Airship Travelogues Episode 006: IGN64 Nostalgia

Peer Schneider, Craig Harris and Doug Perry join us in a mini IGN reunion to reminisce N64 and IGN64.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 10/07/2011 08:00 4 Comments     ShareThis

Airship Travelogues Episode 006: IGN64 Nostalgia

Peer Schneider, Doug Perry and Craig Harris join us to reminisce about N64 and their days together at IGN64 and beyond.

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Recording Date
October 3, 2011

Peer Schneider, Doug Perry and Craig Harris with Noah and Marc

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:26 The Days of N64 and IGN64
01:01:48 Conclusion
01:02:59 Credits

01:03:55 Total Length



4 Responses to “Airship Travelogues Episode 006: IGN64 Nostalgia”

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    Hyawatta says...

    ‘Till All Are One

    My first source for Nintendo news was Nintendo Power Magazine. I thought Howard (from Howard & Nester) was the greatest gamer in the world. I became a certified “Power Player”, and I always felt special whenever I received a VHS tape that was full of exclusive content about future Nintendo products. Life was good. However, as the Internet grew, it eventually became apparent that I could find Nintendo news faster online than I could by waiting for the next issue of Nintendo Power.

    The first great online Nintendo editor was “Cap Scott” H. McCall. My favorite part of the “Unofficial Nintendo 64 Headquarters” was the E-Mailbag. It was great getting my question answered back then, and it’s still great getting my question answered during a PodCast’s reader mail segment now. It was during this time that I put all of the greatness that was Howard and transferred it to Capp Scott. He basically became Captain N. When Matt Casamassina left IGN I got a sinking feeling deep in my gut. It was a familiar feeling, however. I finally realized that it was the same feeling I felt when Capp Scott retired his N64HQ site. Matt Casamassina had become the new Captain N, but I had not even realized it, until he was gone. Now, we are left without a Game Master.

    Who will step up to become the next Captain N? All seems lost in the meantime as we wait for the next chosen one to inherit this prestigious title. We were blessed to have Matt to replace Capp Scott, but I’m afraid that we might never be able to replace Casamassina. Can Lightning really strike three times? I’ve been looking around at other Nintendo sites trying to see if any of them can fill the void. I certainly don’t believe that Craig will be the heir to the throne, now that he has left IGN as well. Time will tell if it is Rich’s destiny to carry on. So far, it doesn’t look as though anyone has the influence, the connections, the respect, the integrity, and most importantly, the passion to uphold the mantle.

    I have found that the combined efforts of many sites seem adequate to do the job that was once upheld by just the one. There may no longer be a one stop spot for all of the best Nintendo news, but perhaps it was meant to be this way all along. If Matt had never left IGN, I would never have reached out to find Nintendojo, GoNintendo, or Nintendo World Report. I had forgotten that those sites even existed. Now I have a wealth of podcasts to listen to that are actually released regularly, and I can stay up to date on Nintendo info by checking multiple sources. One of the best features I’ve seen is when the articles that are posted link back to the original source of the story. I have learned a valuable lesson from losing the embodiment of Nintendo news for the second time. It no longer needs a body, it has transformed into something that can no longer be contained within one site. Perhaps another Captain N will rise someday to champion Nintendo News in the future, but that day is not today. Until then, I just want to say thank you for lighting our darkest hour.

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    Marc N. Kleinhenz says...

    What an amazingly insightful post. What strikes me is just how adroitly you managed to not just describe, but somehow summon the extremely tenuous-yet-still-resoundingly-intimate connection we Nintendo fanboys have with our spokesmen and/or journos of choice. (I guess it puts the whole Kevin Butler phenomenon in a new light, huh?)

    And I say “we fanboys” because — well, let me share some previous essays I wrote for a different site regarding the very sad departures of Matt Casamassina and Craig. I think you’ll dig the sappy-but-appropriate tone and musings both. =)



    Thanks for sharing.


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    lukas85 says...

    Great guys, i love the n64, for me its the greates videogame console ever, it started a lot of franchises, super smash, mario party, mario tenis, wave race and it had the best games of all time, mario 64 and ocarina of time. I started my nintendo fan adiction in that era, i spended entire nights trying to download videos from the e3 with a 56 k modem, i jumped like crazy the first time i saw the ocarina of time comercial, i will never forget the frenzy multiplayer matches in mario kart 64 with my friends, and the first time i played mario 64 i couldnt believe it, i will never forget that moment.this podcast was great, good to hear craig again and learn how nintendojo and ign got started, ahh, good old days.

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