New Wii U System Update Live Now

Version 4.0.2 seems to be a standard update.

By Anthony Vigna. Posted 11/19/2013 10:00 8 Comments     ShareThis

Good news! There’s a Wii U system update that you can download right now! Unfortunately, the bad news is that it seems that there is nothing substantial about this particular update, as it will focus on minor background tweaks for the system itself. Nintendo issued one of its usual vague responses about update 4.0.2, stating, “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” Please note that this Wii U update is mandatory, so online functions, like the eShop, will be disabled until the update is installed.

Personally, I’m looking forward to whenever the 3DS update goes live, which will tie your account balance between Wii U and 3DS together and offer the Miiverse on the handheld. Are you downloading the update? Are you excited for new updates coming soon? Sound off in the comments below!

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    penduin says...

    I’m with Anthony about being more eager for 3DS’s account-linking and Miiverse update.

    Every time there’s a Wii U update, I think, “Ooh! Folders?” and then have my hopes immediately dashed.

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    Hawthorn says...

    I’ve waited long enough to comment, but I think that it has to be done.

    Nintendojo has really disappointed me over the last two years. While once I would check here every day, now I don’t see the need to look so much as once a month.

    The creative editorials and fascinating articles of issues past – I point out, in particular, ‘March of the Minions’ – have been replaced by news and reviews. Issues don’t even have named any more.

    And then there was ‘Is Wii U the Next Dreamcast?’ Good lord that was a very low point. Very, very low. A low point Nintendojo still hasn’t recovered from.

    The articles and columns of days past – Another Empire, Mario in Wonderland, Hot Air, Another Palace – are gone. I look at the front page of Nintendojo and see a generic Nintendo fansite, glorious in days past but not so any longer.

    The creativity is gone. I see nothing but news. The most unique part of the site now is its logo and its review – 1-up and Poison Mushroom. Which is ultimately disappointing, because I don’t read magazines and websites to read reviews or stare at logos. I want to see news, creativity, a healthy respect for history – the respect for history is here.

    So in the end, I will probably stop coming to Nintendojo within this year or the next. NintendoLife is showing itself to be far superior. Articles longer than a paragraph or two! Innovative! Miraculous!

    I’m sorry but I must be blunt. It’s true, in my eyes.

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      Kevin Knezevic says...

      Hi Hawthorn,

      First off I want to thank you for the honest feedback. I’ve only taken over as Editor-in-Chief of Nintendojo a couple of months ago, so I really appreciate your comment.

      I’m certainly always looking for ways we can improve the site, and I agree that we haven’t run nearly as many editorials and features as we once did, so I’ve been trying to make that a central focus of Nintendojo once again. To that end I think we’re off to a good start– we have had some great editorials the past couple of weeks (especially last week, which was devoted almost entirely to Rare), and we’ve tried to inject a bit more variety in the type of content we run with new columns like Track of the Week. Of course, that’s still only a start, but I hope you’ll stick with us and see how we continue to evolve in the future.

      And, of course, feedback is always welcome, so don’t hesitate to let us know how you think we’re doing!

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        Hawthorn says...

        The fact that your avatar is a crying Squirtle made me feel really really guilt. And a new editor-in-chief? I didn’t know there was an editor-in-chief to begin with! Can I get a list of Editors in Chief? I like lists.

        And as for my feed-back – loved X Marks the Spot. That was a brilliant article. Seems my comments were already seeing action taken before I could make them! Can you people read minds, or is your logo an actual living thing (that reads minds) in your hidden bunker in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

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          Kevin Knezevic says...

          You’re onto us. We actually have a team of Pokémon running things behind the scenes here. Alakazam is in charge of reader satisfaction, so it uses its telepathy to let us know where we need improvement. ;)

          Glad you enjoyed the X piece! We’ll have plenty of more in-depth editorials going forward, so I hope you’ll stick around to see what we have in store. :)

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      Kyle England says...

      As Kevin said, we always appreciate the feedback. We’ve been getting better with more unique content lately! It takes a lot of work to get editorials out, let alone one every day of week. But I’m still glad you’ve hung around for this long! Ever check out the new podcast?

      Every Nintendo fansite has something to bring to the table. True, we might not have as many people behind us as NintendoLife, but nobody else can claim to be the internet’s oldest Nintendo fansite!

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