Nintendo Heartcast Episode 029: First or Worst

Evan and Noah talk Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter 4 on Wii U, as well as fun stories from our Game with Us.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 09/26/2012 09:00 4 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast 029: First or Worst

Nintendo Heartcast 029: First or Worst

Evan and Noah recount their game time with listeners, Tokyo Game Show impressions and new games freshly out.

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Recording Date
September 24, 2012

Evan and Noah

Show Contents
00:00:00 Introduction and Game with Us Stories
00:10:00 Player Input: Last Story, NSMB2, and Resident Evil: Revelations
00:34:47 New Games Out: La-Mulana, Kirby’s Dream Collection and Fractured Soul
00:43:06 Tokyo Game Show News: Dragon Quest X, Monster Hunter 4 and Circle Pad Pro XL
00:56:40 Listener Feedback
01:20:26 Conclusion
01:21:57 Credits
01:23:47 Total Length


4 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast Episode 029: First or Worst”

  • 156 points
    Linkrevenge says...

    I wish media can be as balanced as you are with Nintendo. I was lucky to get first place once during the game night. I have let to get Resident Evil Revelations because of financial restraints. I have not played RE5 and not 6 until its on Wii U. I still have more Wii U questions like “Will Wii U accept messages from Wii and will some games like monster hunter Tri online work with Wii U? Why wouldn’t they still not be engaged? Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games. I still dream of Gundam 00 3DS game existing and stateside. because of the particles released from the gundam’s GN drives. your show content tine line was off a bit near the listeners feedback. Which game is the best for the sngle player on day one purchase? Assassin’s Creed 3 or Zombi U?

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    Thanks for the note on the error on the feedback time stamp in our show contents. I’ve updated that.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Noah and evan you 2 are my first official 3ds friends, so please add me! Great show as always. You where talking about xenoblade voices and i think evan said that he didnt like it, well, i think you played with the english voices, you have to play it in japanese!!!! Is a whole lot better, im playing it in japanesse with spanish subtitles and it is AWESOME! The voices from reyn, egil, zamza, mumbar and the other faces are just top notch.

    Also being a RE fan ( first one was RE one on playstation) i do think is a blasphemy that Noah considers 5 a good RE Game, for me this series doesnt make sense anymore, but i do have revelations and i played like 3 hours, just the first two missions, but it looks like the perfect blend of the new gameplay mechanics and the style from the first games and i like it. Take care guys.

    Oh, and please, make another mario kart gamenight in the future, i really want to race against you!

  • 120 points
    NinSage says...

    Another stellar ‘cast, my friends. I just love that I can hear discussion of Nintendo in what I feel is actually fair. You give credit to what Nintendo has done (extremely) well, while not being afraid to dissect what they can do better.

    I just wanted to chime in with yet another apparent similarity between Noah and myself. I almost never swear in my daily life. In college, my dad once joked that I had the cleanest mouth in upstate New York. However, when I play video games? Man, I never get filthy or “creative,” but the stream of F-bombs is wide and steady. I don’t know what happens!

    Also, while I of course enjoy Evan’s campaigning for the Wii U, I want to know that I am fine with Noah’s decision to wait and see. If Noah was like “Wii U’s gonna suck” “a DS console? wtf?” “Nintendo doesn’t know what it’s doing!” Then I would say Noah needed to get his head checked. But it seems like he’s just being patient and I see nothing wrong with that. Too many gamers seem to think good games expire or something if you don’t play them within a week of their release!

    Personally, I won’t be able to get a Wii U at launch due to financial reasons =( So, I won’t be able to be Wii U pals with Evan either =\

    PS – I was real glad to play a little Kart with Evan last week!!

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