Best of 2012! Wii’s Forgotten Gems

The Dojo Team remember some alternative Wii classics in this retrospective!

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This story was selected as one of our best from 2012. It was originally published on 24th September, 2012 during Issue 121: Wii’s Forgotten Gems.

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Hello, all. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Yes we missed you too. We would have been back sooner but that mould under our sink developed sentience and got particularly nasty. Did we miss Christmas? Or Wii U? No? Good.

This week we’re parachuting in this shiny editor’s letter from behind enemy lines (read as: my internet keeps playing up) to give you the scoop on this week’s feature: Wii’s Forgotten Gems! With the arrival of Wii U in just a few short months, you may be more than ready to pack away your trusty old Wii and consign to the great storage space in the sky (your attic). “But stop!”, we cry. Have you played all of the many amazing games that graced Nintendo’s little white box that may not have received such widespread coverage as the Marios, Zeldas and Metroids of Wii? No, we didn’t think you had either so sit back and enjoy our week-long coverage of all the gems of gaming that may have passed you by the first time round!

From international adventures like Red Steel 2 and Endless Ocean: Blue World to truly Japanese affairs like Rune Factory: Frontier and Dragon Quest Swords and a whole other barrow-load of other sparkling titles, we’ll be covering it all in this issue so be sure not to miss it! (And remember, all these remembered gems will work on Wii U as well!)



In this week’s Issue 121: Wii’s Forgotten Gems


Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Red Steel by Katharine Byrne
Katharine kicks off our memorial feature by looking at two of the coolest sword-swinging games in the Wii’s library.

Disney Epic Mickey: Castle of Illusion Preview by Kevin Knezevic
We sent Kevin to Disney World and he went and played a handheld game. Some kids, jeez.

Nightly News Roundup by Mel Turnquist
BONG! This will be news.


Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Tanks! (Wii Play) by Pierre Bienaimé
Have you played this pint-size pack-in pièce de résistance? (I was really struggling with that alliteration.)

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure by Katharine Byrne
Arggghh!! Why did more landlubbers not play this game?

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Dragon Quest Swords by Bradly Hale
It’s Dragon Quest Jim, but not as we know it.

Nightly News Roundup by Robin Wilde
We let the new guy do the news. The word “new” IS IN news!


Nintendo HeartCast Episode 29 by Noah Ward and Evan Campbell
Your favourite power couple (suck on that Bradgelina) return for more podcast madness!

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Ōkami by Katharine Byrne
Because you know that Katharine never mentions Ōkami! Trololol.

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Rune Factory: Frontier by Bradly Hale
In case you hadn’t realised yet, the Wii had a lot of forgotten gems. Like amethysts. (Maybe.)

Nightly News Roundup by Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson actually sounds like a news reporter’s name. Or a battleship captain. From space.


Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Little King’s Story by Luke Brown
Luke compares Little King’s Story to Call Me Maybe. (Okay, he doesn’t but now we want him to.)

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Muramasa: The Demon Blade by Luke Brown
“Muramasa” sounds like a lyric from Gangnam Style. There, we said it.

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Endless Ocean: Blue World by Kevin Knezevic
Writing puns for this week’s Letter from the Editor was like shooting fish in a barrel. A very big barrel.

Nightly News Roundup by Michael Contino
We’re now just singing along to Gangnam Style in our heads. We’ve been practising the horsey dance.


Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Fragile Dreams by Robin Wilde
Proving that this week’s feature is like those really hard to kill zombies from Resident Evil, we continue.

Wii’s Forgotten Gems: Rhythm Heaven Fever by Mel Turnquist
Thank goodness! The last edition of this week’s feature!

Nightly News Roundup by Po-Yi Ho
We’re hoping that Po-Yi has that Friday feeling come the end of the week. If not, he’s getting Rebecca Black’ed.


Round Table: Wii’s Not So Forgotten Gems by Nintendojo Staff
There’s a round table too!? *faints*

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