Nightly News Roundup 10.26.2010

Some nice art from Switzerland, Okamiden’s got a nice surprise ending (as well as being an allegedly wonderful game), and the Supreme Court gears up to roll with Schwarz and the EMA. BONUS CONTENT: Epic Mickey Trailer.

By Andrew Hsieh. Posted 10/26/2010 20:00 8 Comments     ShareThis

Nightly News Roundup

Sources: codak / ccdck illustration, Official Nintendo Magazine, Media Coalition

BONUS CONTENT: Epic Mickey Trailer

8 Responses to “Nightly News Roundup 10.26.2010”

  • 678 points
    amishpyrate says...

    Wish more people could see this, the wii can make beautiful games when people actually try to

  • 702 points
    Matthew Tidman says...

    I can’t decide if the text-to-movie things are awesome or if they just creep me out.

    I really worry about the upcoming court battle. If the supreme court rules in California’s favor it’s going to set a dangerous precedent, one that could affect games for years to come in very negative ways. The ECA is still looking for people to sign the petition. If you haven’t signed yet, please go here and do so.

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      I’m still learning how to work this thing. Won’t overdo it though so don’t be too creeped out (: But yeah, it’s kind of … haha, it’s very simple, but almost too simple in the sense that I screw things up because I expect them to work another way.

      Agreed on all counts. Sign that petition, people!

      • 360 points
        M. Noah Ward says...

        LMAO! WTH Andrew… that video was hilarious, once I realized both people had the same voice and I had to watch their mouths. But classic dialogue made even funnier with bad pronunciation. “W. Hat?” “O-H. Yes.”

        “I am old and wizened,” says the nubile young girl.

        “Dogs are foot-less and fancy free… the puppies make me smart.”

        “Why are you pronouncing his name so egregiously?” “I blame technology.” LOL

        And yes we ARE all fancy here, just like French people!

      • 1332 points
        Andrew Hsieh says...

        I tried to give her a new voice but I didn’t know how to edit the video! It’s not my fault! And the scripting software is so wonky!

        … but if it makes it funnier than, um, YEAH. I totally did that on purpose.

      • 135 points
        juno2023 says...

        Gotta love that xtranormal…

  • 1219 points
    Drew says...

    What’s really weird is that California has recently taken a stance that “prohibition only creates criminals, and is no effective”, (See Prop 19) and for the life of me, I don’t understand how they are not drawing the parallel to video games. Banning the sale of “x” in one state makes people go to another state to get it (See “Fireworks that leave the ground, Colorado).

    At a time when state-wide revenue is down, and there is a HUGE deficit, banning the sale of ANYTHING in California is a bad move. Hopefully, one of the people in charge of fiscal bean counting will realize this and put a stop to these shenanigans.

    We must put our faith in bean counters. This is gonna suck.

  • 697 points
    Adam Sorice says...

    Well that was something else. No doubt.

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