Nightly News Roundup: 06.11.2012

Bowser … at the movies!?!? Plus, some interesting Wii U details and rumors!!

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Nightly News Roundup

Koopa meets world

Bowser is headed to the big screen once again (only if you choose to remember 1993’s Super Mario Bros. film) in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, on November 2nd of this year. Bowser will cameo in this animated film about a video game villain, Ralph, who tires of being the bad guy and chooses to leave his game.

Check out the following trailer to get a peek at this fun film and of course, Bowser.

Source: YouTube

Unanswered questions

Kotaku did a lengthy interview with the Purple Pikmin himself, Reggie Fils-Aime, on a number of big questions on the minds of Nintendo fans. On battery life, he claims, “Nintendo is absolutely committed to making sure that the battery life for the Wii U will not get in the way of the gaming experience.” Expect at least five hours after charge completion and your Wii U GamePad can be charging while you play. Off-TV Play, as Nintendo calls it, will be optional for developers. Each game box will most likely reflect the feature’s inclusion.

The Wii U Pro Controller is very comfortable and rich, having had a long development cycle. Four levels of protection will protect Miiverse. Achievements/accomplishments will be present, like they are on 3DS StreetPass, but like with Off-TV Play, they will be on a developer-by-developer basis. Friend Codes are being implemented differently and we will learn more about them in the future, although Fils-Aime said it will be much easier to interact with friends.

Wii content is transferable, unlimited USB support will be the Nintendo way, and expect to hear about 3DS-Wii U linkage when details start spilling on the next two Super Smash Bros. titles. Reggie defends single-touch over multi-touch, singling out the former as being more appropriate. The used game business will not be fought by Nintendo, and lastly, Wii U launch colors are to be determined.

Source: Kotaku

Pack it up

According to a very trustworthy source over at GoNintendo, a Nintendo representative has made a few comments of which many Nintendo fans, including myself, have been waiting for. Supposedly, Wii U will retail at around $300. That seems more than likely, so I would not be shocked to see a $299.99 price tag. Nintendo may surprise us and offer up their next home console at $249.99: the original price of 3DS. Remember, Nintendo ended up cutting that price by nearly a third, so perhaps Wii U could end up retailing at $249.99. Secondly, the source claims, the Wii U push will begin around September. That seems about right, although Nintendo fans will expect to hear a lot more before then.

Art Nintendo Land Zelda

The most exciting part of these rumors is the claim that Nintendo Land will definitely be a pack-in with Wii U. I have been hoping this would be the case and only time will tell if this Nintendo celebration will be included with Wii U. Lastly, the source mentions not to expect a digital version of Nintendo Land as they believe the showcase game will indeed be a pack-in experience.

Source: GoNintendo

2 Responses to “Nightly News Roundup: 06.11.2012”

  • 96 points
    morpha says...

    Im not buying Nintendo Land if its a separate purchase. The cost of buying a new console is significant enough let alone the purchase of a crappy casual game along with it.

    • 393 points
      James Stank says...

      I agree, but I wouldn’t call Nintendo Land crappy just yet. It’s more likely going to be a sub-par game when compared to all the real games that are out already this generation. Wii Sports was the same way. I would have never paid for it, but the Japanese had to, and did. Different market, I guess. I’m just going to wait for the major price drop a few months after launch.

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