Week: End Game: On 02.11.2012

What’s the game plan for these Nintendojo-ites?

By Pierre Bienaimé. Posted 02/11/2012 17:19 Comment on this     ShareThis

The weekend is upon us, to the jubilation of all (or most). Responsibilities may strike around the clock, but for many, weekends offer those blocks of time with which we delve into one digital world or another. I myself think I will finally make good on my claim, a few weeks back, that I would beat Portal 2. Seriously, the end must be nigh. I can feel it. Let’s hear from our other Nintendojo staff members (and from yourselves in the comments!).

Mel Turnquist

With the weather looking like crap on a stick this weekend and with Rhythm Heaven Fever coming out on Monday, I’ll likely be hunched over my 3DS playing the DS version of Rhythm Heaven. I also recently restarted a game on Pokemon HeartGold and will probably brush off Super Mario Galaxy 2 while I’m at it.

Katharine Byrne

Once again, I’m still being thwarted at every turn by Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, so I’ll probably make a return-trip to Black Mesa this weekend and spend some more time shooting head crabs in Half Life. I’ll also be playing some more Tales of the Abyss, even though I’m not particularly enjoying it so far.

The characters are all horrific stereotypes that make no effort whatsoever to endear themselves to the player, and the battle system isn’t much better either, but I’m hoping against all hope that it might somehow pull a Final Fantasy XIII and suddenly transform into something amazing right at the very end! I definitely think Xenoblade Chronicles has spoiled every single RPG I’ll ever play again, but Tales of the Abyss certainly needs to make a lot more effort if it’s going to win me over.

Nicolas Vestre

This weekend I’m going to try my best to complete Super Mario 3D Land. So far, I’m at the sixth Special world and have collected every Star Coin and golden flagpole. Like last week, I’m enjoying this title immensely, and I’m glad there’s so much to do after the first 8 worlds. Video games don’t have to be difficult to be enjoyable, and 3D Land is a great example of that. Hopefully, though, the future levels put up at least a bit more of a fight.


After I accomplish everything there is to do in Mario’s beautiful 3D world, I’m going to download and play The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX. It’s been well over a decade since I’ve played through this adventure on my Game Boy Color, and for some reason I have a hankering for it. True, I haven’t even touched Mutant Mudds yet, but Link’s Awakening just seems to be calling my name. At the very least I’ll start playing Pushmo occasionally when I (inevitably) get stuck on Koholint Island. And if I have a few dollars left in my account, I’ll download Donkey Kong for good measure– it’s been way over a decade since I’ve played that one as well.

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