Nightly News Roundup: 08.14.2012

Capcom set to reveal its first Wii U game soon (but it won’t be Remember Me).

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Nightly News Roundup

Capcom to Announce Wii U Game “Very Soon”

After Capcom’s lackluster E3 showing, where the developer had a whopping zero Nintendo titles on display at its booth, not to mention its continuing reluctance to announce a worldwide release for Monster Hunter 4 (though the company does promise there will be some Monster Hunter information in the near future), many had begun to wonder if the company was pulling its Nintendo support altogether, which was all the more confusing considering how strongly it has backed 3DS thus far. But it seems all that is about to change, as Capcom will be announcing its first Wii U title “very soon.”

Speaking to MCV, Capcom head of marketing Michael Pattinson has confirmed that the company is hard at work on a Wii U project, though the game won’t be announced during this week’s Gamescom: “There is a rumor that we are working on a Wii U game. It won’t be at this show. But we do have something waiting in the wings, and we will be talking about that very soon.”

Just when Capcom will announce this game has yet to be revealed, but given the fact that many stores have already begun gearing up for Wii U’s launch, it shouldn’t be long before the company starts hyping up its own Wii U offering.

Source: MCV

Remember Me Not Heading to Wii U

There is one title we can rule out for Wii U, however: Remember Me, Capcom’s new futuristic action game.

In a post over on the Capcom-Unity forums, Capcom’s Christian Svensson revealed that the company was originally considering porting the game to Wii U, before ultimately deciding against it. Svensson cites development focus as the primary reason for this decision:

“As for WiiU, this project was started many years ago, long before WiiU was even a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye. We explored the idea of adding a SKU, but in the name of keeping the team focused and not adding dev tasks for the team to get up to speed on new hardware and time to the schedule, we’ve opted to keep it on the original platforms for which it was planned.”

While it’s a shame to see another third-party release skip the console entirely, this decision at least implies that the Wii U game Capcom is indeed working on has been designed from the ground up for the system. Now let’s just hope it isn’t another rail-shooter.

Source: Capcom-Unity

Unchained Blades Only Available Digitally

There has been some confusion over the press release that Nintendo of America issued yesterday, in which the company outlined the release dates for upcoming first- and third-party 3DS titles.

Many fans have noticed that Unchained Blades, the first-person dungeon crawler published by XSEED, was listed as both a retail and a digital title, contrary to what the publisher had said when it first announced the game. This lead many to believe the title would in fact be seeing a dual release, not unlike Nintendo’s own New Super Mario Bros. 2, which will be available in physical and digital form in less than one short week.

It seems this will not be the case, as one fan has contacted XSEED to clarify the matter. The publisher had the following to say in response: “That is not correct– Unchained Blades is still only slated for a digital eShop release.”

This should to put a definitive end to any confusion regarding Unchained Blades’ release. While the game’s price has yet to be revealed, the title is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99, giving 3DS owners a good indication of what they’ll have to pay when the title hits the eShop later this summer.

Source: GoNintendo

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