Top Ten: Nintendo Vehicles

Which are the best vehicles in the land of Nintendo? Find out in this week’s Top Ten!

By Joseph Nelson. Posted 07/04/2012 14:30 Comment on this     ShareThis

Masthead Top Ten Vehicles

2. The Battleship Halberd, from the Kirby series

Battleship Halberd screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Just look at that beautiful behemoth. Operating as Meta-Knight’s flagship, the Halberd is often depicted as being different sizes, in one game being about the size of King Dedede’s Castle. Like most of the starships on this list, it is capable of atmospheric and deep space flight, capable of crossing 900 light years in a matter of minutes– but it can also operate when submerged in water (Hey, it’s a SHIELD Helicarrier!) It was originally powered by solar energy directed into its reactor, which just happens to be its own defence system (guarded by lasers, robotic arms and FIRE) as well as being indestructible (except if it shoots itself) Since then it has been remodelled, so that it runs off the energy created by Wheelies (a minor Kirby villain) housed in generators, but that sounds a bit like slave labour to me. It also has wings, but these could serve as backup propulsion.

The hull of the Halberd is laden with weapons galore, the main force of which are its two cannons, capable of firing lasers and cannonballs. There are smaller cannons on almost every arc of the ship, varying in design, but able to shoot down aircraft, fire pulsing energy blasts, and even able to pinpoint a warp star at maximum velocity (*gasp*). It’ defence seems to be composed mainly of offensive weaponry, with one of its main cannons having ARMS THAT HIT YOU, as well as two Heavy Lobster Mechs, which are essentially giant robot lobsters that shoot fire, have claws and give birth to mini versions of itself which also hurt you.

This majestic craft, much like Bowser’s Airship and Samus Aran’s Gunship, has a large image of its pilot on its bow, presumably to let everyone know who is on board, and just how badly they are going to kick your ass. Of course, it is entirely unnecessary, this leviathan could probably blot out the sun with it’s silhouette, and is quite feasibly capable of taking on an Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars.

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