Week: End Game: On 02.25.2012

What’s the staff playing this weekend?

By Dustin Grissom. Posted 02/25/2012 17:00 2 Comments     ShareThis

After a long week of school, work, and reading Nintendojo (right?), it’s finally time to unwind and play some video games! This is Week: End Game: On, where we tell you, the reader, what we’ve been up to in the gaming world for the past week, but it doesn’t end there! We’d love to here what you have been playing this week, and plan to play this weekend, in the comments below!

Mel Turnquist

After finally medaling in every Rhythm Heaven Fever mini game, I will now be spending time trying to get perfects in each game. This could take a very very long time. The Love Rap is frustrating the crap out of me and Remix 10 is unforgiving. I’ll also be playing some Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, which I haven’t gotten very far in because I keep getting pissed off when characters get killed off. All I want to do is just restart all the time, especially when my favorites end up kicking it. One day I will finish it dammit!

I’ll also probably be playing up some Kirby too while I’m at it.

Katharine Byrne

Three words: The Last Story.

Three more words: Europe is lucky!

Andrew Hsieh

You know, even though Dead or Alive Dimensions is part of a series that is known more for its, hmm, generously endowed female characters than its actual mechanics, it turns out that it’s actually pretty fun! While I’m fairly decent with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, I’m pretty hopeless at Dead or Alive Dimensions— though I’m trying my best to be halfway as good as I am on SSFIV3D. (What an initialism!) The endless cascade of figures continues tokeep me playing, as well as the costumes that unlock one by one, day by day via SpotPass. It’s keeping me hostage, I tell you. Hostage.

And actually, Tekken 3D Prime Edition will probably occupy me in some way this weekend as well, despite its unfortunate dearth of game modes. It’s just that I can’t stand to be as terrible at a fighting game as I am at Tekken 3D— it’s my first time playing any game at the series, and I can’t keep up with how crazy hi-octane it is! But I’m trying. Watch as I continue to suck.

Maybe I’ll just watch the movie?

Nicolas Vestre

I’ve taken a little break from Link’s Awakening DX for the past few days, but I plan to get right back into it this weekend. I just reached Catfish’s Maw, and it’s probably going to be the first dungeon in the game that I’ll have significant trouble with. Just in case I get stuck, I’ll keep a copy of my file at the beginning of the dungeon, in case starting over gets me thinking on the right track. Also, for some reason I always want to save the game the old-fashioned way, which means pressing A, B, Select, and Start all at once– not very easy on a 3DS!

During my little break from Zelda, I took up Super Mario 64 for the first time in over five years. Mario’s first 3D adventure was actually the first Virtual Console game I downloaded when I got Wii on launch day. So far, I have over 30 Power Stars and haven’t even fought the first Bowser yet. My style of playing is to get every star possible in an area before I continue. Considering I’ve only collected every star in the DS version of the game, I’m looking forward to getting all 120.

And after I do take on the first Bowser, I’ll switch to Sly 2 from The Sly Collection on PS3. I’ve just started the third chapter, and the first thing I’ll do is collect all the clue bottles, so I can unlock the safe as son as possible. Who knows, though– I could end up playing Link’s Awakening DX for the whole weekend!

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    lukas85 says...

    I have thhe most amazing day of videogaming, I started Super Mario Bros 3 on the Mario All-Stars special 25 anniversary edition today at 5pm and just finished at midnight. The first time i played this game was 19 years ago, and today was the first time i beat it. I played with a friend, and i have to say that this game is an absolute work of art, i think its my favourite mario game of all time. What a blast!

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    NintendoDad says...

    Well, it finally happened. The Wii I’ve had since 2 months after launch will no longer read discs. Actually, I was kind of lucky since I just finished up 3 months playing Skyward Sword Friday, and as I started my quest in Fishing Resort on Saturday, I began to have problems. It won’t read any discs now so the console is on its way to Nintendo tomorrow.

    So that leaves the 3DS for me to play. I’ll be playing mostly Resident Evil: Revelations, a little Pushmo, and a little Legend of Starfy.

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