Issue 103: Hungry For More

The “other” Brit takes over Nintendojo for a week.

By Katharine Byrne. Posted 05/21/2012 09:00 2 Comments     ShareThis

Issue 103: Hungry For More masthead

Hello! Katharine here. Bet you weren’t expecting me to be introducing the Editor’s Letter today! Well, don’t worry, I haven’t overthrown Nintendojo with my army of London street urchins (…yet). Adam and Andrew will be back next week with mutterings aplenty– the real reason why I’ve stepped into the editor spotlight today is to introduce our newest week-long feature: See You on Wii U.

We’ve all dreamed the dream. Star Fox, F-Zero, Advance Wars– back in the depths of 2006, these were all names we thought might make it to Nintendo’s shiny new console, the Wii. We waited, we hoped, we prayed, we crossed our fingers until there weren’t any fingers left to cross, but every year E3 came and went without even a hint of our dreams being made a reality. Cheers went up for Mario, Link and Samus, but if any of us wanted some game time with Fox McCloud or Captain Falcon, all we had to console ourselves with (quite literally) was Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

But that’s about to change because all this week we’ll be putting those dreams into words, exploring what these seemingly forgotten and less-loved franchises might be like on Wii U. We’ll be waxing lyrical about how they might use Wii U’s controller and unique specs to revolutionise gaming as we know it, and you never know– with E3 just around the corner, those dreams might finally be about to come true.

Of course, we’ve still got all our regular great content doing its thing this week too. You’ll be hearing from me again on Tuesday in Another Castle, and we’ve also got our latest instalments of Airship Travelogues and Fan Service later in the week too. Top that with more editorials than you can shake a Wii Remote at, and hey presto, you’ve got one week of awesome content. We’re always hungry for more here at Nintendojo, and this week is no exception.


Your week at Nintendojo, Issue 103: Hungry For More


Weekly Poll by Andrew Hsieh
In the words of John Green, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens. So let’s imagine this week’s poll!

See You on Wii U: Advance Wars by Kyle England
We kick off our See You on Wii U feature with our dreams for Advance Wars.

Nightly News Roundup by Andy Hoover
We like news. Have some news.


See You on Wii U: Fire Emblem by Eileen Cullen
We imagine what Fire Emblem might be like on Wii U.

Another Castle: Under Your Spell by Katharine Byrne
Does the RPG job system manipulate who our favourite characters are? Katharine investigates.

Nightly News Roundup by Katharine Byrne
We really like news. Have some more.


See You on Wii U: Kirby by Mel Turnquist
Okay, so Kirby had a lot of love on Wii, but how might this master of mimicry fare on Wii U?

Airship Travelogues 020 by M. Noah Ward and Adam Sorice
Noah and Adam talk with Pwnee Studios, developers of upcoming Wii U hardcore platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom!

Nightly News Roundup by Mel Turnquist
Had enough news yet?


See You on Wii U: Wario Ware by Andrew Hsieh
All your favourite insane micro games now re-imagined for Wii U!

Nintendo and the Indies by Kyle England
Kyle investigates the Nintendo-Indie relationship.

Nightly News Roundup by Joseph Nelson
We just can’t get enough of this news stuff…


See You on Wii U: Star Fox by Katharine Byrne
HD barrel rolls, here we come!

Fan Service by Mel Turnquist
What fan dilemma is Mel aiming her Wii Zapper at this week? Find out on Friday!

Best Quotes in Pokemon History by Eileen Cullen
“I wanna breed like you! I mean I wanna be a breeder like you! I mean…your Vulpix is nice…”

Nightly News Roundup by Pierre Bienaimé
Okay, we’ve had enough news now.


Week: End Game: On by Kevin Knezevic
What are we playing this weekend? Probably the same as last weekend.

Round Table: See You Wii U… Everything Else!
The staff ponder what other franchises (Nintendo and non-Nintendo alike) might be like on Wii U.

Coming up next week… Issue 104: Count Down, Level Up

2 Responses to “Issue 103: Hungry For More”

  • 261 points
    JasonMaivia says...

    I can’t wait to read what everyone wants to see on the new console. Personally, I want to see Wave Race and 1080 return in a big way.
    The Wii was such a disappointment for many of my favorite genres and today’s more popular franchises. It seemed as though Nintendo’s minds were elsewhere this entire generation.

    Hopefully, we’ll see and play more on Wii U.
    Wave Race, 1080, I hope to see you two on Wii U.

  • 156 points
    Linkrevenge says...

    I am hoping that weak Wii U information was false and is stronger. Then 1080 can be shown with 1080 p or i visuals.

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