Poll: DS on VC

Which DS game would you like to see come to Wii U’s Virtual Console?

By Kevin Knezevic. Posted 04/21/2015 07:00 10 Comments     ShareThis

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Wii U’s Virtual Console may have gotten off to a rather slow start, but the service has finally amassed a respectable library of titles. From NES and SNES classics to Game Boy Advance and even a small handful of Wii games, Wii U’s virtual offerings have improved significantly over the course of the past year. Now, with the long-awaited addition of Nintendo 64 and DS games to the service, the console has become home to some of the finest games in Nintendo’s entire history.

While the addition of N64 games is certainly good news for fans of classic Nintendo titles, its the Virtual Console debut of DS games that have us most excited. Unlike the former platform, this is the first time that DS games have been available to purchase in downloadable form, and the handheld’s immense library (which includes some of Nintendo’s most creative output in the past decade) makes it a veritable gold mine. With so many options to choose from, which of Nintendo’s DS games would you most like to see added to Wii U’s Virtual Console? Cast your vote in our poll below, and if we missed your personal favorite (which is very likely considering the breadth of titles that were released for DS), be sure to tell us in the comments!

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10 Responses to “Poll: DS on VC”

  • 66 points
    haruhi4 says...

    touch detective please ^^

  • 285 points
    Kyle England says...

    The choice is obvious: An American release of Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

  • 784 points
    Marc Deschamps says...

    Oddly enough, I want Super Mario 64 DS. I never really cared for the game’s touch or D-Pad controls, but it had updated graphics and new content. With the Wii U’s joystick, it might end up being the best version of Mario 64!

    • 285 points
      Kyle England says...

      I was so psyched Yoshi and Wario had their appearances in a true 3D Mario game. But the Snowball minigame in SM64DS was single-handedly responsible for so many touch screen scratches on my original DS… I was a bit overzealous with the stylus I suppose.

  • 1558 points
    penduin says...

    Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent would be most welcome. I didn’t get into most Mega Man spinoffs at the time, but have since come to really enjoy the X series and would like to try ZX too.

    Best DS game ever is WarioWare DIY, and Metroid Prime Hunters would be fascinating to play on Wii U, but I’m not holding my breath for any DS games which had internet features…

  • 819 points
    Toadlord says...

    Honestly I bet we’ll see most of the ones listed, which is and awesome prospect.

    My vote went to get more Advance Wars, since I just experienced the first game on Wii U’s virtual console.

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    Now that we know the Wii U can successfully run DS games, I’m still waiting for a USB adaptor to plug a real DS cart into the console and play as a “virtual console” game that way.

  • 745 points
    OG75 says...

    Before unleashing the DS library, I’d like the North American virtual console to get Metroid: Zero Mission.

    For DS games: How about Konami give us their 3 Castlevanias from the DS? They would compliment my 3 GBA Vanias (and my 3 NES & two SNES Vanias as well!) Talk about your one-stop console for vampire slaying.

    Would love to see Contra 4, Metroid Prime Pinball and Okamiden as well.

  • 459 points
    Drew Ciccotelli says...

    This is further proving that the Wii U is a just a giant DS. Expect mind-blowing sales to follow in the coming months.

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