Nintendo Heartcast Episode 040: Blockbusters

Noah and Evan debate what would happen if Nintendo first party teams tried to make Hollywood blockbuster-type games.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 12/19/2012 09:00 10 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 040: Blockbusters

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 040: Blockbusters

Noah and Evan debate how, and if, Nintendo’s first party teams could make a Hollywood-blockbuster-style game.

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Recording Date
December 17, 2012

Noah and Evan

Show Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:08:17 Player Input: ZombiU and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Updates
00:17:33 Game with Us Update
00:21:39 Game of the Year Show Reminder
00:23:55 eShop Ups and Downs
00:33:42 Nintendo and Hollywood Blockbuster Games
00:51:38 Listener Feedback
01:10:18 Conclusion
01:11:18 Credits
01:13:07 Total Length


10 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast Episode 040: Blockbusters”

  • 240 points
    Windy says...

    Guys I love the Cast. you guys sound excited for Videogaming, Wii, Wii-U and 3ds. this was the very first time ive ever listened to any podcast and I liked it alot. Thanks for taking the time to do these you guys are great and you promote gaming in a very good way. In the next Cast could you guys maybe a do a bit on what you think the future of RPG gaming is on the 3ds? good stuff keep up the work. you guys almost have me convinced to get a Wii-U lol.

    Thanks guys I will tune in again.

  • 138 points
    MaStEr Of SaNdZ says...

    ZombiU was an amazing game, I think reviewers today have sort of merged action horror with survival horror and that ZombiU’s ratings suffered for that. I’ve found myself pinned in funny situations (such as dying pinned between a door frame or killing zombies attracted by music at a party) to serious situations (being dragged out of a air vent)

  • 45 points
    Georebel64 says...

    Great podcast! You guys touched upon some topics my friends and I have been discussing for quite a while now. I definitely think that Nintendo needs to do blockbuster type games. I think they can do it with some of their established ip’s and new ip’s. As for a zelda game having voices, man I dont know…I wish they can do story telling for zelda like they did with smash bros. Alot of gestures and music. Like a play or something. I really do not want to read box after box of text but I do not want to listen to horrible voices either. I dont mind what they choose as long as it flows better as a game and feels magical.

    Discussing the other topic of Nintendo buying Sega with my friends gets ugly quick! lol. I, like Noah, think it would be a ball of greatness! The amount of things they can do just with crossovers alone is mind boggling. And I do understand that the two companies philosophy’s of game design and subject matter are different but they will complement each other really well. Think about the days when Rare was with Nintendo. Rare made quite a few mature themed games and things Nintendo would not do but it made a good balance of games. Nintendo and Sega together would be like that but in a MUCH bigger scale and awesomeness.
    Anyway good show guys as always. Have a nice holiday break and happy gaming!

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      Valkyria Chronicles for 3DS…. *faints*
      *wakes up again* I think Retro nailed it with Prime 3. Nintendo Protagonists don’t need to talk, but other characters can talk to Link, or Samus, or what have you. Link has never even had a text box, why would he need to start talking? Nintendo has already shown the effectiveness of self awareness when it comes to Link. Just continue having everyone make off hand comments about how quiet Link is, maybe showing him trying to talk but having a Navi like character always speaking for him.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    I haven’t listened yet but ….

    Earthbound creator teases future?

    I will be back after listening.

  • 69 points
    hattori says...


  • 156 points
    Linkrevenge says...

    Why not have a two pronged Game night since Noah refuses to be a Wii U owner. Noah plays a 3DS and Evan on Wii U until he realize his mistake. I have still been busy with the Sonic racing transformed game demo and the hyper levels on Mighty Switch Force: HDE. The music is just getting catchier and catchier. Nintendo had gotten hammered over the voice of Samus voice acting on other M by other reviewers. So I don’t blame Nintendo over no voice acting and *Zelda spoiler* I found that Ghirahim was pathetic villain. He didn’t harm any citizens like the Majora’s mask but targeted yet he just just whining.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Hey Evan and Kevin!!! i just find out about Nintendo Force Magazine!!!, i’m so happy about this news, this is awesome, i hope there will be an online version since i don’t live in usa, the staff is great, rawmeatcowboy, lucas thomas and neal ronaghan, all from my favorite websites.

    I’m looking forward to this i know that this dream team will deliver!

    • 1 points
      Kevin Knezevic says...

      Thank you! We’re glad you’re excited about the news. :D

      I can’t say for sure if there will be an online version (Evan and I were only invited to the project recently), but there will be a lot more information on it in the coming weeks!

  • 198 points
    Evan Campbell says...

    As always, thanks for all the awesome feedback everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we won’t get to these comments until next week’s episode — our Game of the Year cast — since this week’s episode is the Anniversary cast. I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up and let you know that we definitely haven’t forgotten about you.

    Happy holidays!

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