Week: End Game: On 02.18.2012

The weekend is upon us, and here’s what we’ve been playing!

By Eileen Cullen. Posted 02/18/2012 12:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

The weekend is finally here! And after working hard from Monday to Friday, many of us are ready to sink some time into our consoles or handhelds. This week I decided to revisit the Sinnoh region, so I’ll be slowly working my way through Pokémon Platinum. Will I catch ‘em all by Sunday night? (Spoiler alert: no.) What are other Nintendojo writers playing this weekend? Read on to find out, and share what you’re playing in the comments!

Katharine Byrne

Having finally finished Tales of the Abyss, I’m really looking forward to playing something good this weekend (and preferably something where the characters don’t speak). With those particular parameters in mind, Gordon Freeman and some more Half Life action looks like just what the good crowbar-wielding doctor ordered. Then again, my Wii has been rather neglected this past month, so I may crack open one of the four (rather cheap) Wii titles I got for Christmas as well. I’ve got Pikmin (the New Play Control version), Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Fragile Dreams and Monster Hunter Tri to choose from, though with The Last Story right around the corner, Monster Hunter Tri probably won’t be at the top of the list…

Joshua Johnston

I’m starting to reach the endgame of the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata and I’ll be trying to wrap some of that up. I have been a bit disappointed in the game compared to other Tri-Crescendo titles (they developed Fragile Dreams and co-developed the Baten Kaitos games); the pacing is not great and the gameplay can be a bit too unforgiving. It’s too bad, too, since the premise — Chopin’s mind in the last hours of his life — is interesting and the game looks and sounds very good. I plan on finishing the game, but not sure I’ll be back for the New Game +.

I’ll also be spending some time this weekend on DC Universe Online. I’ve reached the upper echelons of the PvE raids and hope to crack the fabled Fortress of Solitude soon. (At fellow staffer Evan Campbell’s suggestion, I took a swing at PvP with a Batman-style character, but PvP didn’t really do it for me.) On a related note, I stumbled on the first two seasons (26 episodes each) of Justice League at the local library and have been watching those; great memories from a series I haven’t seen in years.

M. Noah Ward

With the upcoming Mario Kart 7 reader/listener game night on Monday (9:00 PM eastern time! Community Code here!), I probably should play some more of that. Because of the great track design on the new tracks, I’ve actually enjoyed playing single player through the circuits, but I am hankering even more to play some arena multiplayer. Besides that, I want to finish some more episodes in Resident Evil Revelations so that I can start the co-op modes with Evan. And thanks to the reminder from Josh: I need to start something in DC Universe Online as soon as possible. I haven’t played it since I tried a trial of it on PC, but I still have great memories of playing it with a PS3 controller at E3s past. And I’m still a PVP guy, but maybe I can get a little pacifist to battle AI evil alongside Josh.

Other than that, there’s Doctor Lautrec, which I apparently made the mistake of signing up to review. Granted, I’m only 20 minutes in, but as an unabashed (perhaps too fervent) fan of Professor Layton, I’m simultaneously repulsed and annoyed by the obvious Layton rips, laughably mediocre puzzles and, worst of all, the left-to-chance, craptacular Pokémon/card battle-esque combat sequences. Yes, if you thought “WTF” when you read that last part, that’s exactly how I felt when I played it. This is going to be a long trudge if the characters don’t become more appealing.

Mel Turnquist

Three words: Rhythm. Heaven. Fever.

Bought the game on Valentine’s Day and worth every penny. Thus far I’ve medaled in all but 3 games (Love Rap 2, Remix 8 and Remix 10 are the ones that are seriously pissing me off right now). The only downside is that my wrist seriously hurts like hell because of all the button mashing. And it took me 5 tries to get through the Flipper-Flop game because I was too busy squeeing like a schoolgirl about how adorable the baby seals were. Plus the localization of 99% of the games are top notch. Love Rap, however….yeah that one just doesn’t work. At all.

I’ve also started jumping onto the Ambassador games from the 3DS. Been playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones at the recommendation of a co-worker. I’ve really been digging it. Though I always feel terrible and have to reset whenever someone in my party dies because once they die once, they’re done forever. That makes me sad. I’ll probably also be playing Mario Kart 7 as well. Perhaps I shall join up in that Monday Mario Kart thingie later on in the night after my classes? :P

Nicolas Vestre

Link’s Awakening DX is just as fun as it was in my childhood, and that’s what I’ve been focusing on recently, which will continue into this weekend. So far, I just started the third dungeon, Key Cavern. Interestingly, I’m slowly remembering things I thought I had long forgotten from years ago, so I haven’t gotten stuck yet. Because I like taking my sweet time, this game will definitely last me a long while– not to mention how much loitering I do, using Roc’s Feather to bounce around Koholint Island like a maniac. At the very least, going slowly helps me find more secrets.

After staring at it in my 3DS’ menu for a few weeks, I finally started playing Pushmo. It’s every bit as addictive at everyone’s been saying! Admittedly, I’ve only finished the first world, but I had a blast! It should be really interesting when I get stuck in future labyrinths. Also, I used a QR code to play a Mega Man Pushmo, and I can easily see this gem lasting for a very, very long time with unending downloadable content.

On the PS3 front, I definitely have to weed through my massive LittleBigPlanet 2 queue– it’s at over 230 levels! So whenever I feel like doing something tedious, I can eliminate the ones that I didn’t really want to play anyway. Even so, it will probably take me forever to finish all the remaining levels!

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