Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 126: The Feedback Fantastic

We get our first fan fiction submissions! And talk about video games we think should be comics.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 01/19/2011 07:00 2 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 126: The Feedback Fantastic

Yeah, Aaron, Tidman and Noah dream about video games that should be turned into comics, but the feedback– Fanfics! Metroid Game Ideas! 3DS Failure! Solitaire Defense!– is where it’s at.

You can send in feedback to showmail at nintendojo dot com, or! You can also leave a comment below!

Recording Date
January 18, 2011

Noah, Aaron and Tidman

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:42 What We’re Playing
00:08:23 Which Games Should Become Comics?
00:16:06 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:34:32 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
00:37:02 Credits

00:39:14 Total Length


2 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 126: The Feedback Fantastic”

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    KisakiProject says...

    Given the 3DS details I’m gonna stand by what I said. That being said I’ll get the blue one day 1 assuming I’m not financially restrained. I hope either DOA (now featuring samus?) or Steel Diver is day one. Otherwise I may just be playing the pack ins for a few weeks. Or maybe Puzzle Bobble.

    I dunno if I can do the fan fiction but I’ll try.

    The year is 20XX. Due to the worsening economic depression arcade machines have come back into style as no one can by home machines due to hyper inflation. Nintendo releases a new Ice Climbers to the arcade. No one plays it because its too “kiddy.”

    Enter me. A young hipster with stupid glasses, pre-frayed jeans & flannel. Being Ironic I go to play it instead of Call of Duty Arcade Brutal 6 that my friends gravitate towards. The coin operator gives me a look of dismay. He is an old fellow that looks like a washed up sea captain.

    I started playing the new ice climbers. I start feeling strange urges to kill. The screen flashes telling me to do violent things but after I blink its gone. I assume its the 3D screen messing with my head.

    Then suddenly an old Gilgan burst out of the cabinet. His shackles restraining him. His wretched old body pulsed and emanated evil.

    “No.” Cried the Coin Operator. He had believed trapping the demon in such a cute game would restrain its evil. he was wrong. It had used the evil energy from my hipster soul to strengthen itself and became powerful enough to escape.

    (lol this is terrible but I need an excuse to say 20XX)

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    dmgice says...

    Okay! Listening to the podcast as I go along.

    Kinda surprised that no one said the obvious: Professor Layton.

    As for Animal Crossing? That’s a great idea, especially if it was similar to design of the movie. It would have to be a 4 panel style comic.. similar to Azumanga Diaoh and such.

    Clu Clu Land is a game where you use momentum to propel you across an area of pegs. DK: King of Swing is a game where you use momentum that propels you across an area of pegs. It’s what happened to the game play engine for Clu Clu Land. Clu Clu Land is called Kuru Kuru Rando in Japan, which is an onomatopoeia for spinning. DK: King of Swing is called BuraBura Donki, which is an onomatopoeia for swinging. So, I’ll take it. :-P Also, I want to hear the word onomatopoeia pronounced on the show.

    As for the PS3/XB360/3DS item? If you’re making an impulse buy, than the amount of a console factors into the purchase. Planned purchases almost always result in the planned purchase. However, anything past $200 is pretty much not an impulse buy for most people.

    Hmm.. Ice Climbers, Gilligan’s Island, and Demon Possession. Hmmm… I read the one above and I want a comic book based on THAT Kisakiproject fic.

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