Top Ten: Games We’d Like to See Reimagined in HD

Robin explores which Nintendo games deserve a high definition reimagining!

By Robin Wilde. Posted 10/03/2012 14:00 6 Comments     ShareThis

8-bit HD Mario masthead

6. Pikmin

GameCube – December 2, 2001

Speaking at E3 2012, Shigeru Miyamoto said that a key issue with Pikmin was with positioning the camera. On one hand, he wanted each Pikmin to be visible, but the player needed to be able to see their surroundings as well. The upcoming sequel, Pikmin 3 would be the perfect time to bring back the adorable, yet entirely vicious vegetables– improved resolution means that Miyamoto could have the best of both worlds, and give the textures and models a boost as well. Running around a garden with an army of tiny, sentient plants was magical enough first time round. A garden that looks real would be even better.

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6 Responses to “Top Ten: Games We’d Like to See Reimagined in HD”

  • 183 points
    Williaint says...

    I downloaded Super Mario 64 last weekend, because I had somehow lost the original… (I still have the box…)
    In any case, I can remember back when I first played it, how amazing it was!
    The Not having the C-stick above the buttons feels really weird.

    • 183 points
      Williaint says...

      I’d also like to mention: If Windwaker is remade, I think it should have a complete re-hall of it’s system. I loved being able to use anything as a weapon. I loved Beedle (And tingle). I think there should have been a pirate-esque feature, in that you can conquer larger vessels, to go faster…
      I don’t think just making an HD version with Wii-control would be good enough…

  • 849 points
    ejamer says...

    Is Xenoblade Chronicles too recent to wish for an HD remake? One of my favorite games in a long, looong time… but the one weakness that can be pinned on this beautiful and ambitious game would be the graphics. Improve the textures, make the character models smoother and more realistic, get rid of pop-in all over the place, and maybe smooth out some of the rough spots in the environments. These changes would turn an incredible game into a sublime experience.

    Then again, do I really need to get sucked in for another 100+ hours? Does this game really need to be more beautiful than it already is?

    • 7 points
      Katharine Byrne says...

      I’d buy it, ejamer! An HD Xenoblade… now that’s something I’d definitely like to see!

      • 1244 points
        lukas85 says...

        YES! Im at the end of the game (think so) im 82 hours into it, its by far the best game i have played this year, the best rpg i played this generation and my seconf favorite rpg of all-time, only behind final fantasy VII. Xenoblade is amazing, and i would love to see an hd version of it. Its a no-brainer.

        Im dreaming about a sequel or something in the xenoblade world on wiiU, please Monolith/ Nintendo make it happen!.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    I would like to see on hd.

    Mario galaxy 1 & 2
    Metroid prime trilogy
    Twilight princess
    Resident evil 4
    Rogue squadron II
    Wave Race Blue Storm
    F-zero Gx

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