Week: End Game: On 10.11.2014

The staff have caught Smash Bros. fever!

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Welcome back to another installment of Week: End Game: On! What games are the staff playing this weekend? Read on to find out!

Anthony Vigna

Everyone’s probably playing Super Smash Bros. this weekend, but I can’t because I’ve been too busy! Well okay, that’s partially a lie. Sure, I’m really busy, but I wouldn’t be playing Smash if I was free because I’m waiting for the Wii U version! I’m a super aggressive player when it comes to Smash, so I’d probably break the Circle Pad off my 3DS XL after an intense match. Plus, the Wii U version will have more features, a better engine, and prettier graphics, so it just makes sense for me to hold back for a couple of months.

I have been playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth in my spare time though! I’ve beaten the game before, but I wanted to return to it to see how it holds up today. All the hype around the upcoming The Great Ace Attorney and the Ace Attorney Trillogy has gotten me excited, so I’ve been craving more from the series as of late. So many great games, so little time!

Robert Marrujo

The time has finally come: my Wii U is heading back to Nintendo for repairs. The Wii Mode of my Wii U is suffering from “Corrupt Data,” a vague descriptor to be sure (and one I’ve already had to deal with previously), but the result of taking an errant screenshot while playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the console. The last time this happened, I lost years worth of save data from my Wii, not to mention a ton of Virtual Console save data, too. With a couple years worth of Wii U saves sitting on my system, I’m quite nervous to say the least.

Still, there are plenty of other games left to play, the most notable being Super Smash Bros. It’s so much fun, but I’m nervous about destroying my Circle Pad! When I’m not Smashing, I’m playing Destiny still, which remains a great experience on PS3. Not having my Wii U means I’ll definitely be delving into other games and systems, so look forward to hearing about random oddities from me for the next couple of weeks. Wish my Wii U luck, everyone!

Nicolas Vestre

Let me start by wishing your Wii U the best, Robert. Just under a year ago, I sent my Wii U in for repairs and got a replacement, and lost every bit of save data on every Wii U and Wii game I owned. To make matters worse, many of my Wii Virtual Console games became corrupted, and it took a phone call to a special Nintendo number to get my points refunded so I could download them again (that was when I lost Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 for good). Now I’m worried that my replacement Wii U might be scratching my discs, which means it might have to be sent in again. I’m really hoping that my saves won’t be lost again, but that could very well be the case. Here’s hoping Nintendo makes a better account system sometime in our lifetimes, so we never have to deal with this anguish ever again.

Super Smash Bros. has proven to be a ton of fun. I’m worried about Circle Pad destruction to the point that it affects my dexterity, but I did buy a 2DS in addition to my XL specifically for games like Smash Bros. I’ve been pretty busy, so I’ve only scratched the surface of this monumental game. A couple of challenges elude me from the first challenge grid, and I just can’t seem to get three full Mii costumes to finish it off! But I refuse to use a Golden Hammer unless I physically can’t complete the challenge, such as not being able to get enough StreetPasses.

Besides that, I have been keeping up with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’m almost full up on perfect apples, so I’ll need to go to my mom’s town to sell them off. My bank account is very close to hitting 20 million bells, which is a pretty nice milestone, considering I only make about 50,000 bells a day, except when I sell my perfect apples (then I make a killing). I usually just go through the motions, collecting the fossils and finding the money/gem rock, talking to any villager nice enough to be in my way. None of my villagers have suggested public works projects for a very long time, so nothing in my town seems to change. I’m looking for more duck villagers to make Duckburg a more happening place, but so far I only have Scoot.

Maybe something will change soon, but I am really happy that I’ve been playing New Leaf almost daily since its release.

Jon Stevens

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Super Smash Bros. this week and will be playing it even more now that the weekend is here. It is such an achievement that the gameplay hasn’t been compromised at all in the transition to the 3DS– it runs smoothly, the button layout feels fine, and the new characters (as far as I can tell so far) are all great additions to the existing roster. I do miss a few of the features from Brawl, but the 3DS version feels so suited to gaming on the go that I don’t think those losses really detract too much from the overall package. Now that my Internet is back up and running, I can’t wait to start testing it out online too!

I can also feel Robert’s pain– I had to get my Wii U repaired a few months due to a problem in the GamePad’s gyroscope, but Nintendo was really good at getting it sorted in good time. Luckily, as it’s working fine now, I’ll be able to give the Bayonetta 2 demo a go tonight!

What games will you be playing this weekend? Are you also caught in the grips of Smash Bros. fever? Let us know in the comments!

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