20 Years of Star Fox: The Characters

Our celebration of Star Fox continues with a detailed look at the great characters of the Lylat System.

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First Appearance: Star Fox Adventures (2002)

Krystal is a pilot and telepath for the Star Fox team. Krystal hails from a faraway planet that was decimated in a calamity, with her as the sole survivor of her people. She traveled to the Lylat System seeking answers, where she landed on planet Sauria and became involved in a series of events that led her to meet Fox McCloud and join Star Fox. Much of Krystal’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but she is a valuable asset to the team. Krystal is competent behind the controls of an Arwing, and her hand-to-hand skills are peerless among Star Fox. Krystal also can use telepathy to sense enemies and predict danger before it happens.

She’s guarded most of the time, probably from her traumatic past. However, she has a carefree and playful side that shows at times. Krystal is very in touch with mystical forces in the universe, and she cares deeply for benevolent life, plant and animal alike. Among the members of Star Fox, Krystal fits right in by filling Peppy’s role as a cautious adviser after he retired.

Krystal is especially close with Fox, and they shared a flirtatious and tense connection before starting a full-on romance in between the events of Assault and Command. Fox ended up pushing Krystal away despite his feelings, and she left him, dejected and ashamed. Depending on the path you choose during Command, Fox and Krystal can end up starting a family, or she can forsake Fox and his friends for good.


“The Staff you hold in your hands is a powerful weapon. You must learn to use it wisely.”
“By yourself? It’s too dangerous, I’m going too!”

Wolf O’Donnell

First Appearance: Star Fox 64 (1997)

Wolf is the leader of mercenary team Star Wolf and eternal rival to Fox McCloud. Where Star Fox takes on jobs from reputable customers for good reasons, Star Wolf will do any job no matter how shady, so long as the payout is good. The team, and Wolf, have built a reputation of being ruthless and finishing the job regardless of the cost. Wolf himself is an expert pilot, perhaps just as good as Fox and Falco. He is also a brutal and unpredictable combatant in hand-to-hand fights.

Wolf is cunning and merciless. In battle, he has no problem causing collateral damage and wanton destruction. His tactics attract his skills to criminal clientele, but Wolf is not evil– just morally grey. In fact, Wolf is a charismatic leader with a deep sense of loyalty. He believes in fairness and honor among his team, and he does not tolerate betrayal and unnecessary greed. Wolf is confident in his own abilities, but he does reluctantly respect his fellow mercenaries, Star Fox.

Wolf shares an intense rivalry with Fox McCloud. At times, he is at Fox’s throat, attempting to prove himself in battle. However, Wolf is not above teaming up with Star Fox for mutual benefits, as seen with Star Wolf’s assistance during the Aparoid threat in Assault. Wolf even saved Fox’s life, declaring that he would be the one to eventually defeat the great Fox McCloud. However, Wolf has respect for Fox, and may even view him as a friend at times.


“Can’t let you do that Star Fox!”
“Don’t hesitate! When the time comes, just act!”
“Remember this, Fox! Star Wolf will take you down one day!”

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