Issue 127: Editor’s Week in Review

We look back at this week’s issue and pick our favourite news and comments!

By Adam Sorice. Posted 11/11/2012 16:00 1 Comment     ShareThis

Issue 127: Level Up masthead

Ello all!

It was quite a busy week in terms of Nintendo, wasn’t it? It was also a busy week at the Dojo as we rolled out a brand new, shiny news strategy to cover all that’s happening in the world of Nintendo. (You noticed, didn’t you? It’s like when the person who sits across from you at work comes in one day with new glasses and you’re suddenly taken aback at how their old ones could ever have suited them.) Yes. Just like that. Not only are we covering news on a case-by-case system but our topical analysis of the goings on of Nintendo Land is set up to pick up its pace as well! Check out next week’s issue to see the beginnings of all this rolling out; TIME magazine, we’re coming for ya!

As part of our new take on this whole website-writing-malarkey, every week one of THE EDITORS (i.e. — Katharine or I) will waffle for a bit about what kind of things happened in this issue that we liked and such. Also, perhaps much more excitingly, we’re going to pick our favourite user comments from the week and not only include them in the Week in Review but also award them extra Ninja Points! Yep, that’s right: prizes! Don’t worry, I know you’re physically shaking in your chair in excitement. I’ll give you a moment to calm down.

Good? Excellent. On with the stuff!

Things That Happened This Week

Not only did our Wii U 101 feature continue as we gave you the low down on both Trine 2 and Batman: Arkham City but we looked into which foreign franchises we’d love to see make the leap over to Wii U in the future!

Elsewhere in the world of Wii U, CSI: Investigation Tokyo sent its finest Agent Iwata to Nintendo Headquarters to unbox a highly suspicious package. In the most recent Nintendo Direct, viewers got to see Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unboxing a brand spanking new Wii U, complete with surgical gloves and autopsy-style commentary…. nice.

On a cheerier note, we rounded off the week by having a lovely chat with developer Broken Rules about their upcoming Wii U title: Chasing Aurora. If you’ve been interested in the game, which brings aerial flight gameplay to gorgeous 2D visuals, then be sure to check out our interview as the folks over at Broken Rules say that it’s “the best and most in-depth article about Chasing Aurora so far”. To quote Bruce Forsyth, didn’t we do well? (Behold, Americans scratching their heads.)

Be sure to check out everything in this week’s issue in the imaginatively titled “Also in this issue” box at the bottom of this article! From news to reviews, features and the podcast, it’s all there.

Our Favourite Comments of the Week!

Our first favourite commenter and recipient of 15 whole Ninja Points in Windy, with their mini-review of Liberation Maiden.

I really like Liberation Maiden it’s definitely a high quality release for the Eshop. The game is too short but really sometimes it’s the short games that leave you the feeling of wanting to play more. If the game makes you wish it was longer then it did a good job and Liberation Maiden left me wishing it had more stages. I did like going back to get some of the unlockables and found that after beating the game on easy the normal level dificulty really hiked up and was much tougher. I still have 4 things to unlock and they have been eluding me. Good game for the price.

Our second top commenter is penduin and their thoughts on the future development of the F-Zero franchise! (They too, gets fifteen bonus points to increase his sensei skills!)

Hand F-Zero to a “B-team” then, as was done with New Super Mario Bros. 2. Sometimes “more of the same” is just the ticket. …Running in HD and/or 3D can’t hurt either. :^)

Better yet, hand it over entirely to Sega. They could use an established (and not driven-into-the-ground) franchise, and F-Zero could use another serving of their flashy, hardcore wizardry.

Stuff We Forgot to Mention

The latest instalment in the Paper Mario franchise, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is out today in North America for 3DS, online via the eShop and in stores. Europe, Japan and everywhere else should simmer down, it’s out at the start of next month for them. Also there’s some kind of home console out a week today? We’ll look into that for you.

Next Week’s Issue!

“Issue 128: When U Premiere” kicks off tomorrow and promises even more exciting Nintendo news in the run up to the release of Wii U in North America! In addition we continue our Wii U 101 feature as we take a look at Bayonetta and Assassin’s Creed, we look at our most and least favourite Pokémon from the latest additions to the Pokédex and, knowing deep down that we’re smarter than Miyamoto, we outline just what we’d like to see in a new F-Zero game. It’s going to be more smashing than Nigel Friggin’ Thornberry.

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