Sonic’s Comic Friends (and Foes)

There are tons of great characters in Sonic’s comics. Here are a few that Sega should actually use.

By James Stank. Posted 01/21/2011 15:00 3 Comments     ShareThis

Sonic Comic Artwork

Blaze, Silver, Princess Elise… yawn. Why does Sega insist on giving Sonic fans new, forgettable characters, when the comics offer so many memorable friends and foes? It seems as though all Sonic games revolve around Sonic getting all the chaos emeralds and then defeating Dr. Robotnik, but things aren’t so easy for Sonic in the comics.

What ever happened to Sally Acorn? She had a lead role in the classic Sonic AM cartoon, and continues to be in the comics, and yet she’s never been in a Sonic game. While Sally is a name that even most game-only Sonic fans know, you may not know some of these others. I’ll show you why Sally, and these other Sonic comics characters deserve their spot in an upcoming Sonic game (and not just a cameo either).

Sally Acorn

Princess Sally was born into the ruling family of Mobotropolis on the Planet Mobius. As many of you can guess, Mobius got a lot less peaceful when Dr. Ivo Robnitnik betrayed the royal family and took the throne for himself. After doing so, Robotnik proceeded to Roboticize all of the citizens of Mobius into Robians.

When Sally was five, she was taken and hidden away in the Great Forest, where she would grow into a competent leader and love interest of Sonic the Hedgehog. While in the forest, Sally created a ragtag militia called the “Freedom Fighters,” whose goal was to restore the Kingdom of Acorn. Eventually Robotnik is taken down, and Sally sets out to remake her kingdom.

As I mentioned earlier, Sally has also played a love interest for Sonic throughout the Sonic comics. Their relationship advanced so far that they were nearly married, but that quickly fell apart thanks to Sonic’s “hero” attitude. Nevertheless, there always seems to be the chance of Sonic and Sally getting back together.

As far as games go, what would be more awesome than being a Freedom Fighter and taking down a Robotnik that is controlling an entire planet? Here the odds would be stacked against Sonic, and Sega wouldn’t even have to create a new story, as this one is already in place. Seems like a win to me, Sega.

Mammoth Mogul

Sonic gets the chaos emeralds, Sonic wins. Right? Wrong. Mogul is a giant wooly mammoth, and arch enemy of Tails. Right now you’re probably thinking that he’s not that strong, as he is to Tails what Robotnik is to Sonic. But you’d be wrong again. Mogul had a chaos emerald embedded in his chest, which made him extremely powerful. Not only that, but when Mogul uses the emeralds to go to his “super” form, not even the combined powers of Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, and Hyper Knuckles can beat him. Does that mean we’ve found a replacement for Dr. Robotnik? I think so.

Mogul is actually an ancient Mobian, but when a chaos emerald got embedded in his chest, he became virtually immortal. Not only is Mogul wise and insanely strong even without the power of the chaos emeralds, but he also has the powers of telepathy and magic. He can drain people of their power, and at one point could even crush an entire universe at will. It sounds to me like Mammoth Mogul would be a great villain for a Sonic game.

Snively Robotnik

Snively Robotnik, who is Robotnik’s nephew, also had a large role in the Saturday morning Sonic cartoon. In it, he was Robotnik’s right hand man, but Snively isn’t just a puppet to Robotnik, as the show would make it seem. In the comics, Snively is an incredibly smart and evil character, doing whatever it takes to survive. He’s gone from liking his uncle to hating him, and has helped the Freedom Fighters try to rid themselves of him on many occasions.

However, this doesn’t mean that Snively is any good, because as soon as his uncle is out of the way, he wants to replace him. Snively is more than evil enough to replace Robotnik. At one point, Snively had a plan to destroy every living thing on Mobius, only to be foiled by his uncle. I’m not sure why Snively hasn’t made his way into a Sonic game yet. He’s a great character, and he would go a long way to show that there is more than one bad guy, and they don’t always get along. After all, hasn’t Robotnik deserved a break from video games?

The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen is a skilled tactician and controller of Magitek from the Dragon Kingdom region of Mobius. With her special powers, she can control any machine or cyborg. She is one of the last of her people, as many of them were killed because of their use of Magitek.

She’s also been romantically involved with Snively, plotting with him to take down Robotnik. When Snively has his chance to rule New Mobotropolis, the Iron Queen is there to help him do it. With her skill of black magic, she can also fly. She’d be a perfect addition to a game with Snively as the main enemy. Don’t you think that Robotnik’s Badniks can be a bit stupid sometimes? Well imagine them all being controlled by a single, intelligent mind. Badniks would become a whole lot scarier.


Scourge is actually Sonic from another dimension, called Anti-Mobius. He has all of the skills of Sonic, but his personality is the exact opposite. While Sonic is kind and caring, Scourge is evil and devious. Scourge originally looked like Sonic, but a mishap with the master emerald changed him forever. Scourge occasionally allies with others, but he is all about himself in the end.

Scourge eventually took control of Anti-Mobius through the use of his gang; the Anti-Freedom Fighters. Not only that, but Scourge was also able to steal the heart of Fiona Fox from Sonic. Not that I have anything against Shadow, but we need an Evil Sonic, and Scourge is it. He is the exact opposite of everything that Sonic stands for, which would make him a great addition to any game. Why not take the alternate universe storyline from the comics and make a game out of it, Sega? Do things right, and you’ll have the best sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on your hands.

Ixis Naugus

Ixis is an incredibly powerful Sorcerer in the Sonic comics. So powerful in fact, that he made a parallel dimension. Naugus was originally a good character, being the court wizard of the Kingdom of Acorn. However, as magic became phased out because of technology, he switched sides. This move didn’t help him much, as Robotnik imprisoned him in his own dimension.

Naugus is actually three beings fused together to make one, which were the last surviving members of the Order of Ixis. He eventually breaks back into the normal world through his incredible magic. After breaking free, he proceeds to battle Mammoth Mogus for the Acorn crown. However, Mogus was actually the ancient creator of the order of Ixis, and Naugus decides to join him upon learning this. Together, the two form a powerful alliance that give Sonic and his friends tons of trouble.

Instead of focusing on the Black Knight, why not focus on black magic instead? Ixis Naugus would be a much better villain than Erazor Djinn was, and a much better sorcerer. You already have the material here for a great game, Sega; why aren’t you using it?

These are just a few of the great Sonic characters that Sega hasn’t even introduced to their video games yet. With such an expansive universe and so many characters to choose from, it makes no sense as to why Sega hasn’t decided to make a game that followed the events of the comics. Who knows, maybe there is still hope.

3 Responses to “Sonic’s Comic Friends (and Foes)”

  • 697 points
    Adam Sorice says...

    I think the issue with the Sonic franchise is that it’s lost credibility that will be very hard to regain. Even though Mario does many of the same types of spin off games (though Nintendo has kept a very firm hand on the introduction of new characters) they just don’t have any traction with Sonic and his overflowing posse of anthopromorphized friends.

    The key example being a sequel to Sonic Riders on Kinect. I just saw it on the shop yesterday and chuckled. I think everyone needs a Sonic hiatus. Big time.

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    We also need Bunni Rabot in the games.

    Seriously, she and Princess sally Acorn have only had a cameo in Sonic Spinball’s extra stages. That’s a bit unfair.

    Ixis was also going to be in the animated series (SatAM) but we never got to him. Oh, well.

  • 393 points
    James Stank says...

    Yeah, can’t forget about Bunni. It’s just a shame that Sega has so much to work with here, and they aren’t using any of it.

    I don’t think we need a break from Sonic though. We just need a break from poor games, like Sonic 4. If we had a game like Sonic Freedom Fighters, where you try to save Mobius, that would be pretty cool.

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