The Best 3DS Games of 2014

3DS remained the system to beat in 2014, but which games rose above the rest?

By Robert Marrujo. Posted 01/05/2015 15:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

We’re pulling back the curtain this week on Nintendojo’s choices for the best titles of 2014, and first up will be our take on the top 3DS games of 2014! 3DS continues to be a powerhouse console with some of the best titles in the industry, and 2014 was no exception. From Yoshi’s New Island to Tomodachi Life, the handheld was rife with creative and fun games to play. It was no easy task, but after considerable thought and deliberation, and without further ado, here are the best of the best on 3DS from last year!


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

If 2013 was stuffed with incredible 3DS software, it’s hard to describe the wealth of games the handheld was host to in 2014. Looking at some of the other games below that were in contention for the top spot, there will doubtlessly be debate as to which was potentially more deserving than Super Smash Bros., but we feel completely comfortable naming it number one. The only thing diminutive about this portable take on Nintendo’s stalwart fighting series is the screen the game is played on. Smash Bros. is as content-rich as any of the home console versions, practically bursting at the seams with features and modes. Play control is precise as ever, boasting improvements over Brawl that include the removal of tripping and a faster playing speed. It’s easy to go on and on about everything that Smash Bros. does right, so to put it succinctly– pound for pound, this game is worth its weight in gold. Impossible to put down, nearly infinite replay value, and some of the best Nintendo fan service in the world make Smash Bros. the ultimate 3DS game of 2014.


Bravely Default

Representing Square Enix’s triumphant return to the style of JRPGs that made the company famous, Bravely Default hearkens back to the glory days of series like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. A lengthy and engaging narrative is complimented by an enjoyable cast of characters who pull players right into the story. Its potent visuals and soundtrack, combined with a unique battle system, make Bravely Default a JRPG for the ages. A classic in its infancy, Bravely Default is not to be missed by any fan of the genre, or those looking to wet their feet with a JRPG for the first time.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Like a fine wine, Pokémon seems to keep getting better with age. Refinements to the battle system, overworld traveling, and online interactions continue to be made with each new installment, even if said installment is a remake. Such is the case with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which are reinterpretations of Game Boy Advance’s Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Retaining the core storyline, titular Pokémon, and gameplay of the originals from which they’re based, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also bring the upgraded visuals and innovations that were introduced with 2013’s Pokémon X and Y. Arguably the definitive versions of Ruby and Sapphire, Pokéfanatics of all ages owe it to themselves to give these games a look.


Kirby Triple Deluxe

Kirby’s debut on 3DS, Kirby Triple Deluxe is a traditional 2D platforming romp spiced up by its unique use of the 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D effect. Kirby pops in and out of the background and foreground throughout the adventure, which provides some very clever twists to battles and puzzles. Joined with a couple of excellent minigames in King Dedede Drum Dash and Kirby Fighters, this is the whole pink puffball package that Kirby fans have been waiting for.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Developer Atlus’s Persona franchise finally made its Nintendo debut in 2014, and it was glorious. Mixing characters and elements of Persona with the dungeon crawling of Etrian Odyssey, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a fantastic pairing of the best of both series. The cast is incredibly memorable, the voice acting is top tier, and the production values are simply sublime. With implementation of the 3DS touch screen and a deep battling system, Persona Q will keep players on the edge of their seats for hours on end.


Do you agree with our choices? Vote for which game you think should be number one, or choose “Other” and tell us in the comments below!

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