3DS Survey: Your Reactions to the News

Now that we have more information on 3DS’s launch, we want to hear what you think.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 01/19/2011 13:30 8 Comments     ShareThis

3DS Being Played by Woman

Now that the North American and European 3DS media events have occurred, we can see what you think about the news. You made your predictions and confessions in our last survey— how do those stack up now? Percentages from the last survey used below are as of January 19, 2011.

Launch Price

A majority of you (30%) said the max you’d pay for a 3DS is $249– lucky you! That was closely followed by a max of $199 (27%) and, gasp, $299 (23%). Now that there’s no speculation, do you feel the same?

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Maybe You’ll Wait

For those of you who aren’t getting the system at launch, there could be a variety of reasons, aside from obvious things like how much the system costs. Is it Nintendo’s Apple-esque handheld redesign strategy?

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Friend Codes

Writer James Stank went off the deep end when he thought Friend Codes on 3DS would be the same as always: one per game. Fortunately, we learned it’s not quite that bad: you need to exchange only one 3DS-specific friend code with a friend to message them, see what they’re playing and engage in multiplayer in any game locally or online.

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Taking Your 3DS on the Road

In Japan, it’s not uncommon for gamers to take their handheld gaming devices everywhere and benefit from things like 3DS’s StreetPass, especially with so many people using public transportation. In other countries, this behavior isn’t as predominant. Nintendo is trying to encourage you to take your 3DS around a lot with its pedometer, SpotPass and StreetPass features.

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You Better Like ‘Em Black and Blue

We probably shouldn’t have expected to get different launch colors than Japan’s, but those beautiful color variations at E3 2010 spoiled us. And we know, historically, that those colors, if not more or others, will come out if we can wait long enough. But is launch color really that big of a deal for you?

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Thanks for taking part in our latest 3DS survey! Leave additional thoughts, rants or exclamations of joy (so proper!) in the comments below.

8 Responses to “3DS Survey: Your Reactions to the News”

  • 393 points
    James Stank says...

    I also said that even if it was only one friend code per system, that was one too many!! Either way though, I am really excited for the 3DS. Just got done preordering mine from Best Buy. It’s odd that we don’t really know for sure what games it will be launching with.

    But for me, I’d be okay if it didn’t launch with any! As long as there are Game Boy and Game Boy Color games for me to download on day one, I’m happy. And if Samus really does turn out to be in DOA, that will also be a must-buy.

    Even if the launch games aren’t my personal favorites, the launch window games will be great. Devil Survivor OC and Resident Evil will be all I will need.

    • 30 points
      CryojenX says...

      If Samus is in DOA, I will commit seppuku.

      • 393 points
        James Stank says...

        Nintendo needs to help third parties in any way they can. As we have seen in the past, with Soul Calibur II, toss in a Nintendo character and you have a top selling game. If this means Samus has to go Zero Suit to take on Ryu then so be it. If that is what it takes for DOA to become a popular fighter on 3DS then I am all for it.

    • 360 points
      M. Noah Ward says...

      Hmm, but rumors state the eShop won’t be active on launch day. In the least you have to download and install it, in the worst it may be some weeks before you can even get the software to install it. Thoughts on that?

      • 393 points
        James Stank says...

        That’s what Evan said too, Noah. But I can’t see that being true. Even the Wii shop channel was up on day 1, so I can’t see them not having the e-shop up on day 1 too.

  • 45 points
    poptart says...

    I will preorder 7 3DS’s so I can play games for 24 hours each day of the week while the others are charging of course!

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