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More Pokémon this weekend? Objection!

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Lukas Velunta

I have this new game where you are a badass detective with a pointy head in a dark suit– who is at the same time reviled and depended on by the forces of law– who has a young male sidekick who wears red and a young female sidekick who has auburn hair. Who? Bat-Man? No, no, I’m talking about Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney 5 (I’m not to call it by any other name, especially one that has two hyphenates) is here, and I’ve been waiting nearly six years for this game. I’ll be spending all weekend with this glorious return to the courtroom, and expect our review up within a week!

That said, a certain game about a caped crusader also unlocked for me on Steam rather early due to time zone magic, so I spent my Thursday night exploring this new Gotham City. It seems fun so far, though a bit rough around the edges compared to the previous two games in terms of animations and combat. Despite this, there have been massive improvements to the engine, and transitioning from indoors to the open world comes with barely a framerate drop. Improvements like this trickle down, so I’m very much looking forward to how Batman: Arkham Origins will be on the Wii U, especially after the flaws of City on the same system.

I’ve also been spending the last week immersing myself in Kalos via Pokémon X. All the improvements to the entire game have impressed me greatly. I’ve got five badges, am shamefully overleveled because of the new experience system, and looking forward to more. But look for those thoughts on this week’s Nintendojo FM, along with more thoughts on Ace Attorney 5 and Batman: Arkham Origins!

Anthony Vigna

It’s here! Oh my god, it’s here! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies finally released today, and I couldn’t be happier! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to play a video game. If you have been following what I have been playing for the past few weeks, you’ll know that I am a die-hard fan of the series. The characters and the story have such a huge emotional resonance with me, and they have captured me like no other game has before. I look forward to shouting objection into my 3DS microphone once more!

If you are reading this thinking, “What the heck is Phoenix Wright,” then I’d advise you give the series a shot. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if a text heavy adventure with an incredible story and great humor sounds appealing to you, then I’d look no further than the Ace Attorney series. I can’t find anything that comes close to this style of gameplay other than Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, the Professor Layton spin-off, on iOS. However, if you want to get into Ace Attorney, I’d recommend starting with the very first game instead of Dual Destinies. The story in each game is connected, and you’ll love the characters more once you get to know them and are familiar with each of their own back stories.

Oh, and I’ve also played SteamWorld: Dig on 3DS this week! I absolutely love it for taking a concept that is inherently boring, which is just digging into the ground, and making it something interesting. This is because SteamWorld: Dig is much more than just digging, as it’s also about exploring what secrets lie below and finding upgrades to make yourself stronger. I think it’s one the best games currently on the eShop, and I highly recommend that you download it!

Sam Stewart

I’m still hard at work trying to finish up Pokémon Y. I got to the Badlands which has proven to be the slowest area in the game so far. It killed my drive to play for awhile, but I finally made some progress and now I’m back on track again (hopefully). Also, I’m not even at the fifth gym and my Pokemon are already 50, this game might be a little too easy haha.

I also picked up The Stanley Parable while it was on sale and wow what a game. It’s as if the game is perfectly designed so I run into a weirder ending every time I play it. Every time I think I’ve seen it all I stumble across something new, so I’m looking forward to delving even deeper in this weekend.

So yeah that’s my weeken… Wait, I got into the Dark Souls 2 Beta? Scratch all that other stuff I said, I’m going back to Lordran. Wish me luck!

Robert Marrujo

I will totally be playing Phoenix Wright -Dual Destinies (I’m not writing that entire, long title!) this weekend. The game looks incredibly good based off of my time with the demo. I was so disappointed reading an online review of the game that gave it a 7.2, as one of the writer’s reasons for marking it down was that there was “little gameplay”; it’s part of the visual novel genre! Reading IS the gameplay! That’s like complaining that racing games have too much driving. I’m looking forward to my on analysis of the game.

Pokémon Y is something that I have oddly dropped off with. I put in a good fifteen hours or so and then life started getting in the way. That won’t be the case this weekend! I’m pretty happy with my team so far: Frogadier, Pikachu, Combusken, Ivysaur, Pidgeotto, and Tyrunt. The sixth starter is always a problem for me, I can never quite figure out which Pokémon I want there. I was inches from putting Snorlax in there, but I just couldn’t justify it to myself. Anyone else going nuts with the weird camera in Lumiose City and some of the caves? I was getting nauseous keeping up with it!

Beyond all that, I’m still tending to my Animal Crossing town. Something interesting that’s been going on for a month now is that three of my neighbors that moved are constantly hanging out on my main street and shopping! I’ve seen Prince almost every day for weeks now, and he’s always saying how he wanted to come to Oakland to shop. Dude, I let you move for a reason; let it go.

Andy Hoover

Yep, I’ll still be continuing my Pokémon journey, which due to a lack of play time has been progressing more slowly than I would have liked. Thankfully I did have some time to do some power-leveling and get a handful of final evolutions, including Greninja which I was pleasantly surprised to learn is part Dark-type.

Like Sam, I also might put a little more time into The Stanley Parable so I can see a few more endings. I too highly recommend this game to anybody with a Steam account as it is a truly unique and hilarious experience. Furthermore, it isn’t exactly a system hog so you don’t need a beastly rig to run it.

Finally, I am also playing through a new game scheduled to release next week; however, it is under embargo right now so I can’t really say anything about it. I guess will give a clue, it is one of the games coming out on the 29th that is a continuation of a classic franchise, so go ahead and guess which franchise and for which system.

Marc Deschamps

Like pretty much everyone else, I’ll be playing a lot of Pokémon X this weekend. I’m five gyms in, and just having an absolute blast. After watching me play with some envy, two of my roommates each bought a 3DS and a respective copy of X or Y so it’s been pretty much all Pokémon all the time in our household. I don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

This week, I also picked up LEGO Marvel Superheroes on Wii U, and I’m putting the finishing touches on my review of Sonic Lost World on 3DS. Coupled with Animal Crossing, which I’m still putting a decent amount of time into, I’m probably playing the most games I’ve ever taken on at the same time. Sadly, this means Kingdom Hearts HD on PS3 has been pushed to the side, at least until my pile of games starts to clear out a little bit.

Nicolas Vestre

In what will come as no surprise to anyone, I’m still slowly trudging through Pokémon X. My Azurill finally evolved into a Marill, and in one more level, he’ll be an Azumarill. It’s too bad that the only Fairy-type move he learns (besides Charm) is around level 50, but seeing how fast Pokémon level up in this game, that shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll be catching a Floatzel and breeding Aqua Jet onto an Azurilll. 100 base attack (thanks to Huge Power) with a priority move will definitely be valuable in the future. I’m really looking forward to growing a ton of berries, as soon as I figure out the ins and outs of berry breeding.

Thanks to my mom, I finally completed my fossil collection in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I had previously stated that there doesn’t seem to be a reward for collecting all the fossils, but the museum store can have a really interesting wallpaper once you’ve found every fossil. I’ve grown tons of Purple Pansies in the last week, but still no Blue Roses. Broccolo finally suggested I build a police station, so Booker is now a permanent fixture in my town! My Animal Crossing play time has been relegated to about twenty minutes a day, which I expected would eventually happen when I bought the game way back in June. That doesn’t really disappoint me, because I always pictured New Leaf as a supplement to all the other games I’m playing, rather than being the main course.

Besides that… maybe a little Gunman Clive? Once I beat Hard mode with every character, I’ll be finishing off the DLC in Mutant Mudds.

What will you be playing this weekend? Are you still exploring Kalos in Pokémon X and Y, or will you be moving on to Ace Attorney 5? Let us know in the comments!

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