Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 128: From the Sick Wing

New Kirby? Count us in. NGP? Not so sure about that.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 02/02/2011 09:00 6 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 128: From the Sick Wing

Aaron deals with a recovering Evan and Noah while they react to NGP and all the latest Nintendo surprises.

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Recording Date
February 1, 2011

Noah, Aaron and Evan

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:07 What We’re Playing
00:12:08 Nintendo’s New Games and Financial Results
00:34:45 NGP Reactions
00:47:26 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:59:59 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
01:02:22 Credits

01:04:42 Total Length


6 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 128: From the Sick Wing”

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    KisakiProject says...

    Y’know I never really played or enjoyed much in the way of Kirby before Epic Yarn but after loving that game I can’t wait for this new HAL game. I’m glad that Nintendo is doing all these 2D Wii platformers. However, that being said I hope they don’t do it to much. I don’t want it to get played out. They should do some more 3D platformers as well. I feel they are getting close to the point where they are over doing it for 2D sequels. Guess I feel the same way as Noah.

    In terms of NGP the price and games of course will determine its success. Do you agree with me the back touch pad might make a huge difference? I dunno about you but I wish my DS and soon to get 3DS had that feature.

    Its interesting that Evan is playing Glory of Heracles in part because 8-4 Play localized it. Thats part of the resaon why I’m so excietd for DOA3D. I guess their podcast is working as good advertising. Maybe more game companies will do that in the future?

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    dmgice says...

    The “unnamed” source from Europe was Satoru Shibata in an aside to Eurogamer. So, it’s a disconnect.

    Listening through currently as I write this down. Can’t wait for the feedback section. hehe.

    I think the delay of the store actually has to do with Third Parties. Name a third party with an announced 3DS Ware game that has been shown to the public and will be ready by the Nintendo 3DS launch.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns is pretty great. As for the Donkey Kong games after the N64? I think Donkey Kong 64 was the crest of the awful wave that started with Donkey Kong Country 3. The other games, Donkey Konga, and the King of Swing titles weren’t bad games, they were just odd games. Nothing flat out bad like -say- Super Mario Pinball Land. Yeah, Donkey Kong usually rides in on the success of others as demonstrated by the Mario VS Donkey Kong series. Even The King of Kong went a long way in helping keep Donkey Kong in the spotlight. Clever ape.

    Also, I want to make a note about Kirby titles. The new game is apparently part of the Kirby’s Dreamland series.. which has not been seen since Kirby’s Dreamland 3 on the SNES. So, it looks like Kirby’s Dreamland 4 is coming and that is pretty great. Unless they decide to call it Kirby’s Adventure 2.. which would also be great. I haven’t run into a Kirby game I disliked, although the Kirby’s Dream Course was tough to love for the first half hour of learning curve.

    Retro behind a Star Fox game…. maybe they’ll hand them Devil World or something. As for a Retro made Side Scroller Metroid game? I wouldn’t dread that at all.

    As for the NGP? Not the biggest handheld. It’s actually smaller lengthwise than a DVD case. The Lynx 1 is as long as many netbooks, and as thick as two and a half DSi units. The NGP is about a quarter of an inch longer than the PSP 3000, but slightly thinner.

    The prices, sizes, and such are way tentative. So, we’ll see at E3.

    I disagree with the idea of console games not being on handhelds. People forget that handhelds have a new role in today’s society. They aren’t just something you pull out for a quick play here and there anymore. You can still do that and it is great. But you can have meaningful play experiences that rival the tethered systems. I would say that portables are more of a life device now. I find that I use them all on a daily basis. I listen to webcasts on the PSP, that’s what I am listening to the show on right now. I prefer it to listening on the PC or iPod because I can take it around easier and I can delete stuff directly from it. My DSi XL is sitting next to me as I type this because I’m playing through Chrono Trigger for the millionth time. I’m browsing Reddit on the iPod Touch App and working on a script for a State of the Handhelds speech. Experiences like Resistance Retribution, Dragon Quest IX, the Professor Layton games, and so forth are long games that benefit from being on the portable systems. Long games have a place on the systems. The PSP and DSi are excellent examples of how this works. The same system I will be playing Dragon Quest VI on, I can pull out for quick games of Touch Solitaire or Spotto. The same system I can play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on, will also let me play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Rock Man 2, Angry Birds, or Pac-Man Championship Edition. I do believe that some games would be perfect matches for handhelds as well. Cave Story works so well as a handheld game. We should get Braid, Limbo, Mega Man 9, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on the handhelds. I know Sonic 4 is also on the iPod Touch.. but it SHOULD be on a system that has actual buttons like the DSi/3DS/PSP.

    Oh, Cargo Pants. Any good engineer or not-really-an-engineer has them. I have a jacket when I’m not wearing Cargo Pants and it works well. Also, most models of business suits have a deep internal pockets for wallet security or for.. I guess PDAs. But it works fine with the DSi XL and it will be fine with the NGP.

    Sony has been trying to do “take it with you” since the Play Station Pocket.

    Oh! The Cloud has already infected the PSP with the Qriocity service. That will launch soon and should be interesting.

    I look at Apple products as being the gaming equivalent of the fascists in Salo. They may have fooled some of their customers into thinking that they are serving chocolate cake. That said, the better (or at least, more popular) iPod App games end up being ported to DSi Ware and PSP Minis anyways. The new Playstation Suite apparently allows a cross-porting of Google Android Content. So, Sony threw down some gloves. Nintendo should stay back and focus on great games while the other sharks in the room gnaw on each other.

    Why quote Analysts when it comes to handhelds? Most of them, actually all of them, are not used to the handheld market. Why not just quote someone who has been in the handheld news cycle since 1997. My take on the NGP is that it will sell to hobbyists first for a while. There isn’t a killer app for the casual market on the unit.

    Oh, Geometry Wars is sweet on the DS. It should have been Wii Ware or DSi Ware though.

    Oh, Donkey Kong sells, Clu Clu Land -sadly- doesn’t. Might be why Donkey Kong is there.

    I bought Flipper. It’s an interesting thing.

    Again doesn’t suck, it doesn’t have the art style polish that Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk have; but the writing is solid and the engine is solid too. There is a lot of story and the live action bits are a little hokey. I think what happened was that CiNG went too different from the previous titles and the game reviewers punished them for that. Looking through the reviews on Metacritic, it looks like people said: “Hey. This isn’t Hotel Dusk and we don’t like the art style. Therefore it gets a low score. Also, we don’t like the characters who aren’t the same people as Hotel Dusk.” It’s a lot of subjective nit-picking that has little to do with game quality and more to do with overzealous reviewers upset that Again isn’t Last Window. I suggest people give the game a try as there is an interesting game here with lots to like. Also, the amount of reviewers complaining that the killer isn’t as interesting as the one in Heavy Rain was a pretty annoying aspect of the Metacritic Reviews. I think someone at Nintendojo should pick up the title and try it out. It’s worth checking out.

    So, yup!

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    Aaron Roberts says...

    Okay guys, we seriously need to leave shorter comments. Seriously.

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      dmgice says...

      I would leave shorter comments, but the mind expanding power of Touch Solitaire has created a tenacity toward the verbose inside of my soul! A tenacity that it would be deleterious to my health to ignore. Thus, I am encumbered with a tedious task of truly trifling diatribe that expands as I expound upon the minutia of video game theory! This pontification that passes as punditry pleases my dark urges! If I were to stop such satirical and slightly sardonic gospel, the self-same News Channel Cat would devour my soul. That 200 points from the past presently compels my future as I strive to bask in the glorious sounds of shuffled cards neatly formed in rows of the same hues.

      I could include a tl;dr section to longer comments to accommodate those who wish not wade through miles of text.

      tl;dr: If I make my comments too brief, the Cat will eat me.

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    M. Noah Ward says...

    Everyone can leave feedback as long as they want, but we unfortunately will not be able to include the entirety of epic 1500 word responses. I still appreciate those who take the time to respond and look forward to future feedback from the listeners. Thank you for writing in!

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