Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 135: Next Big Thing

We debate whether 3D visuals are really the next big thing for video games.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 03/23/2011 09:00 8 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 135: Next Big Thing

More Okamiden and Pok√©mon, plus we debate whether 3D visuals is the next big thing in games. 3DS reactions and game boxes too! What’s truly amazing is how many tangents we can hit within a half hour.

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Recording Date
March 22, 2011

Noah, James and Aaron

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:12 What We’re Playing
00:12:00 Are 3D Visuals Gaming’s Next Revolution?
00:24:44 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:34:10 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
00:35:52 Credits

00:38:01 Total Length


8 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 135: Next Big Thing”

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    Hey guys. I played 3DS at best buy. Check your local one and see if they have it. Pilot wings was cool. It feels like you can pluck the airplane out of the screen its cool. I’ll have mine by the time you read this! However, I think 3D is more a kin to rumble or some other feature that is non essential but hightens the expeirence. I’m more inclined to Noah’s point of view, but I still gotta get it. Also I agree AR is the future of handheld gaming. I’m getting it cause I always get excited for new systems. 3D is not the biggest factor for me.

    PS Noah I picked up 999 for a friend. He said he’ll lend it to me once he is done but it sounds really exciting.

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...


      • 690 points
        KisakiProject says...

        Andrew. Apparently the gentlemen that wrote the story for 999 also made a game for PC called Ever17. Its being ported to 360 in japan. I can only hope Aksys brings it here. I know there is a hard to track down translated PC version but I’m a MAC person so that doesn’t help me. But you should check it out. It sounds really compelling as well.

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    I’ve spent a few hours with the 3DS in store displays. Also, you can trick the system into doing a hard reset so you can mess around with the menu stuff by using the L, R, START, and SELECT buttons after turning SpotPass/StreetPass off and turning the power on and off. Overall, I like the 3D aspect of it; but I feel that Pilotwings is the worst demonstration of this facet. Even the top screen menu icons demonstrate the 3D better. When they replace Pilotwings with The Legend of Zelda near the end of May… that will be much better. I would have rather they had a demo reel or something than Pilotwings.

    Yup. My suspicions were correct and it verified what Noah told me about the shimmer on the screen being like the backlit GBA SP units.

    I have astigmatism and it means I have trouble focusing on things that are far away. I have learned to “see around” it. Sitting at my desk upstairs, I can look about 7 feet away at the Blu Ray shelf and read some of the spines without my glasses. I need to put my glasses on if I want to read the ones that are slim packed. Part of seeing around it is just using my head to interpret the general shapes of the letters and how they might form a word. I use this when I was working at Hastings to help me find a DVD for someone. I would go through an aisle and memorize the colors and shapes of the spines, or what was on the cover of the product. That way, I wasn’t memorizing the names so much as “this is the artwork for this item.” I can see the 3D on the 3DS just fine with or without my glasses. Most of what I want on the 3DS will be on the way in May for the eShop. (Unless there is a slight delay in it due to the rolling blackouts in part of Tokyo due to energy conservation.)

    As for Pokemon? I’ve beat the Elite 4 the first time and finished the main plot. I’m mostly collecting and breeding. I got the POKERUS from a Patrat and have been using it to build boxes of infected starters from all the generations. I also have a box of Dittos that are all infected with the POKERUS. My take on Pokemon is that it’s a deceptively deep RPG with an accessible storyline and nice collection aspects. Pokemon B&W have a great script and there are a great amount of twists in the new generation. There was a recent anime convention in Aurora called Animeland Wasabi and StarFest is coming up. Both are excellent places to try out the networking features on Pokemon B&W and the 3DS StreetPass feature. Using the C-Gear on Pokemon B&W, I got a ton of the surveys done and passed information on 60+ people and that was at a small convention. Colorado Cutthroat was there and will also be at the Kotaku Japan event tonight. I think there’s more conventions to cover than just GDC, DiCE, E3, and so forth. The Anime conventions usually have some interesting stuff related to games too. Voice Actors from games, video game music composers, artists, and sometimes indie game debuts. I think it was last year, John Carmack was at A-Kon. He was much more accessible than he is at E3. Overall, it’s worth it to check some of these smaller conventions out. Also, keep an eye out for the viral DMG Ice and Radio DMG marketing that will be seeping into areas of Denver. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

    This is a bit off topic; but it occurred to me so I should say it: I think Godwin’s Law got the fan fiction assignments.

    Also off topic: Would the mewling media have been sated if Nintendo had included a voucher with Super Mario All-Stars that allowed you a free Virtual Console download of one or more of the original versions of the included games?

    Further off topic: I think that Nintendo should release a 3DS 25th Anniversary pack for The Legend of Zelda instead of releasing one on the Wii. The 3DS one should have the Game Boy Advance version of A Link To The Past and Minish Cap in 2D, an online version of Four Swords in 2D, and a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. It should come with a highlight soundtrack, mini art book, a metal pin, and a voucher that is good for a certain amount of eShop currency that can be used to get the 3D version of The Legend of Zelda 1 or the Virtual Pocket (Sorry… CONSOLE apparently) version of Link’s Awakening.

    Back on topic sort of: League of Legends is essentially Tower Defense in pretty clothes with bells, whistles, and nothing else. It’s the FARMVILLE of tactical strategy games. Nothing wrong with that; but yeah.. that’s the best way to describe it. Okamiden is pretty cool although I would say it’s far from perfect due to the loading, which can be worse than some PSP games. It will be one of those games that benefits greatly from the 3DS Circle Pad.

    Okay! There’s some feedback and controversy for you!

    TL;DR: 3DS is cool, Pokemon is awesome, League of Legends is Farmville, and Godwin’s Law killed the dream

    • 690 points
      KisakiProject says...

      Epic dude. It was getting lonely hear without you! I also beat Pokemon white. Though I’m done now that I beat the story. Got other stuff to play instead of collecting them all.

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      It’s great to hear that you got something out of the C-Gear, Philip. Over here in the boonies of California there ain’t nothing like them nice conventions (or at least, not soon enough for people to still be playing Pokemon– okay, no, never mind, maybe, but still); I haven’t finished a single survey and honestly it’s pretty saddening. Though I’m glad there aren’t any real rewards for that, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out too much.

      … wait, or am I?

  • 162 points
    LocoBaka says...

    I am looking forward to Ninja Gaiden.

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