E3 2012: 3DS Press Conference Liveblog

3DS liveblogging, right here. We’d make a E3/3DS pun but … well, we’re too busy blogging.

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20.41 - Kevin Knezevic

Join us tomorrow at 11 PM EST for the Switch presentation!

07.21 - Kyle England

The live blog will start at 9AM PDT / 12PM EST!

11.38 - Kyle England

It looks like we’ll just be seeing gameplay for the rest of the stream. I will post any new updates or announcements if they arise. Enjoy the Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay!

11.35 - Kyle England

“Samurai Gunner” is a class. Sweet name.

11.35 - Kyle England

This particular area is very cool at night, with glowing plants. But there are dangerous nocturnal creatures roaming.

11.32 - Kyle England

Information is revealed on hexagonal sections of the continent when a probe is deployed.

11.32 - Kyle England

Now let’s look at the probes mentioned earlier that are launched on the Gamepad map

11.31 - Kyle England

So many moons on this planet!

11.30 - Kyle England

Loading up a new save file. This one is showing nighttime. Game features a full day cycle and even weather patterns.

11.29 - Kyle England

Giant peaceful monsters roam the land

11.28 - Kyle England

Showing off the Navball that can lead you to your destination

11.27 - Kyle England

It’s a new Nopon character, a returning species from Xenoblade

11.27 - Kyle England

Boss was handily defeated and now we see a cutscene with a new character

11.25 - Kyle England

Boss time!

11.24 - Kyle England

You can focus on various parts of enemies. For example, you can take out a robot’s turret or target an arm to destroy it first.

11.23 - Kyle England

Battles are fast-paced and do not bring you to another screen. One of the many ways the Xenoblade games streamline the JRPG formula.

11.22 - Kyle England

Be careful not to aggro too many enemies at once or risk getting overwhelmed.

11.20 - Kyle England

Showing off the new Hopper Cam to survey the area. Cool bird’s eye view

11.18 - Kyle England

Enemies may attack you if they can see you or hear you if they are aggressive.

11.17 - Kyle England

I wonder if there will be any more of the Direct presentation or the rest is live gameplay from the Treehouse?

11.16 - Kyle England

More fighting. Again, the combat is nearly identical to Xenoblade the first.

11.15 - Kyle England

It’s not a direct sequel though, and no knowledge of Shulk’s adventure will be required to enjoy the new RPG.

11.14 - Kyle England

One of the characters has a Monado hairpin. The Treehouse folks say that are lots of references to the original game.

11.14 - Kyle England

Some missions offer decisions that can change the actions you choose to take it seems.

11.12 - Kyle England

Monsters drop loot that can be used for crafting. Who would’ve thought?

11.12 - Kyle England

The game seems complicated, but players will be gradually taught gameplay mechanics when they start. But they are able to try to tackle tough bosses early on if they are brave enough.

11.11 - Kyle England

Some combat is also being shown, which uses Arts like the first Xenoblade Chronicles

11.10 - Kyle England

They explore a wide open area, showing off the game’s exploration

11.08 - Kyle England

We now go live to the Treehouse for hands-on gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles X

11.08 - Kyle England

Fly across huge expanses of land at high speed in huge mechs! Combat possibilities will be detailed later.

11.07 - Kyle England


11.07 - Kyle England

A camera can also be launched high into the air to survey the world

11.07 - Kyle England

Navballs can be deployed to help you find your way to objectives. Free to deploy.

11.06 - Kyle England

Intelligent aliens are also present on Mira, some friendly, some antagonistic.

11.06 - Kyle England

The creatures of Mira are strange and powerful. Some will not attack unless provoked.

11.05 - Kyle England

The Gamepad features a map that allows you to drop probes to search for objectives and gather fuel

11.04 - Kyle England

Lifeholds are shelters that fell off the human ship containing lost refugees. Locating them is one of the game’s main objectives.

11.03 - Kyle England

The planet Mira is a huge world including five continents that are fully explorable from the beginning of the game.

11.02 - Kyle England

New Los Angeles is a new city hub that acts as humanity’s home base.

11.02 - Kyle England

We start with a recap of Xenoblade X’s story, detailing humanity’s struggle for survival and relocation to a new planet.

11.01 - Kyle England

“On behalf of the human race, I hope you’re ready for a change of pace.”

11.00 - Kyle England

Bill Trinen starts us off with a stylish intro and some beautiful footage.

11.00 - Kyle England

Let the action commence! Here we go!

10.52 - Kyle England

Hello everyone! 8 minutes until the Xenoblade X Direct starts!

08.20 - Kyle England

This is how liveblogging works

08.17 - Kyle England

Testing LiveBlog! Welcome to E3 2014!

07.36 - Kevin Knezevic

Apologies, everyone, but we’ll be shutting down the live blog due to stream and server issues. You can follow along at our Twitter account for updates from the broadcast!

07.24 - Kevin Knezevic

Wii Party U and Wii Fit U launching in October and December, respectively.

07.22 - Kevin Knezevic

There’s a new anti-gravity feature in Mario Kart 8 that allows players to race upside down and along wall. Iwata promises the game will feature the best online features of any Mario Kart game yet. Mario Kart 8 launches Spring 2014.

07.19 - Kevin Knezevic

Now we’re getting a gorgeous trailer for Mario Kart 8. It looks like the bikes from Mario Kart Wii are making a return (unfortunately).

07.17 - Kevin Knezevic

Super Mario 3D World features a new cat power-up. The game will be launching this December.

07.16 - Adam Sorice

Hello! We’re struggling to update this just as we’re struggling to see anything on the feed! For more updates, follow our Twitter feed: www.https://twitter.com/Nintendojo

07.15 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata announces Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. The game features four playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad.

07.11 - Kevin Knezevic

And we’ve already been hit with server troubles. Iwata starts the broadcast off by confirming new a new Fairy type for Pok√©mon X and Y. The games will be launching worldwide on October 12.

06.59 - Kevin Knezevic

Less than two minutes to go until the broadcast begins! I hope our servers are as ready as our bodies…

07.31 - Kevin Knezevic

And that looks like a wrap! What did you think of today’s presentation?

07.30 - Kevin Knezevic

Reggie closes out the presentation by announcing that Nintendo has partnered with Best Buy to give fans a chance to try out upcoming Wii U games during the week of E3.

07.26 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata confirms that there will be no day limit in Pikmin 3, so players can enjoy the game at their own pace.

07.25 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata turns the presentation to Pikmin 3. The game will star three new captains named Alph, Brittany, and Charlie.

07.22 - Kevin Knezevic

The Wonderful 101 will be hitting stores on September 15. Iwata says more information on the title will be released gradually until then.

07.20 - Kevin Knezevic

Nintendo will also be releasing a special standalone version of New Super Luigi U, for fans who don’t own New Super Mario Bros. U. The game will be available as a packaged title on August 25.

07.18 - Kevin Knezevic

New Super Luigi U will feature a multiplayer mode. Players can control Luigi, yellow Toad, blue Toad, and Nabbit, who has his own unique abilities. The download will be released on June 20.

07.17 - Kevin Knezevic

Resident Evil: Revelations launching in stores and on the eShop May 21. Features a new difficulty mode, new characters, and unique GamePad features.

07.14 - Kevin Knezevic

Another Game & Wario minigame called Kung Fu, which is an auto-scrolling platformer that uses both the television and the GamePad. Game & Wario launches on June 23 for .99.

07.13 - Kevin Knezevic

Another look at Game & Wario. We get a glimpse at a new minigame called Island, which has 2-5 players using the GamePad as a slingshot to launch little characters onto a floating platform.

07.10 - Kevin Knezevic

Brief look at Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The game features eight new levels, each of which is based on one of the main eight worlds. Feature new mechanics not found in other levels.

07.08 - Kevin Knezevic

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are hitting the 3DS eShop on May 30. Each retails for .99, but fans can purchase both titles early for .99.

07.06 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata announces that Nintendo has entered into a “worldwide partnership” with Sega. Sonic: Lost World announced for Wii U, a new Sonic action game exclusive to the console. More details to come at E3.

07.03 - Kevin Knezevic

New Mario & Sonic game for Wii U, set in Russia. The title uses the Wii Remote Plus and features new winter activities like figure skating.

07.01 - Kevin Knezevic

Here we go! Iwata greets the audience and says Nintendo is preparing a separate Nintendo Direct focusing on future Wii U software around the time of E3.

06.52 - Kevin Knezevic

Ten minutes to go until today’s Nintendo Direct begins! What do you hope we’ll see?

07.39 - Kevin Knezevic

That wraps up today’s Nintendo Direct! What did you think of the broadcast?

07.38 - Kevin Knezevic

Final megaton: new Zelda game for 3DS! Takes place in the same universe as A Link to the Past, featuring an original storyline, new dungeons, and classic top-down gameplay. Link can also become a drawing and move across walls. A 3D video of the game will be released on the eShop soon, and the title will be hitting stores this holiday season.

07.35 - Kevin Knezevic

Level-5’s Guild02 titles, Bugs vs. Tanks, The Starship Damery, and Attack of the Friday Monsters, announced for US release. Each will be hitting the eShop individually soon.

07.33 - Kevin Knezevic

Also confirmed: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy! Nintendo will be partnering with Square Enix to publish the title in North America in 2014.

07.32 - Kevin Knezevic

Special Animal Crossing: New Leaf bundle confirmed for North America. Nintendo also confirms The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be hitting the eShop on May 30.

07.30 - Kevin Knezevic

LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins launching on April 21. Features the same open-world gameplay of the Wii U title, but adapted for a portable experience.

07.27 - Kevin Knezevic

Second megaton: Iwata announces EarthBound will be released on Virtual Console this year! Finally!

07.25 - Kevin Knezevic

Now for some new information on Pikmin 3. Iwata reveals the new, creepy-looking Winged Pikmin, which can flutter around the environment. Iwata reconfirms that Pikmin 3 will be launching in a “few months.”

07.22 - Kevin Knezevic

First megaton of the day: third installment of Yoshi’s Island coming to 3DS! Features many of the series’ hallmarks like Yoshi’s flutter jump, and a new rendered art style.

07.21 - Kevin Knezevic

Apologies for the delay, everyone– we’re currently experiencing server troubles. Iwata announces Donkey Kong Country 3D will be hitting 3DS this May. Features eight new levels and an easier difficulty for less experienced players.

07.19 - Kevin Knezevic

Next Iwata discusses New Super Luigi U. The downloadable add-on replaces each of the game’s courses with a completely new one. Will also take advantage of Luigi’s special abilities, like his improved jumps. Coming to the eShop this summer.

07.09 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata announces a new Mario Party game for 3DS. Coming later this year, and will feature seven game boards with their own unique gameplay hooks.

07.08 - Kevin Knezevic

Iwata moves on to Mario Golf: World Tour. Confirms online play against others around the world. Also uses the community feature from Mario Kart 7, which allows you to recruit “like-minded” players to play in your own customized tournaments.

07.04 - Kevin Knezevic

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will be released on August 11.

07.02 - Kevin Knezevic

And here we go! Iwata kicks off the presentation with more details on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The game takes place on Pillow Island, where Princess Peach is mysteriously pulled into the dream world.

06.17 - Kevin Knezevic

Less than an hour to go until the broadcast begins! Is your body ready?

19.03 - Kevin Knezevic

Annnnnd that’s about it. Mottiff thanks attendees for showing up and walks off into the sunset.

19.00 - Kevin Knezevic

Camera follows the character in the lead (like New Super Mario Bros. Wii). Shows off the re-introduced Raccoon Tail, which functions as it did in Super Mario 3.

18.59 - Kevin Knezevic

Your Coin Rush statistics are passed along to others via StreetPass. Also allows you to play the entire single-player game with a friend.

18.58 - Kevin Knezevic

In Coin Rush mode, you need to get every coin as fast as you can. You also only have one life in this mode.

18.57 - Kevin Knezevic

New power-up allows Mario to shoot fireballs which turn everything into coins. Mario’s been hanging out with Wario too much.

18.56 - Kevin Knezevic

Nate is back to talk about New Super Mario Bros. 2. All about coins, apparently.

18.55 - Kevin Knezevic

Lots of options to acquire and enjoy 3DS content. Either purchase in a store or on the eShop. Can even purchase download codes for digital copies at retailers.

18.54 - Kevin Knezevic

More demos coming to eShop this summer. Demo for Lego Batman 2 available now.

18.53 - Kevin Knezevic

Pokemon Dream Radar allows players to capture rare Pokemon and transfer them to Black 2 and White 2 on their 3DS.

18.52 - Kevin Knezevic

Threediots, a special 3D sketch show, is coming to Nintendo Video.

18.50 - Kevin Knezevic

Mottiff reminds us we’re a few months away from Black 2 and White 2. Have 3DS functionality via special apps.

18.48 - Kevin Knezevic

Trailer for Scribblenauts: Unlimited. Now a highlight reel of other third-party titles.

18.46 - Kevin Knezevic

Game features AR cards and StreetPass functionality. Also has slow-motion and “reality shift,” which lets you perform various attacks via the touch screen. Launches July 31; demo on eShop soon.

18.44 - Kevin Knezevic

Trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

18.43 - Kevin Knezevic

You can spend coins to use more than one sticker per turn in battle. Game launches this holiday season.

18.40 - Kevin Knezevic

Special stickers usually have a very specific purpose in the game, but can be used in battle. Paperize mode allows you to place stickers in the world around you. Nate demonstrates by placing a Godzilla-sized fan next to a dormant windmill.

18.39 - Kevin Knezevic

And the battle with crappy Internet reception continues! Alas, but I am back. No experience points received in battle. You level up by solving problems and puzzles, exploring the environment and collecting stickers, etc.

18.36 - Kevin Knezevic

Nate Bilhdorff (sp?) announces his love for the series. Awesome localization confirmed.

18.32 - Kevin Knezevic

PAPER MARIO: STICKER STAR. First time the series is available on a portable system.

18.31 - Kevin Knezevic

Ong hopes their love for classic Disney shines through when we play the game this holiday.

18.30 - Kevin Knezevic

Power of Illusion also utilizes the paint and thinner concept from Epic Mickey.

18.28 - Kevin Knezevic

Ong mentions his love for Castle of Illusion, which has inspired every game he’s worked on in his career.

18.26 - Kevin Knezevic

Warren Spector and Peter Ong take the stage. Talks about Power of Illusion, which introduces something new to the Wasteland: forgotten video game history.

18.26 - Kevin Knezevic

“A great game that finally gives Mario’s little brother respect.” Can explore multiple mansions. Luigi also gets a special-colored beam to find hidden objects. Simultaneous digital and retail release this holiday.

18.23 - Kevin Knezevic

Moffitt segues into a trailer for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

18.21 - Kevin Knezevic

Okay, Alucard is one of four playable characters in the game.

18.21 - Kevin Knezevic

Big emphasis on platforming. Can swing across gaps and double jump. Feels very nice (I should know; I played it).

18.20 - Kevin Knezevic

You can use secondary weapons like a boomerang to supplement your ass-kicking.

18.19 - Kevin Knezevic

Dark magic increases the power of your attacks. If you play well, enemies drop magical energy that replenishes your magic bar.

18.18 - Kevin Knezevic

Dave Cox takes the stage. Announces Mirror of Fate as a 3DS exclusive. You play as Trevor Belmont on a quest to avenge the death of his mother.

18.17 - Kevin Knezevic

Alucard is in the game…..somehow? Either way, he’s back.

18.15 - Kevin Knezevic

Clip of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate.

18.14 - Kevin Knezevic

Okay, special guest was Non-Specific Action Figure! Foreshadows his inclusion in Smash Bros. 4 (not really).

18.12 - Kevin Knezevic

Scott Moffitt takes the stage! Smack talks to Reggie about his Mario Kart skills, and announces a special guest backstage.

18.10 - Kevin Knezevic

Okay, Reggie takes the stage! Thanks everyone for joining him for the 3DS conference.

18.09 - Andy Hoover

Woot, this series of tubes works!

18.08 - Andy Hoover

This is an emergency test of Nintendojo’s live blog system!

18.08 - Kevin Knezevic

Lots of silence. Kind of like the reaction to NintendoLand. BA-DUM TSH.

18.05 - Kevin Knezevic

I can’t believe we’re on location and we have to liveblog this from our hotel. ANYWAY, stay tuned while we cover Nintendo’s special 3DS press conference!

10.12 - Andrew Hsieh

We see you, Nintendoland.

10.12 - Adam Sorice

Wii U(nderwhelmed). Just a bit.

10.12 - Adam Sorice

And that’s us done. No massive surprises but a lot of interesting games.

10.10 - Adam Sorice

Nintendo Wii U offers slightly odd communist future familial harmony. Anywaaaaay.

10.08 - Adam Sorice

Nintendo Land will launch at the same time as Wii U.

10.08 - Adam Sorice

Pikmin, Mario, Metroid elements in NintendoLand.

10.06 - Adam Sorice

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion feels familiar to Pac Man Vs?

10.04 - Adam Sorice

More discussion of asymmetric gameplay in relation to Nintendo Land. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion will feature Game Pad player as a ghost chasing players who can’t see them.

10.01 - Adam Sorice

MiiVerse is going to hook up with Nintendo Land.

10.01 - Adam Sorice

Also single player demoes based around Takamaru involving ninja stars and Donkey Kong something

10.00 - Andrew Hsieh

Here’s what the stage looks like, incidentally. Sort of like a Japanese game show. Except less zany.

10.00 - Adam Sorice

12 different attractions; 5 being showed this week. Zelda’s Battlequest, Animal Crossing’s Sweet Day and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

09.59 - Adam Sorice

NintendoLand will be the Wii Sports of Wii U.

09.59 - Adam Sorice

Katshui Eguchi on stage. Wii Sports and Animal Crossing masterman.

09.58 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie talkin’ how Wii Tennis helped players “get” Wii. Nintendo Land will help players “get” Wii U.

09.58 - Adam Sorice

NintendoLand is many Nintendo franchises in a theme park setting.

09.58 - Katharine Byrne

Wow – Nintendo Land’s invaded the stage

09.57 - Adam Sorice

Avengers Battle For Earth featuring Spiderman, Wolverine and a very prominent shot of Scarlet Johannson’s arse.

09.57 - Katharine Byrne

Ubisoft now recycling their Wii U line up video from yesterday…

09.56 - Andrew Hsieh

Assassins Creed and Rabbids Land being showcased. As is Yourshape and Rayman Legends.

09.56 - Adam Sorice

Now we’re just seeing all of Ubisoft’s games. No surprises here.

09.56 - Katharine Byrne

Reggie: The Zombie Puppet Master

09.56 - Andrew Hsieh

Oh, Reggie being zombified by looking at at the Wii U tablet camera. “I like French food.” Run away, Poix. Run away.

09.56 - Adam Sorice

Reggie is being zombified by ZombiU

09.55 - Katharine Byrne

No wonder the papers told our athletes not to shake hands with anyone…

09.55 - Adam Sorice

Game Pad also used as a sniper reticule. The game looks incredibly flash.

09.55 - Andrew Hsieh

The Wii U Tablet being used as everything from scanner to door hacker to sniper reticule. It’s … actually pretty awesome.

09.54 - Adam Sorice

ZombiU is set immediately after the London 2012 Olympics. Just something to keep in mind.

09.54 - Katharine Byrne

Game Pad used as the inventory and area scanner.

09.54 - Adam Sorice

Zombi U: one bite and you’re dead.

09.54 - Katharine Byrne

More info about ZombiU

09.54 - Andrew Hsieh

ZombiU. So this is what was in the ad in Nintendo Direct.

09.53 - Adam Sorice

I’ve always wanted to have control over people who play Just Dance but controlling their dance moves isn’t what I had in mind.

09.53 - Andrew Hsieh

“Being the puppetmaster is kind of like running Nintendo of America!”

09.53 - Katharine Byrne

Reggie: The Puppet Master

09.53 - Adam Sorice

AT LEAST they’re playing Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5. We like your taste, Ubisoft.

09.52 - Andrew Hsieh

Oh, Reggie is literally making the players dance with Wii U tablet controls.

09.52 - Katharine Byrne

Just Dance 4 will let the Game Pad player dictate the moves the other players perform.

09.52 - Adam Sorice

Just Dance 4 now being featured. Headdesk.

09.52 - Andrew Hsieh

Just Dance 4 on stage. Reggie isn’t going to dance? Maybe? He’s got a Wii U tablet, so there’s gonna be asymmetric gameplay involved, we’re sure.

09.51 - Adam Sorice

Yves Guillemot sauntered on and said “asymmetric gameplay” in a French accent. It was fun.

09.51 - Katharine Byrne

Ubisoft’s about to reveal their line up!

09.51 - Andrew Hsieh

Xavier Poix has got to have the coolest name ever.

09.50 - Katharine Byrne

No one’s embodied this goal more than Ubisoft.

09.50 - Andrew Hsieh

Yves Guillemot here to talk about Ubisoft. As opposed to Miibisoft ohohohoho I’ll show myself out now

09.49 - Katharine Byrne

Nintendo reinforces its goal to provide all kinds of gaming experiences – for the hardest of the hardcore and the newest of newbies.

09.49 - Adam Sorice

Now we’re talking about Ubisoft.

09.49 - Adam Sorice

Lego City Undercover coming to 3DS too.

09.49 - Andrew Hsieh

He’s not holding on to him to save his life in that screenshot, by the way. He’s interrogating him. I’m telling you, this guy’s crazy.

09.48 - Katharine Byrne

Starring the “legendary” Chase McCain – who just went down a Mario pipe.

09.48 - Adam Sorice

Lego City Undercover looks suitably comedic. It’s a strong little franchise by the looks of it. Great voicework/animation too.

09.48 - Andrew Hsieh


09.48 - Katharine Byrne

Looks like it’s full of traditional Lego humour…

09.47 - Katharine Byrne

You can use the Game Pad to scan buildings!

09.47 - Andrew Hsieh

I almost thought this was going to be a Grand Theft Auto in Lego mode, but I suppose that would have been crazy.

09.46 - Katharine Byrne

Or Lego City: Undercover, apparently

09.46 - Adam Sorice

Lego City coming to Wii U in an open world experience involving the Game Pad. “Lego City Undercover”

09.46 - Katharine Byrne

Lego City Stories incoming…

09.45 - Andrew Hsieh

And Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, of course.

09.45 - Adam Sorice

Third party games coming to 3DS – Castlevania (we know about it) (looks good though) Epic Mickey 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited for 3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D (ancient news Nintendo). And that was it? Eek.

09.45 - Andrew Hsieh

Third-party time. What’s up, y’all? Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts Unlimited.

09.45 - Katharine Byrne

Third party games coming in tomorrow’s broadcast.

09.44 - Adam Sorice

Luigi’s Mansion 2 this holiday season as well.

09.44 - Katharine Byrne

Multiple mansions and mission based objectives. You won’t be able to beat all these new ghosts unless you devise the right battle strategy – coming this holiday.

09.43 - Adam Sorice

Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS featuring multiple mansions with mission based modes.

09.43 - Katharine Byrne

Luigi’s back and more spooked than ever!

09.43 - Andrew Hsieh

All this action “begins at launch, this holiday season.” Scott seemed a little hesitant at the end. Hmmmm…

09.43 - Adam Sorice

Paper Mario: Sticker Star coming to retail and digital distribution this holiday season.

09.43 - Katharine Byrne

Arrives physically and digitally this holiday season.

09.43 - Andrew Hsieh

Reminder that 3DS games are coming out digitally as well.

09.42 - Katharine Byrne

Stickers become battle commands in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They can also reveal new ways to escape danger or help you find hidden items.

09.42 - Adam Sorice

Paper Mario to be surrounded on stickers. Not real ones. In-game stickers.

09.42 - Andrew Hsieh

Stickers collected by pulling off scenery, then they become battle commands.

09.42 - Andrew Hsieh

Paper Mario: Sticker Star has got, well. Stickers.

09.41 - Adam Sorice

Paper Mario now being featured. Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

09.41 - Katharine Byrne

Release date of August 19th 2012

09.41 - Andrew Hsieh

Game full of coins. Reminiscent of the Force Gems back in Four Swords Adventures.

09.41 - Adam Sorice

That’s a LOT of coins.

09.40 - Adam Sorice

First onto New Super Mario Bros. 2 featuring Golden Mario. “All about the gold”?

09.40 - Andrew Hsieh

New 2D Super Mario for 3DS. New Super Mario Bros. 2. Huh.

09.40 - Adam Sorice

Reminding us of the separate 3DS conference. All the fun!

09.39 - Andrew Hsieh

“A couple of minutes? Where’s the love?”

09.39 - Andrew Hsieh

Scott Mofitt, EVP of sales and marketing, now on stage to talk about 3DS.

09.39 - Adam Sorice

Now onto 3DS.

09.38 - Adam Sorice

Party vibe with SiNG as opposed to exclusion of Singstar like. Could be good.

09.38 - Andrew Hsieh

There’s dancing, too!

09.37 - Andrew Hsieh

Wii U gamepad displays lyrics on new Karaoke game, “SiNG.” Ad makes it look vaguely awkward.

09.37 - Adam Sorice

New musical game called “SiNG” for Wii U. Exclusive. Everyone gets involved apparently. Looks… differently.

09.37 - Andrew Hsieh

… “Call Me Maybe” is playing. Loud.

09.36 - Adam Sorice

Seems like Wii Fit U comes with a pedometer. “Fit Meter”

09.36 - Andrew Hsieh

Did Wii U always indicate how– oh, hello, uploading runs from pedometer to Wii Fit U.

09.34 - Andrew Hsieh

Wii Fit U– where Reggie can get his feelings hurt, again and again.

09.34 - Adam Sorice

Wii Fit U coming to Wii U. New peripheral apparently coming.

09.34 - Andrew Hsieh

That was Reggie’s joke, y’all. This man.

09.34 - Adam Sorice

We’re talking about Wii Fit now.

09.33 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie saying people laughed at him when he was on the Wii Balance Board. We’re sorry for–PAHAHAH HIS BODY WAS READY

09.33 - Adam Sorice

Montage of games we already know about Tekken; Ninja Gaiden but Mass Effect 3 is a big scoop!

09.32 - Andrew Hsieh

Trine 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. Aliens Colonial Marines. They just keep comin’.

09.32 - Andrew Hsieh

Tank! Tank! Tank! from Namco Bandai. And TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2!

09.31 - Adam Sorice

Mass Effect 3 coming to Wii U!

09.31 - Andrew Hsieh

Whoa, Mass Effect 3 on Wii U!

09.30 - Adam Sorice

“Help Maxwell by using the most powerful tool in his world: YOUR IMAGINATION”. Oh jeez.

09.30 - Andrew Hsieh

Maxwell looks like he wants a lady friend. Yes, we’ll be talking about his biography in Scribblenauts Unlimited.

09.30 - Andrew Hsieh

Showing a dude making a “Auto Mutt,” customizing how it looks on the Wii U tablet. It’s a dog with vehicle body– literally– and a Mohawk.

09.29 - Andrew Hsieh

Aw, look at that. Scribblenauts Unlimited: graphics look way better, but if they didn’t, this wouldn’t really be deserving of HD, would it?

09.29 - Adam Sorice

“Scribblenauts Unlimited” coming to Wii U. Looks pretty.

09.29 - Andrew Hsieh

5th Cell head Jeremiah Slaczka here to talk about history of Scribblenauts. Only this game can make adjectives interesting.

09.28 - Adam Sorice

Scribblenauts appears to be heading to Wii U.

09.28 - Katharine Byrne

Scribblenauts news incoming!

09.28 - Andrew Hsieh


09.28 - Andrew Hsieh

Can use Wii U tablet to grab things from Batman’s inventory on the fly. Also to explode the gel separately. That’s gonna be useful.

09.28 - Katharine Byrne

“The most immersive Batman experience has arrived.”

09.27 - Andrew Hsieh

Newly designed Remote Batarang with Wii U tablet controlling its movement. Reminds me of the Beetle from Skyward.

09.27 - Katharine Byrne

Real-time item swapping via the Game Pad.

09.27 - Katharine Byrne

Players can use Game Pad to enable a new BAT mode to dole out more damage.

09.26 - Andrew Hsieh

“B.A.T. Mode”– during combat, Batman absorbs kinetic energy, in-game we assume. Then the Wii U gamepad can make him more powerful. Hm.

09.24 - Katharine Byrne

Official name is Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition

09.24 - Andrew Hsieh

Martin Tremblay from Warner Bros. onstage now. “You’re going to start experiencing Arkham City in a new fantastic way.”

09.24 - Adam Sorice

Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition coming to Wii U.

09.24 - Andrew Hsieh

Harley Quinn kind of, um, this is creepy, but she’s talking to Reggie. “I think it’s good to have Harley here, I’m not so sure.” — Reggie

09.24 - Adam Sorice

Warner Bros head honcho hitting the stage. Diabolically embarrassing Harlee Quin intro there.

09.23 - Katharine Byrne

Batman: Arkham City appears!

09.23 - Katharine Byrne

Four players can use Wii Remote to race through the level and a fifth player can help put blocks in the level with the Game Pad.

09.23 - Adam Sorice

Players can be supported by others on the Game Pad helping out with levels.

09.23 - Andrew Hsieh

“Boost Mode” is what happens when four people use their Wii Remotes while another person uses the touch screen to put blocks on the way to help players through levels.

09.22 - Adam Sorice

Yoshis will feature in NSMBMU. Four player action as well obviously. Something new called “boost mode”

09.22 - Katharine Byrne

Looks like there’s a new suit – Flying Squirrel Mario?

09.22 - Andrew Hsieh

Also, the return of Baby Yoshi! No sign of cape feather.

09.22 - Katharine Byrne

Mario’s stompin’ some goombas that turn into smaller goombas

09.22 - Andrew Hsieh

Every time I hear “oh yeah” or any of other various things Mario says, I just think about how much of a racket Charles Martinet must be making.

09.21 - Adam Sorice

New Super Mario Bros. Mii U will feature Miiverse integration. It’s what we saw in the Nintendo Direct. “New real time social window that opens up right as you’re playing”.

09.21 - Andrew Hsieh

New Super Mario Bros. U sounds like a sensible enough name, we suppose. Reggie says he’s going to brag about his high scores on Miiverse. Us, too.

09.21 - Katharine Byrne

New Super Mario Bros. U announced

09.20 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie discussing common gamer thought: “I want [Wii U games] to be just like Mario’s always been, but I want it to be better.”

09.20 - Andrew Hsieh


09.20 - Andrew Hsieh

An old friend? Who?

09.19 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie talking about speech bubbles– simple text messages, illustrations, etc. that can appear on Miiverse. Also, screenshots.

09.18 - Adam Sorice

We’re going over Miiverse now.

09.18 - Adam Sorice

Two Game Pads is exciting. We also had a preview of the tablet controller. It has trigger buttons at the back!

09.18 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie mentions Miiverse, a few questioning “woo?”s. C’mon y’all, it’s interesting.

09.17 - Andrew Hsieh

Looking at this thing wobble reminds me of Super Mario 64‘s opening Mario-putty thing.

09.16 - Andrew Hsieh

Mmm, black Wii U pad. Hello there.

09.16 - Adam Sorice


09.15 - Andrew Hsieh

“Asymmetric gameplay:” putting one player in a solitary goal, pitting him against everyone else … what’s he gonna talk about? Oh, two separate gamepads. Woo!

09.13 - Andrew Hsieh

The revolution is, uh, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. Hm.

09.13 - Adam Sorice

Wii U will revolutionize your living room. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube. They’re really pushing this.

09.13 - Andrew Hsieh

Reggie: “At its core, Wii U does three different things: it changes your gaming, it changes how you interact with your gaming friends, and it changes the way you enjoy your TV. It’s not just intuitive, not just accessible to everyone, but it stands to revolutionize your living room.” Do you wanna use that word again, man? (Apparently.)

09.12 - Adam Sorice

Wii U has three pilars, games, social and entertainment

09.11 - Adam Sorice

23 Wii U titles on stage today.

09.11 - Andrew Hsieh

Nods and yeahs all around as Reggie says “it’s all about the games.”

09.11 - Adam Sorice

78,000 viewers.

09.11 - Adam Sorice

No release date. Reggie is now on stage. “I feel just like a purple Pikmin” LOL

09.10 - Andrew Hsieh

Miyamoto making comments re: depth of “lighter games.” Also, he just took out a Red Pikmin from his suit jacket.

09.10 - Adam Sorice

Purple and White Pikmin not featured but stone guys are there.

09.10 - Adam Sorice

Pikmin is an example of a deeper game as opposed to lighter gameplay.

09.08 - Andrew Hsieh

Oh, in fact, Olimar won’t be present at all! “The reason for that is a secret.” Oh dear.

09.08 - Adam Sorice

Can be controlled just using the Game Pad too. You can control four characters at once, four Olimars.

09.08 - Andrew Hsieh

Looks like Pikmin 3‘s got up to four leaders– Olimar isn’t alone anymore.

09.08 - Adam Sorice

Pikmin will use nunchuk, remote and Game Pad. Game Pad will show map of area. Much deeper strategy in game.

09.08 - Katharine Byrne

It will use Wii Motion Plus too to aim Pikmin more accurately. Game Pad will be used to show an overall map.

09.07 - Adam Sorice

New type of Pikmin: Stone Pikmin. Also Pikmin can find materials to build bridges etc.

09.07 - Katharine Byrne

A new Pikmin type – rock Pikmin!

09.06 - Katharine Byrne

They’ll find materials to build bridges.

09.06 - Adam Sorice

Looks gorgeous. Brilliant visuals. Been ten years since the first game. Wii U hardware allows more specific movement of each.

09.06 - Katharine Byrne

Red, blue and yellow Pikmin are just chilling on a branch…

09.05 - Katharine Byrne

Pikmin 3 appears on screen!

09.05 - Adam Sorice

Pikmin 3 on screen.

09.04 - Adam Sorice

Wii U Game Pad on stage in fancy black sheen.

09.04 - Adam Sorice

It’s been six years since Wii. Wii U couldn’t be dependent on the television to be an entertainment device says Miyamoto.

09.04 - Katharine Byrne

A year after Wii was launched, Nintendo decided their next console couldn’t be reliant on the TV.

09.03 - Katharine Byrne

Pikmin are appearing all over the place!

09.02 - Katharine Byrne

Miyamoto welcomes everyone – intending to talk about Pikmin.

09.02 - Adam Sorice

Miyamoto heading on stage right now. Looks like Pikmin going to be up first; stage covered in leaf graphics.

09.02 - Katharine Byrne

Will Nintendo be followed out on stage by a hoard of Pikmin? We’re about to find out!

09.01 - Adam Sorice

Pre-video for the show. Miyamoto and all Pikmin in his dressing room.

09.01 - Katharine Byrne

Pikmin are playing in Miyamoto’s dressing room…

09.01 - Katharine Byrne

Here we go!

08.59 - Adam Sorice

Kotaku just got name dropped. WHERE IS OUR LOVE WENDY?

08.59 - Adam Sorice

Today is going to be “all about the games”. For Wii U obviously. Also, Nintendo has the best fans apparently. Holla at us.

08.59 - Katharine Byrne

Yep, Wii U games today; 3DS tomorrow in a separate broadcast.

08.58 - Adam Sorice

Reggie, Miyamoto and other developers going to feature.

08.58 - Adam Sorice

And the feed is go. Pre-recorded interview with a shiny man.

08.57 - Katharine Byrne

And we’re live!

08.56 - Katharine Byrne

And that number just keeps growing – 33,000 now.

08.54 - Adam Sorice

There are currently 28,000 people on Nintendo’s live stream of the conference. No wonder Kevin and Andy in LA have zero bandwidth to cover the event, all that pumping out of one theatre.

08.51 - Katharine Byrne

Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U? I hope so!

08.49 - Adam Sorice

Obviously they know lots of things we don’t. Like how to speak German for one. But you get the idea.

08.49 - Adam Sorice

But what games? Apparently the official German Mass Effect Facebook page told fans to watch today’s conference from Nintendo. Do they know something we don’t?

08.47 - Katharine Byrne

I reckon it will all be about the games today. 3DS is being sidelined into another conference, so prepare for a wave of Wii U goodness!

08.46 - Katharine Byrne

Good morning everyone! I’ll be joining Adam today as co-host!

08.44 - Adam Sorice

I’m kind of intrigued as to what exactly Nintendo will be announcing today. After their pre-E3 presser and now the announcement of a 3DS conference tomorrow, they must have a *lot* of news.

08.39 - Adam Sorice

Right, twenty minutes to go. Can feel the anticipation/tech panic mounting!

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