Brock’s Valentines

How many valentines will Brock be sending? How many beautiful women has he met?

By James Stank. Posted 02/11/2011 12:00 3 Comments     ShareThis

Let’s be honest. Brock’s had a rough couple of years. He goes on all of these adventures with Ash to distant lands, falls in love with every girl he sees, and yet doesn’t have a girlfriend. Whether its Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, or Spring and Summer from Sinnoh, Brock has a long list of girls that he’d send valentines to. Let’s check out a few of them.

Nurse Joy

The instant Brock saw her, he fell deeply in love. How could he not? Joy is a beautiful nurse with pink hair whose love for Pokémon has to rival that of his own. Cooking and caring for Pokémon are two things that Brock is known for, so this seems like it’d be a match made in heaven. Not to mention that there are Joys in every single town, and they all look virtually identical, except to Brock. His eye for women is so keen, that he is able to notice even the tiniest difference in each Joy. Why should Brock settle for any one of them, when he can send valentines to all of them? After all, a hundred Joys are better than one.

Officer Jenny

Ah, Officer Jenny. The task of protecting the Pokémon world falls to her, though she isn’t very effective at it. Her beauty can only be rivaled by that of Joy; and like Joy, Jenny can be found in every Pokémon town. Again, like the Joys, each Jenny appears to be the same officer, but Brock can tell the difference. Brock has even helped the Jennys on multiple occasions, by helping in the fight against Team Rocket and the other groups of criminals. Despite his help, his actions have gotten him nowhere with Jenny. He hasn’t even landed a single date. But why should he be discouraged? There are many Jennys all over the world. Surely one of them would like to be his valentine. If he’s lucky, maybe more than one; that’s why he’ll send a valentine to every one of them, just to be safe.

Spring and Summer

Brock first came across Spring and Summer during his journey with Ash through the land of Sinnoh. Brock would tell you that Spring and Summer are the cutest girls he’s ever seen, and better yet, they’re sisters. But that’s not all. They also work together at a Maid Café. That’s right, Spring and Summer are in full maid gear while they’re at work, so it’s easy to see why Brock would be obsessed with them. Unfortunately for Brock, the two girls have a younger sister, named Autumn, and she is the only one crazy for him. Poor Brock. Once again, he just can’t catch a break. But he needs to stay positive. Spring and Summer will both be getting valentines from him.

Lily, Daisy and Violet (Misty’s sisters)

What was the first thing that Brock noticed upon entering Viridian City? An advertisement for an underwater ballet, by none other than Misty’s sisters. While Brock may have no interest in Misty, the same certainly can’t be said for her sisters. Brock probably sees them as more adult, and more womanlike. It doesn’t seem as though he has a favorite, as he seems to gawk whenever he sees any of them. Misty’s sisters run the Viridian City gym, though they would rather dress as mermaids and dance in the water than fight, which is a win in Brock’s book. Brock knows that Misty would never let him date any of her sisters, so he’ll have to be extra careful when he sends those valentines.


Erika is the gym leader of Celadon City, and her perfume had Brock infatuated with her the moment he stepped into town. While it’s been awhile since Brock and Erika have seen each other, there is no way he has forgotten the scent of her perfume. Erika is a cute girl with dark blue hair, who likes to wear kimonos, and Brock probably likes girls that wear kimonos, so this is a win-win for him. While Erika probably forgot his name a long time ago, Brock wouldn’t mind being under her spell one more time. Maybe if he sprays the valentine with the cologne he was wearing when he met her, she’ll remember who he is. He’s got nothing to lose.


Brock first meets Rochelle in Johto after he accidentally tries to help Ash catch one of her Donphans. Immediately upon seeing her, Brock knew he was in love. Rochelle is a tough girl, and he’s a tough guy. It must have been a match made in heaven, but alas, soon Rochelle was gone and Brock never saw her again. But this doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about her, or the necklace she was wearing when she met him. Team Rocket once captured one of her Donphans, and maybe if Brock can show Rochelle that he is still fighting them, he’ll earn himself a date. That’s one more valentine on the way.

Nicole and Rita

These two sisters run a flower shop in Hoenn, along with their younger sister, Natalie. Naturally, upon seeing Nicole and Rita, Brock is in awe of their beauty, and wastes no time in flirting with them. Nicole and Rita are cute girls that each know how to get work done. Nicole is a good cook and makes a mean Oran Berry pie, while Rita is tougher and handles the maintenance needs of the shop. Unfortunately for Brock yet again, these two sisters aren’t interested in him, But Natalie is. However, Brock has insane determination, and he isn’t going to let prior failures with these sisters hinder future success. Brock thinks that if he sends some pie of his own, along with some new piping, he’ll have a date with each of them for sure.

Pike Queen Lucy

Lucy also comes from the land of Hoenn, and is the Frontier Brain of Battle Pike. She has black and red hair and red eyes, with extreme confidence only matched by her extreme beauty. Lucy is one of the few girls in the Pokémon world that actually returns Brock’s feelings. As it turns out, she has a crush on him because she loves Pokémon with squinty eyes, but do you think Brock cares? Hell no! Lucy loves Brock and that’s good enough for him. She’s also a really tough Pokémon trainer that only focuses on attacking. Brock wanted Lucy to join him on his journey through Hoenn, but Lucy ended up staying behind. At the end of the episode, Lucy blushes when she tells her Pokémon that she met someone that reminded her of them, so clearly, those feelings are still there for Brock. He may have been taken away from Lucy once, but he’s not going to let that happen again! He will personally hand-deliver this valentine!

Well, we know that Brock is sending valentines to all of them, but what if you were Brock, and could only send a few? Who would they be? Lucy, Spring, and Nicole are my top 3, with Lucy probably being 1. I know Brock wouldn’t be able to narrow it down even that far!

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