Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 156: Flame On

We debate what will differentiate PS4 and 720 and what constitutes “consistent” 3DS releases.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 08/17/2011 08:00 10 Comments     ShareThis


Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 156: Flame On

Noah and James debate “consistent” 3DS releases, what will differentiate PS4 and 720 and choose favorite Metroid games.

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Recording Date
August 15, 2011

Noah and James

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:26 What We’re Playing
00:12:47 Vita’s Delay and Price Cut, Modern Warfare 3, and 2D 3DS Games
00:28:44 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:40:23 Conclusion
00:42:33 Credits

00:44:13 Total Length



10 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 156: Flame On”

  • 393 points
    James Stank says...

    Okay guys, if any of you care, here is the link to the Other M article I was talking about. It’s a great read and there was a lot of effort put into it.

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      I read this some time ago and I second James. It’s a nice analysis of Other M– I wouldn’t agree with everything but it is a great read.

    • 7 points
      Katharine Byrne says...

      That was a really good read – thanks for sharing the link! I’ll also throw in The Game Overthinker’s response if anyone wants to see another interesting side to the Other M argument:

      • 393 points
        James Stank says...

        interesting video, though I’d say I’m still on the article’s side. He made some great points in the video, many of which I’d consider valid, but time ruins them. I don’t have a problem with Samus having feelings or any of the other stuff that the guy said in his video. The problem is when this game takes place. Had this game occured very early in the Metroid timeline, I think everyone would have been fine with it. But the fact that it comes after virtually every Metroid game save Fusion is the thing that I think angers most fans. Like the article said, for example, had this been the first time Samus fought Ridley after she thought he was dead, that would be fine. But seeing as how she’s killed hiim countless times, breaking down doesn’t seem quite right. And Adam controlling her isn’t right either.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    Metroid Other M is disgusting in its attitude towards women. I’ve seen multiple articles on this subject all of which have been great. Anyone who defends the story in that game should reevaluate their attitudes towards women. It’s to bad it retcon ruins Fusion. I enjoyed Fusion back in 2002.

    I think the original/ zero mission. The simplicity of the game is really great. Plus the sense of exploration.

    I only really enjoyed Metroid Prime 1. Echoes got old fast with the light world/ dark world stuff. Corruption lost the sense of exploration and wonder Prime had.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    Unfortunately, I got bored and frustrated cause I gave up. Maybe I’ll try it when I go back and do Master-quest.

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    Listening to the show now, I’ll make a longer post later; but for now. Lemme leave an interesting link.

    I know not everyone can read Portuguese; but the interesting thing to note is that Sony Europe (Which has been getting exclusive hardware. How odd.)president James Armstrong mentions that he feels that the PS4 will not be a huge leap forward in graphics. Which sounds like it will be right there with the Wii U.

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    By the time a White 3DS comes out, we’ll get the ability to transfer our 3DS Ware/DSi Ware to the new system via a firmware update. So it’s fine to nab now and then transfer later – once that firmware update is out.

    Like I said, the best Nintendo system with the best games would be the SNES. This would be NOT counting games ported from previous systems. There’s a reason why Nintendo keeps farming into the SNES/NES/N64 era of games. It’s because of the quality of the titles.

    As for quality of games between the Game Cube/3DS first years, that is pretty subjective. Personally, I haven’t been disappointed by the 3DS launch. Of course, I didn’t buy an actual 3DS game until Dead or Alive Dimensions, than there were a few small sales and I ended up with a ton of 3DS games in a small amount of time. On the Game Cube, I bought it with Luigi’s Mansion and played that until Pikmin/Super Smash Bros Melee came out. I rented the other titles and was pretty non-plussed about it. Overall, I beat Luigi’s Mansion in about a day or two of on and off play. Most of my Game Cube experience near the beginning of the systems life was “Oh. Okay. That was a cool game. Now I have to wait five months for anything else worth playing.” Also, Resident Evil Zero was a cobbled together upscale of the unreleased N64 game. I played the N64 game at E3 and when I got to try it on Game Cube.. well.. it was never a good game and the leap didn’t help it. The Game Cube version of Animal Crossing was essentially the N64 version with slightly updated graphics. Pikmin was originally a 64DD game. So, I suppose we could say that the 3DS and Game Cube launched/ are launching with a lot of N64 “ports.”

    I think that Nintendo wants to add Game Cube games to Virtual Console in the future or re-release more of the Game Cube titles on the better selling Wii format, like they did with the New Play Control series. Which would be why the newest version of the Wii removes the Game Cube compatibility.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    I guess, today, I feel like being controversial.

    First of all, Metroid Fusion sucks. Hard.
    I have tried to beat 3 different times, and all three times I broke the game in 3 different ways. For example, I broke into an area with my Speed Boots (took seven tries), saved because my energy read [02] points left. After this, I realized that I was trapped in one little column area and all of my exits needed a better weapon than the one I had, and there was no where to get a running start to use the Speed Boots again.
    Another time, early in the game, SA-2 was spawning in the save room I kept appearing in.
    And this time, earlier today, I was fighting a Spider Boss, and I kept respawning inside the boss… HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THESE PROBLEMS? At least it’s possible for me to beat Other M

    Second of all, Professor Layton was the most wasteful use of my money ever. I don’t want to feel like I’m in math class when I play a videogame. It didn’t live up to even a quarter of my expectations.

    Also, I love LOVE LoVe lOvE LOvd loVE Steel Diver. It reeks of low production values, sure, but I haven’t been so addicted to time trials since someone told me I could unlock Megaman in Mario Kart; Super Circuit. If there were online leaderboards for Steel Diver, I’d probably be near the top.

    Gamecube will be the least fondly remembered as a retro console. Sure it has Melee, Double Dash, Mario Party 4-7, Animal Crossing, Warioware, Luigi’s Mansion, and Pikmin, but really, (maybe aside from Pikmin and WarioWare) how many of this games won’t be entirely underwhelming in ten years? Will people say that they kept their Gamecube around for any of these games when pretty much all of them will have far superior sequels at that point? Even the more unique offerings will be more of an obscure trivia fact than a fondly remembered experience. Even in their own time, these games were B to B+ efforts. Honestly, Gamecube got what is probably the worst reviewed Mario Platformer of all time, if that’s anything to go by.. I am not sure that the graphics and sound (outside of maybe Wind Waker’s) will be as charming to future Noah/Andrew/MegabusterLegends3 as 8 or 16 bit graphics are for us right now, either. I don’t think we will ever see a “Retro Revival” of the Gamecube Era, or even any meaningful desire for it.

    *Sigh* Glad I am done with this rebellious phase!

    • 432 points
      dmgice says...

      Sounds like you had a bunch of horrible glitches with Metroid Fusion. Kind of the complete opposite of my experience with it. Although I remember drawing out maps to get through Metroid 1 and Metroid 2… so I might be a much more vicious Metroid player than most. That said, I still think Metroid Prime 2, 3, and Hunters were fairly blah. My favorites are Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid 2, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime, Metroid Other M, Metroid 1, Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt, Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Prime Hunters.

      Metroid Prime Pinball was a surprise because the team had previously made Mario Pinball Land.. which is AWFUL.

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