3DS Survey: Before the News

We’ll finally learn concrete 3DS launch details for regions other than Japan next Wednesday. Tell us what you hope you’ll hear.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 01/12/2011 14:00 10 Comments     ShareThis

3DS in Red

We’re not sure how much the system will cost, what games it will launch with, or even what colors it will come in. But we know you have opinions on what you hope the answers are to those questions. Let’s share with the world what we want the 3DS’s launch to be like.

Launch Price

The rough yen-to-dollar conversion of Japan’s 3DS launch price is $300. A lot of people stateside balked at that, but just remember, the average 3DS game (not to mention current DS game) retails for over $55. That said, we all have our limits. You may remember some Dojo-Show-Go podcast hosts claiming they’d spend $500 to get a 3DS. We’ll see how true that is today for them and you.

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Timing Your Purchase

Are you a hardcore Nintendo fan? If so, you may be getting 3DS on launch day. Others may wait until the first big game they want releases, and still others will be more frugal, waiting for a hardware bundle or a price drop, particularly if launch price is higher than expected. Then there’s Nintendo’s nasty Apple-esque habit of redesigning and re-releasing its handhelds on a near annual basis– perhaps you’ll wait for a 3DS with a longer battery life?

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Hardware Colors

Much as with Wii’s prototype hardware, Nintendo teased us at E3 with a rainbow of 3DS colors– orange, red, purple, aqua and black. The red and aqua models were featured in all the accompanying E3 photography, but then at the Japan 3DS launch announcement only black and aqua were named as launch colors. This made some Nintendojo staffers who dream of a “Crush Purple” 3DS sad, but international launch colors may well be different. Assuming Nintendo goes conservative, though, and keeps it aqua and black for everyone, which color do you want more?

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2011 3DS Games

Given the surprisingly short list of games confirmed for Japan’s 3DS launch (after seeing a flood of titles at E3), we’re in no position to guess what titles will launch in other territories. However, we can hope that most of the following titles will at least launch within the year– though many may just as easily push out to 2012. Hoping for the best, though, if all these titles came out this year, which one would top your must-have list?

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That’s all for our 3DS survey. We may have another after next week’s announcement to gauge your reactions. In the meantime, feel free to share more of your thoughts and anticipation in the comments below!

10 Responses to “3DS Survey: Before the News”

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    On cost– I could be convinced to pay a higher price if there were some cool things bundled (like a free movie, several ‘wares).

    On timing– if there aren’t a lot of games on my “do want” list coming out in the first few months of the system release, let alone at launch, I’m hesitant to get it then. As Nintendo has shown, wait long enough, and you get a new color, bundle, price or even model.

    On colors– purple, orange, red. All the colors I like are not in the launch lineup. Yet.

    On the games– I wonder how many of the games we saw demoed at E3 will come out this year. It seems developers have been waist-deep in 3DS for some time. I hope we get a flood of games the first year and make this the best “first year” of any console (home or handheld) yet.

  • 45 points
    poptart says...

    I am prepared to spend 1 grand 2 grand whatever it takes to get the games that i want. I am also gonna reserve atleast 5 3ds for future ebay hustlin. Cant wait!!

  • 57 points
    Andy Hoover says...

    I seem to recall claiming I would gladly kill any of my fellow podcast cohosts to get 3DS, and that remains true.

    And being the total Ocarina fanboy that I am, I can’t help but look forward to that remake more than just about anything. The two Resident Evil games also look promising.

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    A big part of the fun.. for me.. will be combining my DSi and DSi XL purchases onto one memory card and playing them off of that. Right now, I was taking an inventory of the titles I have on both systems. A few of these titles I downloaded on both systems. (Touch Solitaire, Bird & Bean, Mighty Flip Champs, Cave Story, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge to name a few.) But yeah. I am looking forward to being able to play these off of an SD card on only one system.

    16 Shot! Shooting Watch!
    5 in 1 Solitaire
    Animal Crossing Calculator
    Animal Crossing Clock
    Animal Puzzle Adventure
    Aura-Aura Climber
    BASE 10
    Bird & Beans
    Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics
    Crash-Course Domo
    Dark Void Zero
    Dragon’s Lair
    Dr. Mario Express
    ELECTROPLANKTON (All 10 of them)
    Escapee GO!
    Flipnote Studio
    Game & Watch (All 9 of them)
    Hard-Hat Domo
    Mario Calculator
    Mario Clock
    Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    Mighty Flip Champs
    Mixed Messages
    MySims Camera
    Nintendo Countdown
    Nintendo DSi Tuner
    Nintendo DSi Metronome
    Nintendo DSi Browser
    Paper Airplane Chase
    Paul’s Shooting Adventure
    Photo Clock
    Photo Dojo
    Pop+ Solo
    Pro-Putt Domo
    Puffins; Let’s Roll
    Puzzle League Express
    Rock-n-Roll Domo
    Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
    Soul of Darkness
    The Oregon Trail
    Touch Solitaire
    WarioWare: Snapped!
    White-Water Domo

    DSi XL
    10 Second Run
    MusicOn: Acoustic Guitar
    Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology
    A Kappa’s Trail
    Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters
    Brain Age Express: Math
    Divergent Shift
    MusicOn: Electronic Keyboard
    Flips More Bloody Horowitz
    MusicOn: Learning Piano
    Nintendo DSi + Internet
    MusicOn: Retro Keyboard

    I recently ordered a 32GB SD Card which will be arriving soon… so.. I’m prepared. I can’t wait to play DSi Ware titles directly off of an SD Card on the 3DS as well as playing 3DS and Virtual Console (Pocket) titles.

    Out of those titles, there’s quite a few good ones actually… the myth that the DSi Ware doesn’t have any good games is pretty silly these days. If you love puzzle games or platform side scrolling titles, the system is ridiculously packed with them. Some of the platform games on the DSi Ware service are amongst the best in their genre.

    • 360 points
      M. Noah Ward says...

      OMG… You really are the master of DSiWare. You may possibly own the most DSiWare of anyone. Ever.

      Though I still have to assert that Mario Calculator and Mario Clock are worthless. :)

    • 198 points
      Evan Campbell says...

      What about Flipper? How do you not own it?

      • 432 points
        dmgice says...

        Not yet. Maybe if there’s something and I have spare points or something.. there’s a few that I still need to check out.

        I update this thing every Monday.


        What’s kinda awful is that I have to bring a game to the screen right before you download it to get the size. So, I have personally been to the check out with every single game/app on the store. Sometimes, they don’t feature the newest items on the front page, so I have to dig around in their section to get to them.

        Some of these games -like Disney’s Fireworks, Datamine, Earthworm Jim, X-Scape and so forth- are tempting and I haven’t bit on them yet….

        As for ones I regret purchasing? I don’t regret the clocks or calculator. The Animal Crossing Alarm 2 has woken me up on my lunch breaks when I was working with the Federal Government. I would go and sleep in my car for a half hour in the parking garage. I’ve used the calculator on taxes and unit conversion. If the Nintendo 3DS lets me skip out of a game and access another application like one of the calculators and then go back to playing a game.. that would be great. I regret some of the MusicOn games because only a few are useful for samples. Rytmik is pretty good though. It’s a fairly good audio sequencer.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I’m hoping for a decent price point. But has anyone else seen the titles planned for release in Feb/March in Japan. Pretty lacking. I dunno if I want one at launch without a big Nintendo title. I really don’t feel like paying $300 for a system to get steal diver. C’mon Zelda or Pilot wings being a launch title in the West. My dream is $250 bundled with Pilotwings. Also I hope it comes in colors or other than black & white I’m sick of those.

  • 1 points
    Kevin Knezevic says...

    I’m hoping the price doesn’t exceed $250, but in all honesty it would probably still be a day-one purchase for me even if it did.

    Regarding color, I’m completely content with black. I actually prefer it most because it matches the inside of the top screen.

    Paper Mario is easily my most-anticipated of all the announced titles. I really doubt it will be released this year, though, so my vote goes to Ocarina of Time.

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