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E3 2011 conference liveblogPlease note – This post will be updated at least once a minute, please regularly refresh your browser to ensure you are up to speed with the latest news from the conference!

At last, the moment is upon us! Following a surge of rival companies announcing to the world their E3 announcements, the spotlight finally turns to Nintendo for the expo’s most anticipated event. While any Nintendo conference is a highly anticipated event, Pac-Man vs. not withstanding, this year’s show also holds the promise of finally revealing the future of the company. We’ve heard rumours, we’ve had discussions and this morning we will finally learn the truth about Project Café, Nintendo’s next home console. Will it have a touch screen controller? Will it be called simply “Nintendo”? Will it be in the shape of Mario’s moustache? These are all questions which will be answered today (though I’m pretty sure we can guess correctly on the last one before we begin.)

You can watch the video feed along with us here but be sure to check here too for our quick witted opinions and reassuring, mocking tone. And the electric conversation to be found in the comments! Our latest updates will appear the top of the list, older updates will move down the page as we progress through the conference. And remember, the refresh button is your friend.

10:15 – And that’s all she wrote! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out our news coverage.

10:14 – Ended with a lot of games logos. Impressive.

10:13 – 8 WiiU demoes will be available on the show floor.

10:13 – WiiU dubbed a second window into “your game world”.

10:12 – They’re all innovative. We knew that Reggie.

10:12 – Reggie is asking us to consider DS, Wii, 3DS, WiiU before wrapping up.

10:11 Don’t think he mentioned Mass Effect though.

10:11 – “Unpredecented relationship between EA and Nintendo”

10:10 – He’s also raving about the online. “Open” apparently.

10:10 – They love that controller.

10:10 – Battlefield coming to WiiU.

10:10 – “Brilliant hi def graphics” apparently.

10:09 – John Ricitello (EA CEO) on stage!?

10:08 – “WiiU can satisfy all tastes.” Again with “wider” and “deeper”.

10:08 – That was a lot of hardcore games. All the things we will see this week as first attempts.

10:07 – Ninja Gaiden 3!!

10:06 – “Metro: Last Night” is coming out for WiiU. Plus Tekken. Complete with character design.

10:06 – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online.

10:06 – All intense gameplay.

10:06 – Aliens: Colonial Marines

10:06 – Dirt coming to WiiU as well.

10:06 – Darksiders II trailer. Looks astounding.

10:05 – Openng up new gameplay, shaping the future according to big gaming execs.

10:05 – Darksiders 2 at launch.

10:04 – Tekken: Wii Successor will be on WiiU.

10:03 – Compilation of gaming tops talking about. EA, WB, Ubisoft, Vicarious Visions, Hamco Bandai and many more. Full games can be transported to the WiiU, full console experience in bed?

10:03 – Out on 3DS too.

10:02 – Those are all test demoes but the one game that is announced is LEGO City Stories…?

10:01 – Last game for WiiU. New type of shooter. Two people shooting up at a flying ship, the pilot looking down through the WiiU tablet.

10:01 – Chase Mii, a multiplayer game that looks different depending on what type of controller you use.

10:01 – “Shield Pose”, a new game that forces you to explore your environment?

10:00 – New Super Mario Bros. MII, for WiiU.

10:00 – And we’re pretty certain that was a new Zelda game previewed. Astounding.

9:59 – Flying through a Japanese old style village. No doubt this will be powerful.

9:59 – Seeing a CGi video of a bird on a sakura tree. Intense visual power, no doubt.

9:58 – WiiU software available on the show floor this E3.

9:58 – No details on that, Sakurai is still working on Kid Icarus.

9:57 – SMASH BROS announced for both WiiU and 3DS.

9:56 – Iwata talked to Sakurai about WiiU… Smash Bros?

9:56 – Iwata Asks on WiiU will be up on at

9:55 – WiiU offers both social and hardcore. Miyamoto thinks it has a lot of possibilities.

9:55 – WiiU offers communal social interaction. Send photos you find online from tablet to the big screen of your TV.

9:54 – Golf, baseball demoed.

9:53 – WiiU brings together two screens at once. WiiU Sports looks very likely.

9:53 – “Most high quality HD visuals available today.”

9:52 – WiiU controller is NOT designed to be a portable games console.

9:52 – Camera too.

9:52 – WiiU controller has touch screen, two circle pads and rumble.

9:52 – A new realistic Zelda was also previewed. Looked absolutely amazing.

9:51 – WiiU tablet works with Zapper, Remote, Balance Board.

9:49 – Utilises the tablet in ways you can never think of. It is a uDraw tablet though.

9:48 – Cafe tablet can make a second screen. Can work Wii Fit on it’s own. Can do video calls.

9:47 – Cafe motion controller works with motion remote. Bit bonkers.

9:47 – My internet is hilarious.

9:46 – Project Cafe is called Wii U. It is a tablet. I think.

9:45 – Glad we’re all back on track. Reggie just talked about the free Pokédex for a fair while.

9:44 – “Luigi’s Mansion 2 featuring seemingly less-creepy ghosts and several new mansions. “Not a simple revision,” says Fils-Aime.”

9:43 – “Kid Icarus: Uprising to feature multiplayer combat modes w/ various weapons, seems vaguely tactical”

9:41 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 was also shown up. Looks as good as first. Mummies, sand, desert as well!

9:41 – Onto eShop. Demoes for virtual and retail releases out later in the year.

9:41 – Internet died, Damn it.

9:32 – StarFox uses buttons or the motion control, gyroscope.

9:31 – “Entirely new Mario Kart” out ….sometime?

9:30 – Unique design karts are back from Double Dash. Looks intense.

9:29 – Karts now have parasails and underwater propellers. All terrain racing!

9:29 – Bowser, DK, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Koopa and more in the game.

9:28 – First off the line is Mario Kart, tricked out version of the series. Coins back.

9:27 – Reggie is now up, talking about 3DS.

9:26 – Mario Kart 3DS, Starfox 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Luigi’s Mansion out this year

9:24 – Cafe out next year.

9:24 – Full details will be released later on in the conference -_-

9:24 – “Let everyone see games in a different way.”

9:23 – Nintendo is set to announce new home platform. Will be “deeper” game experience and “wider” appeal to gamers, wider than Wii.

9:22 – Satoru talks about how Wii & DS have changed who plays, what we plays and how we play.

9:21 – Iwata up next. A lot of big guns today.

9:21 – What next? Ah good a freeze.

9:21 – End of Zelda coverage.

9:20 – Miyamoto has brought out key developers onstage, including Eiji Anuouma.

9:18 – Official soundtrack for Ocarina of Time 3D. First people to register it with club Nintendo will get it at a reward. Second soundtrack will be based off the concert.

9:18 – Fall concerts involving orchestra in each region. ZELDA MUSIC CONCERT?

9:17 – Skyward Sword will come with a special edition gold remote.

9:16 – Skyward Sword will still appear on Wii. This year by the sounds.

9:16 – WAIT. 4 player Zelda game? The feed cuts out at key moments.

9:15 – Mirror Mode/Master Quest plus Boss Battles will be included in Ocarina 3D.

9:15 – New sense of realism in Ocarina 3D thanks to added power. Hint movies (super guide) for newbies included.

9:14 – Link’s Awakening will be on eShop by the end of today.

9:13 – I believe Miyamoto just fist bumped.

9:12 – Miyamoto is asking the orchestra and choir to perform some iconic music and sounds from Zelda.

9:11 – He’s talking about Zelda’s anniversary. Especially about the music.

9:10 – Shigeru Miyamoto is up first to talk about Zelda.

9:09 – More Link, Wind Waker esque pyjamas too. And the 25th anniversary logo. Good opener.

9:09 – Flying birds in Skyward Sword!

9:08 – Seeing lovely segments of Ocarina of Time 3D. Looks very polished

9:07 – This is a lovely montage. Which now has broken. Back now!

9:06 – On track. Zelda montage complete with symphony orchestra.

9:05 – Things have broken here. Video and audio clashing between different segments. I can SEE an orchestra for Skyward Sword.

9:05 – “Here we go.”

9:03 – I’m seeing some guy that’s talking. He isn’t Miyamoto so this doesn’t count as proper E3.

9:01 – Checking to see if my exam results have been emailed yet. Apparently there’s still a queue outside the Nokia Theater. Can’t think why they’re all so keen to come inside? Oh yeah, Café. (Sorry Microsoft.)

9:00 – And now we wait. Apparently Teen content will appear in this show. Resident Evil anyone?

8:57 – Just waiting for the conference to start. Have already ate all my liveblogging snacks before it even began. Meh.

8:55 – The online feed is loading! Request my month and year of birth though… is someone going to get shot in the head at this presser? HARDCORE.

8:53 – Anything you’re hoping will be announced today? I’m going with the as-ever-longshot, Pikmin 3. Come on Olimar, land on Planet Café!

8:50 – I won’t lie, slightly terrified this video feed breaks like it has done for the last several years but we’ll do our best. I mean who doesn’t love small talk?

8:47 – And so we’re live. As live as watching a video feed of a live event can be. Which is still, pretty live.

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