. The fansites of those consoles don’t act as if getting ports of CoD:Ghosts is unimportant. They in fact hype the hell out of the ports they get. They act as if a late port of any title is in fact a gift. This is the attitude we need to change. Those consoles sell on the same ports that are already on Nintendos new console. They aren’t selling on the backs of some killer app because by your definition, one does not exist on those consoles.

    Holding Nintendo to some standard so much higher than the other console manufacturers is my problem actually. I think we should treat them all equally. If I fault Nintendo for launching with 36 games (many ports) than I have to also fault Sony or MS for launching with a dozen fewer titles (many ports). If I’m going to complain about how it sucks that Nintendo got Need For Speed late than I have to also fairly state that these titles coming to other consoles are also late. If I’m negative towards the idea that most Nintendos 3rd party support this last year were 360 and PS3 ports than again I have to also fault Sony and MS for very few 3rd party titles next year that aren’t just ports from 360 or PS3. I don’t actually think all these things are negative. I think 3rd party ports make financial sense for 3rd parties. Get that game to as many people as you can. I posit that these things are negative only because you state them as negatives for Nintendo but then never explain how the same isn’t negative for Sony or MS.

    It doesn’t matter how much Nintendo does right (or wrong) if users don’t buy. My argument isn’t that you alone can sell 6.2 million consoles. I think the negativity in general is why people don’t buy and if you could just change one person into a user than that’s significant. I believe we all have the power to get a friend interested. Even if that friend doesn’t buy, he won’t be negative towards the console as well. In contrast though currently what I see the opposite. Fans (who I doubt even own a WiiU) telling people that it’s not worth it to them and therefore them going off into the world thinking the console is not worth it. This is what I believe hurts the console most. Sure maybe there’s some other factor but if you believe that their is than now you have to explain why the 360 is still going so strong, why the PS4s best selling game is a game that is also available on WiiU, why the PS4s next best selling game is a game also available on the WiiU, and why even today when a new game is announced its still announced for PS3 and 360. If Nintendo is at fault because of power, game selection, or any other factor within their control than those above questions need to be answered in relation to all of that. I have yet to see that argument.

    Don’t lie about luter. It will only hurt you in the end.

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    James Stank says...

    Luter and Kartridger, you guys just have to pretend that wombat isn’t even here. He’s been mindlessly beating his head against the ND forums for years now. You can’t win if you argue with a wall.

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    decoupage says...

    It’s nice to hear a bit of positive feedback regarding the Wii U (outside of last holiday’s game reviews that is).
    That said, I look forward to seeing Nintendo’s plan of attack for a comeback. The rumors of an unlimited plan for Virtual Console games for a monthly fee (on another gaming site), purchasing (by merger or acquisition) other companies, DS releases, and the small surge of Nintendo releases all have me excited for the next two years of the Wii U.

    Of course my PC (and eventually a PS4 when quality exclusives are released) will get plenty of play while I’m in between releases.

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