Nintendo Heartcast 013: E3 2012 Predictions

Nearly two hours’ worth of Wii U hardware and game predictions for E3 2012– and a little love for 3DS.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 05/30/2012 08:00 20 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 013: E3 2012 Predictions

Nintendo Heartcast Episode 013: E3 2012 Predictions

Evan and Noah run down a slew of E3 2012 predictions for Wii U hardware and games, and even a little 3DS thoughts. Let us know which you think will prove true.

You can send in feedback to showmail at nintendojo dot com, or! You can also leave a comment below!

Recording Date
May 28, 2012

Evan and Noah

00:00:00 Introduction and Heartcast Status
00:16:02 E3 2012 Predictions for Wii U and 3DS
01:53:00 Conclusion
01:55:51 Credits
01:57:41 Total Length


20 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast 013: E3 2012 Predictions”

  • 156 points
    Linkrevenge says...

    Correction: Star Fox 64 3D does not have wifi support. Your not starting from scratch being backward compatible with Wii games. I would hope Nintendo would enable virtual games transfer. Come on, if Samus invaded a space base and Stat Fox took to space to help outside. I agree that spreading the Star Fox IP around has not help… Pikmin is still fresh to me and is coming out on E3… I think its too early when Sakurai just finished with Kid Icarus uprising for anything. You watch others race online with the Mario Kart seven. There has been rumored to be Android operating system. Where was the denouncement of this rumor?

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Great. Weekly show, good to know you hear our requests.

    2 tablet controller is absolutely neccesary.
    I’m fine with the WiiU name, i agree with you, is a strong brand and Nintendo will sitck with it.
    Multitouch its not very necesary for videogames, maybe for web browsing.
    I really hope nintendo to show star fox, its about time!
    I rather see retro on a new metroid, zelda should stay a ead dveloped game,besides i think is too soon for another zelda, at least on a home console, i would like a 2d sidescrolling zelda on 3ds.
    Havent play Xenoblade but a new Xenoblade for wiiU with such graphical powers..just, wow.
    Mario galaxy 3 PLEASE!!!
    Super Smash video showing the new foes, Megaman and Cloud, yes Ffvii cloud with his final smash Omnislash!

    5 days for e3!!! My head is about to expl………

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      Good point, Mario 3D platformers don’t take as long to develop, and it is very possible that Nintendo has managed to produce another one since Mario Galaxy 2. Though I would expect a more early version though, even if it were to be announced this E3, I still think it wouldn’t be released until next fiscal year, at least. Plus, I would think a new 3D Mario game would have been mentioned to investors if it were coming out by this March.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    I Forgot F-Zero! I think we will see it on wiiu on this e3. And its going to be the fastest racer ever!

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      Yah, Sony fans are constantly begging me to try Wipeout, but those games become less and less enjoyable at higher speeds thanks to the loose “realistic” controls. I’m sure its possible to play well with it, but it isn’t the fast twitch based racing that F-Zero is known for. I mean, it has flippin’ power ups! F-Zero never needed no stinking power ups!

  • 261 points
    JasonMaivia says...

    Weekly Podcasts!
    My earholes are ready.

  • 261 points
    JasonMaivia says...

    The RPG modes in the earlier Mario Tennis games gave us something unique to do other than just playing tennis (which is nice). It’s sorta like the “story” mode in Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Sluggers (Mario Tennis did it better), or like Sega’s Virtua Tennis games, you’re given many ways to customize your player’s attributes and style.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a good tennis game with online play, but the RPG story mode was one of THE reasons why some people played those early Mario Tennis games and could have been added and released later. It totally expanded the game and gave single-player gamers something to do when no buddies were around to play.

    Story modes have played a big part in other games, like wrestling, fighting, shooting, beat’em ups, and others. For many gamers, many video games aren’t bought exclusively for the local and online multi-player modes.

    With Mario Tennis Open, LOTS of fans were expecting something equal to or exceeding what was presented to them in the other handheld games. Not wanting an RPG mode is fine. It was never forced on the player, and it could have been the same with the 3DS version.

    How disappointing.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I picked up Mario Tennis Open. I would love it if you guys do a community night. I’ve barely played it. I also finally got KIU as well. playing through that first. The only MT game I played was on my brother’s VB so I have no thoughts on the RPG mode. I just wanna play some 3D tennis online.

    In regards to Zelda…here is my Retro dream/prediction. Retro is doing a Zelda spin off that plays more like Dark Souls…I doubt it but that’s what I dream of at night.

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      Hmmm, maybe not exactly like Dark Souls. If it’s going to be a crossover (though Metroid and Star Fox is debunked), I would think Zelda/Fire Emblem or Zelda/Kid Icarus is more likely, the former being more of a strategy game or the later being more action heavy. Otherwise, I would want to play a Zelda spin-off that delves deeper into the more complex combat mechanics of Wind Waker, what with the parrying and the different sword strikes. I can just imagine a Zelda where Link’s weapons are integrated smoothly with his combat, where he can follow a sword strike with an arrow to the face, while he lassos another enemy with a grapple claw….. That would be SO SWEET!

      • 1244 points
        lukas85 says...

        Good idea, the combat in zelda could use some improovement by using another items as main weapons and changing items easily or maybe combine them to use combos or extra damage to enemies, like combining the bow with thhe fire arrows but with other items. I like a zelda/mario aproach, in skyward sword we saw some of this but i would like to see link finally with a jump button and able to perform more acrobatic stuff, and maybe solve puzzles not in an enviromental way but more in a physical way. That combined with a more flexible combat like you said would be pure bliss.

        • 576 points
          MegabusterLegends3 says...

          Ooh, you see, that is something that would make Zelda feel fresh to me, and something I could see Retro doing fabulously, if that were to happen. If Link could do more with his toolbox outside of use them seperately, that would be awesome! Twilight Princess let you attach bombs to your arrows to make explosives. And in Skyward Sword, Bombs and your Beetle could work together to ambush enemies from above. What if someone were to take that a step further and let you combine other items?
          Bow and Arrow + Grappling Hook could let you string tight ropes between gaps.
          Lense of Truth + Bow and Arrow could become a sort of homing arrow.
          Sword + Grappling Hook could make a cool lasso!
          Spinner + Gale Boomerang could give you upward momentum by riding the wind.
          The possibilities are endless!
          Also, it’d be nice if Link could use arrows and things while hanging. I found myself wanting to do that a lot in Skyward Sword.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Whooooooaaaaah, has it been a long time!

    And to think it’s been more than a year since I came on here evangelizing Megaman Legends 3 Prototype as the eShop game to watch….. Yeeeaaaah, that didn’t work out so well.

    Anyways, whatever Retro is doing, I know I’ll love it. They have a flair for cinematic and polished graphics that even First Party Nintendo games haven’t quite matched, so as long as Nintendo didn’t pull a Microsoft(with Rare) and put their best development team on Wii U Sports, I know I’ll be super excited by whatever they do.

    I do wonder if we’ll see any of these previous Japanese game’s announced as being localised. But seeing as most of the ones I am looking forward to (Lost Planet EX Troopers, Project X Zone, Monster Hunter 3G/4, Pheonix Wright) are Capcom games, and Capcom already has stated they will have no Nintendo games playable, my hopes aren’t that high….

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    I think its interesting to see someone be so against Retro Studios doing Star Fox. You guys brought up Kid Icarus as an example of “re-imagining” a long dormant franchise. I think that when you guys think of Retro doing a Star Fox game, you are assuming that it would be an arcade-y space shooter. I agree, having Retro work on this kind of game would be a waste of their resources. However, if Retro were to re-imagine Star Fox (as it went with Kid Icarus) it would be a different story. As far as I see it, Star Fox as an on-rails space shooter has been dormant for 15 years, so the situation is the same.
    The Star Fox I imagine Retro doing would be more of a third person action game, where Arwing combat will be a part of but not the core of the gameplay. Instead, the fighting prowess Fox and his pals display in Smash Bros. (where most players are going to recognize Fox from, anyway)would be brought to the fore. If they are hiring from Naughty Dog, they might be looking to emulate the satisfying melee combat and (at the very least, functional) gunplay (or laserplay, if you will) of Uncharted 3. I don’t know why they would want a piece of Darksiders, since I’ve never played it.

    Of course, Retro is probably just going to short circuit our brains by announcing Mother 4 or Ice Climbers: The Next Generation, so I don’t know why I even bother …..

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    SO MANY COMMENTS! I have to set aside some time to get into these but for now I want to say thank you! We are so psyched up for E3… I can’t wait to see what’s announced in just a few short days…

    • 1244 points
      lukas85 says...

      your welcome, also if you made the login process more easy im pretty sure more people would comment on the site, but for example, everyday i have to go to my email acount to check the pasword that you assign, and is very boring, but i do it anyway because i appreciate your efforts and i like the site.

  • 138 points
    MaStEr Of SaNdZ says...

    Nintendo can really powerhouse the 3rd party support on stage at E3 (Maybe even putting smartphone games and getting garage devs on board on Wii U?). Nintendo has a chance to surprise people but all we gotta do is wait!

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    its almost here!!!!!

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    (I posted this already, but I am reposting this here as a talking point for the show)
    Well, at least we can look at it this way. If this E3 didn’t have Retro, you can be sure that they WILL be at the next E3. And by next E3, we can be sure to see the next 3D Mario game, at least, if not new entries in some other franchises. By then we will probably see a bit more support from third parties as well. Hopefully, once the Wii U has had its launch Window, the next E3 will be Nintendo’s true hard-core first party showcase.
    Still, I can’t help but feel like Nintendo still hasn’t quite dipped their toes into the HD era quite yet. Pikmin looks, beautiful, as does Nintendo Land, but at the same time, these games lack the scope and cinematic quality we were hoping to see in Retro’s new game. Pikmin and Nintendo land, in terms of processing power, probably could have been done on the Wii, and the same goes for NSMB U and Wii U Fit. (I understand that the controller makes a difference, but I’m taking that out of the equation).
    We were hoping for a Mario, or a Zelda, or a Star Fox, that would have the scope of Uncharted or Skyrim and give something for Sony and Microsoft Elitists to chew on. I was hoping this conference would prove the other fanboys wrong. Really, all Nintendo seemed to deliver First Party-wise outside of Pikmin 3(a known quantity) for the Wii U (and 3DS as well) was Mario (NSMB U and 2, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion) and Minigame collections (Wii Fit U, Game and Wario, NintendoLand).
    ZombiU has promise, but an ancient Amiga game from Ubisoft’s primitive past doesn’t have the same pull at a Conference like E3 as Lara Croft or Naughty Dog. And the demo wasn’t quite as impressive as Watch Dogs or Splinter Cell, either. ZombiU should have been a highlight, but maybe not a main attraction. I’m sure Nintendo’s investors will be over the moon about Nintendo’s Wii U launch line-up, since they seem to be amalgamating all of Wii’s biggest successes into one small window, but “taking back the Hardcore” felt like it was a lesser priority.

  • 150 points
    Lewis Hampson says...

    @Megabuster keep em coming!! Views are always appreciated (no matter how long)

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