Nintendo Heartcast Episode 030: Wrath of Evan

Discussing Mass Effect and EA on Wii U gets some heated discussion, but our feelings on Wii U’s launch lineup are all good.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 10/04/2012 09:00 9 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 030: Wrath of Evan

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 030: Wrath of Evan

Noah riles Evan up with talk on Mass Effect and EA, but we have happy thoughts on Wii U’s launch lineup.

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Recording Date
October 3, 2012

Noah and Evan

Show Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:01 The Next Game with Us…es
00:05:17 Player Input: Cave Story 3DS Impressions
00:11:08 Wii U’s Confirmed Launch Lineup Compared to Others’
00:36:51 Rage Time: Mass Effect Trilogy, Nintendo Mini Directs, Not a Gamer
00:50:34 Not Rage: 3DS XL Limited Editions
00:53:54 Listener Feedback
01:10:31 Conclusion
01:11:24 Credits
01:13:13 Total Length


9 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast Episode 030: Wrath of Evan”

  • 69 points
    hattori says...

    I didn’t really expect EA to do the right thing, these are the same people that created online passes, and as of now is about to release FIFA 13 (aka rebadge FIFA 12 with literally just a roster update) and selling it full price. I’m still going to get Mass Effect 3, but not at the launch window and definitely as a used game. In regards to resellers selling the Wii U at a markup price, nothing personal, but I really think it’s a very unethical thing to do, you are taking stocks away from people that want it the most. As always, very good show.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    I have one thing to say ….
    Thank you Nintendo, I love you sooooo much!
    *Skips away merrily*

  • 849 points
    ejamer says...

    Re: Unrequited friend-code love

    You aren’t alone. It’s also one of my personal peeves when people throw their code on a webpage and never look back. I’ve got at least a dozen non-reciprocating “friends” who were nearly dropped this morning after a week of waiting… Patience: not one of my strong suits.

  • 75 points
    Rawbiz says...

    Evan I couldn’t agree more about EA as of now I won’t be purchasing any EA product.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Evan your Wrath is justified, im so mad at EA. I have a ps3, and i really reaaaaallyyyy wanted to play all mass effect games, but after this DUMB thing im not gonna support any of your products, the only way im playing this game is on a trilogy on wiiU.

  • 849 points
    ejamer says...

    I’m not angry at EA, per se, but wonder who they expect Mass Effect 3 to sell to on Wii U?

    People who want to experience the franchise for the first time are better off waiting for a trilogy release or simply buying on a different platform. People who have already played the games and want a “deluxe” edition might be well served buying on Wii U… but even then it doesn’t make sense to start with the third and least popular game in the trilogy. After all, a major selling point for the franchise is that your decisions and actions carry over from game to game.

    The decision to release Mass Effect 3 was questionable initially, but on Nintendo systems we sometimes accept any third party support as a good thing. Now that we know all other major platforms are getting a trilogy version for the same price, some releasing before the Wii U game comes out, it’s completely baffling.

  • 177 points
    AceIcarus says...

    I,ll be adding the newcomers shortly. personaly I preffer the retail remake of cave story. As for Pokemon now that the new one is out im waiting on the new stadium. BTW you forgot to mention the pikachu 3ds xl

  • 33 points
    Devil_Survivor says...

    Oh EA sometimes I really hate you lol.

    Hi guys!

    I have some questions for and I hope you can answer them for me:

    1. Do you know if its possible to streetpass with a 3DS from a different region than yours?

    2. Do you play PC games at all? Do you think its better than consoles, like some PC elitists lol? I went youtube and typed in “PC gaming” what came up a bunch of troll videos by PC elitists saying PC is so much better than consoles.For my part, there are advantages for both in my mind and It really pisses my off that fanboys of PC and consoles act like one is so much better than the other, when in reality both have upsides and downsides.

    3. What’s your view on the delay of Rayman Legends until early 2013?

    4.Is Nintendo eventually going to have all their retail games as digital downloads?


    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      I can answer your first and fourth questions. When I went to Disney world, I streetpassed people from all over, and the Mii Plaza acknowledges every region you come across. So far, I have passed people from Japan, France, Brazil, and Australia. I think it’s pretty safe to say Streetpass is region free.

      As for the retail games as downloads, I’m not sure if Nintendo will continue the day and date downloads, but I love that they are bringing out older games as downloads. If they start releasing games like Pilotwings and Steel Diver at Premium download prices (10 bucks, more or less), I would totally pick them up. I already know ill be picking up Star Fox as a download. It works better as a pick up and play download title as it is.

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