Mega Man’s Ultimate Eight

Out of all of Mega Man’s varied weapons, these are the eight best. NO DEBATE!

By Aaron Roberts. Posted 08/06/2010 12:15 2 Comments     ShareThis

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WEAPON: Thunder Claw

ORIGIN: Clown Man, Mega Man 8

USEFULNESS: Thunder Claw didn’t really look like a claw, but it did look like thunder, and it also allowed Mega Man to grapple between platforms, much like Samus in Super Metroid, only more clown-based.

QUOTE: “I’m Clown Man, mother******s!!”

WEAPON: Knight Crush

ORIGIN: Knight Man, Mega Man 6

USEFULNESS: Knight Man’s mace was on a chain most of the time, but Mega Man’s version flew in mid-air like a boomerang, and the Blue Bomber could strike a foe twice in one shot if he timed it correctly.

QUOTE: “Eat my spiky blue balls, you S.O.B.’s!!”

WEAPON: Thunder Beam

ORIGIN: Elec Man, Mega Man

USEFULNESS: Thunder Beam was arguably the most useful weapon in Mega Man’s original game, as not only were certain foes and Robot Masters weak to it, but careful timing of the pause button also allowed several dozen hits on the same shot.

QUOTE: “It ain’t cheatin’ if it’s programmed in, bitches!”

WEAPON: Pharaoh Shot

ORIGIN: Pharaoh Man, Mega Man 4

USEFULNESS: What was so awesome about Pharaoh Shot was that it could be charged up like the Mega Buster or Atomic Fire, but since it grew over Mega Man’s head, he could make it hit an enemy over his head, then also throw it for the cost of one usage.

QUOTE: “You’d better walk like a f***in’ Egyptian!”

WEAPON: Gravity Hold

ORIGIN: Gravity Man, Mega Man 5

USEFULNESS: Gravity Hold takes a lot of energy, but it also dominates nearly everything on-screen. Flying enemies will be drawn further and further upwards until they disappear. Oh, the humanity!

QUOTE: “I’ll slam all you f***ers into the floor!”

WEAPON: Magnet Missile

ORIGIN: Magnet Man, Mega Man 3

USEFULNESS: Magnet Missiles seek out targets and destroy them, faithfully angling either up or down at a right angle, as the situation demands. Goodbye, aiming!

QUOTE: “Your ass is magnetically-exploded grass!”

WEAPON: Black Hole Bomb

ORIGIN: Galaxy Man, Mega Man 9

USEFULNESS: Black Hole Bomb was useful against a number of Mega Man 9 foes, and the best part was that it pulled them in towards their own destruction. Go to the Weapon Select menu, and you can use it again instantly!


WEAPON: Metal Blade

ORIGIN: Metal Man, Mega Man 2

USEFULNESS: The Metal Blade is so awesome that it defeats its own wielder, Metal Man, in one hit. Two, if you play on Difficult. Also, you can fire it three thousand times on one weapon bar. BAM.

QUOTE: “Bitch, don’t nothin’ beat my Metal Blade!”

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