20 Years of Star Fox: The Characters

Our celebration of Star Fox continues with a detailed look at the great characters of the Lylat System.

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First Appearance: Star Fox (1993)

Andross is a maniacal scientist and the chief antagonist for several of the Star Fox games. He was once a decorated Cornerian scientist who brought much beneficial research to the Lylat System. However, Andross’s lust for power started to grow, and his experiments became increasingly immoral and dangerous. One of his experiments eventually caused an explosion in Corneria City which killed many innocent people. As a result, Andross was arrested and banished to Venom, a desolate planet at the far edge of the Lylat System.

On Venom, Andross continued his experiments and gradually was driven into insanity. He performed dangerous procedures on his own body, further pushing himself to brink of madness and death. Andross eventually began to raise up an army from the native Venomian species with the idea that Lylat System deserved to be “liberated” and led by a genius like himself. These actions caught the attention of Corneria, who hired the original Star Fox team, helmed by James McCloud, to investigate Venom. Sadly, the mission ended in tragedy, as team member Pigma Dengar betrayed the team and left James to die. Peppy Hare barely managed to escape with his life.

A few years later, Andross launched an all-out war on the Lylat system, spurring the events of Star Fox and Star Fox 64. In the end, Andross was defeated by Fox McCloud, and the system returned to peace. However, Andross’s experiments further prolonged his life beyond a physical body, and his influence continued to cause problems in later years. Andross’s legacy lives on through his nephew Andrew Oikonny and grandson Dash Bowman as well. It is not known whether Andross is truly dead, but at the present this is assumed to be the case.


“I’ve been waiting for you, Star Fox. You know that I control the galaxy. It’s foolish to come against me.”
“Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!”

Other notable characters in the Star Fox universe include…

ROB 64: the helpful mechanical assistant of Star Fox and keeper of the mothership Great Fox.

General Pepper: the loyal general of the Cornerian Army. He hires Star Fox for jobs outside of his jurisdiction, and his political power is useful in aiding the team. Pepper later retires due to his failing health, with Peppy Hare becoming his successor.

Leon Powalski: the ruthless, mysterious, and sometimes compassionate lizard. He is second-in-command of Star Wolf.

Panther Caroso: the narcissistic and flirtatious Casanova. He is the newest member of Star Wolf.

Pigma Dengar: the devious, conniving, and greedy pig. He formerly served in the original Star Fox team before betraying his team mates to Andross, leading to the death of James McCloud. He later joined Star Wolf, only to be booted out and later assimilated by the Aparoids.

General Scales: the leader of the SharpClaw tribe on planet Sauria. He sought to conquer Sauria, but ultimately he was a pawn in a much greater scheme.

There are many other colorful characters within the Star Fox games, far too many to list here. The franchise has more memorable characters than any other Nintendo series. Who are your favorite characters? Are you a Star Wolf fan through and through? Perhaps you’re a closet Slippy fanatic?

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