20 Years of Star Fox: The Characters

Our celebration of Star Fox continues with a detailed look at the great characters of the Lylat System.

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Slippy Toad

First Appearance: Star Fox (1993)

Slippy is a childhood friend of Fox and a pilot on the Star Fox team. He is the technical mastermind behind the team and acts the mechanic for all their equipment, a role he finds himself more proficient at than flying. He designed the Landmaster as well as the Blue Marine, and he is an expert on all the armaments Star Fox employs. Slippy also provides invaluable support for Star Fox in missions by gathering intelligence about areas and enemies.

Slippy is kindhearted and enthusiastic, but clumsy and bumbling. Despite his best intentions, Slippy is probably the worst pilot in Star Fox. He often gets himself into trouble and needs to be rescued by his friends, much to the humor and annoyance of Falco. He also isn’t as athletic as his friends, preferring to have a supporting role unless it’s absolutely necessary to enter battle. However, Slippy is probably the most intelligent of the team, showing extensive knowledge in science, computers, and engineering.

Despite the cajoling and teasing he endures from the team at times, Slippy remains good friends with everyone in Star Fox. He even found love when he met a frog named Amanda, whom he marries in one of Star Fox Command‘s possible endings. Slippy also maintains contact with his father Beltino, who he has teamed up with during missions in the past. While Slippy has a reputation as being one of the most annoying characters in Star Fox, he has some endearing qualities. Hey, he’s even adorable at times.


“Fox! Help me!”
“I thought I was a goner!”
“I’m havin’ some trouble here!”
“Enemy shields analyzed!”

Peppy Hare

First Appearance: Star Fox (1993)

Peppy is the oldest member of Star Fox, and his history with the team goes way back to its original days when James McCloud flew. Peppy got back in the cockpit to assist Fox and the team during Andross’s attack on the Lylat System, but since then he has stepped back to an advisory role due to his age. Peppy acts as the Star Fox’s teams chief navigator and advisor, and his political ties with the Cornerian government can be of great use to the team. Peppy eventually left Star Fox to become the general of the Cornerian Army, but his friendship and relationship with the team continues.

Peppy is calm, collected, and analytical. He rarely loses his cool, and doesn’t like taking unnecessary risks. As the most experienced member of Fox’s crew, Peppy often offers advice and support to the group. He is always telling the pilots about complicated maneuvers, and never pauses to pipe in with tactical advice. He’s famous for constantly reminding Star Fox about the Arwing’s capabilities, sometimes completely out of context.

Peppy is a widower, but he has a daughter, Lucy, who is a professor of astrophysics on Fichina. As a methodical and cautious planner, Peppy butts heads sometimes with Falco, and he chides Slippy when he gets into trouble. In truth, Peppy only does this because he cares about the group. Peppy has been a sort of father figure to Fox ever since James died, offering the young pilot moral support.


“You’re becoming more like your father.” (To Fox)
“Never give up. Trust your instincts.” (Originally said by James McCloud)
“Use the boost to get through!”
He also said something about rolling.

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