Nintendo Heartcast Episode 026: Cross It Out

New Layton! New Phoenix Wright! New rhythm game! There’s so much exciting 3DS news for Evan and Noah to go through.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 09/05/2012 09:00 17 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 026: Cross It Out

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 026: Cross It Out

Evan and Noah dive into all the 3DS news from last week’s Nintendo Direct, but Noah can’t resist a few Dragon*con tangents.

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Recording Date
September 4, 2012

Evan and Noah

Show Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:55 Japan’s Nintendo Direct Rundown
00:33:06 Lots More Release Dates: Phoenix Wright, La-Mulana, The Cave and more!
00:54:19 Listener Feedback
01:10:54 Conclusion
01:11:56 Credits
01:13:45 Total Length


17 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast Episode 026: Cross It Out”

  • 69 points
    hattori says...

    SO MANY GREAT GAMES…and there’s still the Wii U on the horizon. Can’t wait for next week’s Heartcast, good show as always (awkward pauses FTW lol)

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    I believe that this was a good week for noah. I have never played layton or phoenix wright. Im kind of an adventure/ platformer/ jrpg gamer. And music and presentation are very important for me. With this in mind what game should be more appealing to me? Phoenix or layton?

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    0001-3307-7004 lol that’s my friend code. Reply if you add me so I can add you for the next community night.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Heheheh, I guess my little trivia byte stumped y’all! I’ll have to check on R.O.B., because it is actually pretty likely that the logo might be on him somewhere. But the two characters I was talking about are:

    Diddy Kong (On his hat)
    Ness (On his yoyo!)

    As a retort to Evan, at least two of those N64 games were long lasting RPGs, and with the price of N64 games, how many of those games could you really afford new? Maybe its just because I’m always broke, but the only full priced games I’ve bought this year are Kid Icarus and New Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • 156 points
    Bradly Halestorm says...

    I have to be honest here, Dragon Quest X is my number one most anticipated title for the Wii U. Here’s hoping it comes stateside. I have always been a fan of MMOs, going back to the early days of Everquest and Ultima, so to see a game harkening back to the basics, amidst a genre laden with companies pushing innovation, actually feels quite refreshing. From what I’ve seen and read, Dragon Quest X looks strikingly similar to Square Enix’s first MMO, Final Fantasy XI –a game I devoted far too many hours of my college life to – and because of that, I’m on the verge of uncontrollable excitement.

    Anyhow, so Code of Princess was mentioned again in this podcast, and I just can’t help but say that, like Dragon Quest, this game’s release in North America makes me ravenously pumped. A Guardian Heroes clone published by Atlus, a publisher I would gladly grant my first child to, sounds like pure gold. Anyone who is looking to pick it up can count on me as a regular co-op buddy. None of my friends are getting it, so I’m going to need a partner to get down on all the hack-and-slash goodness.

    Alright, lastly I’ve noticed each time you guys mention the Wii’s lineup for the last year of its life, Kirby’s Dream Collection is conveniently left off the list. I certainly understand it’s just a re-packaging of some games that already exist, however, the fact that it’s coming out at all, especially in its collector’s edition form, is really quite spectacular. I feel as if it’s doing the game, and the Wii in general, somewhat of an injustice by not making mention of its upcoming release. So start talking about it already!! ;]

    <3cast 4 life.

    • 45 points
      Georebel64 says...

      I am on the same boat. When I saw Code of Princess for the first time I thought it was awesome. When they finally announced it for the US thanks to Atlus it shot straight to the top of my most anticipated 3ds game for this fall. I am shocked this game does not have more buzz around it. I will gladly join you to hack and slash our way through it.

  • 45 points
    Georebel64 says...

    Thanks Megabusterlegends and Evan for the info on The Last Story. It will definetely help me on my decision making on whether to buy it or not, which I probably will. Great episode. Harmoknight sounds like a pretty awesome platforming game. I am not a fan of rhythm games too much, sorry Noah!, but I am a fan of platformers so maybe blending the two will be my cup of tea. I am very happy to see developers try out new IP on the eshop. I think it makes a whole lot of sense for both gamers and publishers. We can try out new IPs without having to spend 50 dollars on an unknown brand and publishers can try something new without having to break the bank. I bought Pushmo, Mutant Mudds, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai and many more and loved them all, especially Dillon. I hope they keep these new IP’s coming to the eshop and judging by the games recently announced like Fractured Soul and Yatagarasu, they are.

  • 120 points
    NinSage says...

    Hey Heartcast, how’s shakes?

    I love the Layton games, the Professor as a character, and I Noah’s recognition that he is one of the few male leads who doesn’t have to rely on violence or aggression. Instead, he is a “true gentleman.”

    My wife and I were Luke (well, Lucy) and Layton for a Halloween party a few years ago. Not the most impressive costumes, but its the thought that counts, right? =)

    Never heard the term “snackable game” before but it fits perfect. I plan to use that phrase a lot in the future =P

    DQ9 is great but I do think there is a high barrier of entry. You really do have to push through a bit to get to “the good stuff.”

    I just completed Rhythm Thief and got all the unlockables a few days ago. Man, there were two games that I thought I would never get A-rank on. But once I got a better idea of what the game was asking me to do, I was able to pull them off. That is one downside to the game… all the mini-games are extremely doable, but you have to know what the game is asking for and it often doesn’t do the best job explaining that.

    I REALLY hope it gets a sequel – I may seriously be moved to tears if this is the last adventure of Phantom R. No spoilers, but the ending clearly opens the door for more adventures. Unfortunately, like you, Noah, I am getting the impression that no one else bought this amazing game =(

    I don’t see the fact that it is becoming a free-to-play iOS game in Japan as a good sign at all. =,(

    Can’t wait for the next ep. Later, gents!

  • 33 points
    Devil_Survivor says...

    Greetings and salutation Evan and Noah!,

    A wondrous once again like always, keep it up. I was thinking maybe we could play Mario Kart Wii because I actually have that game lol. I have a fun story to tell you that recently happened to me, I recently had my Wii mailed to me from Canada to Korea and in all the excitement I forgot that Korea uses a different voltage for its wall sockets and I blew a fuse in my Wii and had to have it repaired :(. Its back now with a new Korean power cord and works great.

    A comment on those iOS versions of Layton and rhythm thief. Like most iOS games that are ports or new versions of other games are usually crap or low rent versions of those games, so I would except the same from these two.

    I wanted get your thoughts on a next generation console that was recently held on a podcast I listen to. So the three hosts made various predictions about what would happen, but all three were united in saying the Wii U would finish last, and one host said it would out right fail and Nintendo would never make another console period. Now this podcast isn’t a game podcast really, its main focus is robot anime from Japan, so I wouldn’t call these three experts on the video industry. For me, I say less see what Sony and Microsoft have in their cannons before making predictions like that. I really think Wii U will not be the last Nintendo console because they finished in 3rd place before, in fact in two of the last three generations they were not first. So what do u think?

    P.S., I’m free to play games on the weekends, the time between you and me is between 12-14 hours depending where u are on the East Coast of North America.

  • 177 points
    AceIcarus says...

    Lately I,ve been thinking of the games i want on wii u but will never see right now the one i want is swat 4 an old pc game after watching a lets play of it i felt it would be a good fit for the wii u controler great show as allways im dieing too learn the details of the wii u lastly i hope we can get this community in to some multi player games.

    • 177 points
      AceIcarus says...

      Oh i forgot to mention i willl get animal crossing if one other comits to getting it while i never played a game in the series before the social aspect added to the 3ds is what put me over the edge

  • 36 points
    Chad says...

    Working on adding each of you…


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