Power Ups We Wish We Had

Specials by Francisco Naranjo, posted on 08/09/2010 08:24 5 comments

One last hurrah for Issue 9! Six brand new power ups that would make our lives easier.

Now You’re Playing with Power

Specials by juno2023, posted on 08/06/2010 14:30 9 comments

A look at the best– and worst– of Nintendo system peripherals.

Mega Man 8-Bit Bosses Compilation

Mega Man’s Ultimate Eight

Specials by Aaron Roberts, posted on 08/06/2010 12:15 2 comments

Out of all of Mega Man’s varied weapons, these are the eight best. NO DEBATE!

New Super Mario Bros. Artwork

The Ups and Downs of Power

Editorials by Andy Hoover, posted on 08/06/2010 10:30 2 comments

Power ups have had a dynamic history: here’s but a slice of it.

Mario Kart DS Artwork

The Best (and Worst) Mario Kart Items

Specials by James Stank, posted on 08/06/2010 08:00 5 comments

Do you think the flying Blue Shell is the best item in Mario Kart? Think again.

Mario and Toad doing an "exchange"

Super Mario Rehab

Editorials by Adam Sorice, posted on 08/05/2010 20:00 8 comments

Gather around children, for I have a cautionary tale to share with you. Woohoo!

Round Table: Our Favorite Power Ups

Round Tables by Nintendojo Staff, posted on 08/05/2010 16:09 4 comments

We touch on a variety of games when asked to name our favorite power ups. You may be surprised with the choices.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Artwork

Tidman’s Take: Link’s Armament – Part 2

Tidman's Take by Matthew Tidman, posted on 08/05/2010 12:30 2 comments

And now, the second half of Tidman’s look at the best and worst items in Link’s adventures, from the Oracle games to Spirit Tracks.

Hot Air: Powered

Hot Air by Aaron Roberts, posted on 08/05/2010 10:34 2 comments

What about the games where you DON’T power up?

Nightly News Roundup

Nightly News Roundup Video Edition: 2010.08.04

News, Roundups by Evan Campbell, posted on 08/04/2010 23:59 3 comments

There’s good news and bad news. NBA Jam is jumping ship, High Voltage is laying off employees, And Yet It Moves receives a release date, and a Bit.Trip soundtrack is now on sale.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl character group shot

Cloudy With a Chance of Smash Balls

Editorials by Adam Sorice, posted on 08/04/2010 16:00 3 comments

The Smash Bros. forecast predicts you should head for cover unless you’re in a fighting spirit.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Screenshot

Tidman’s Take: Link’s Armament – Part 1

Tidman's Take by Matthew Tidman, posted on 08/04/2010 14:00 6 comments

So epic it had to be split into two parts, Tidman’s look at the best and worst piece of equipment that Link has had access to in each of his games. First up, The Legend of Zelda to Majora’s Mask.

Mario Kart Wii Screenshot

Poll: In the Knick of Time

Polls by M. Noah Ward, posted on 08/04/2010 10:30 1 Comment

You’re low on life. The enemy has an incredible advantage. Thank goodness for power ups– let us know which one has saved you most.

Nester64x: Feel the Power in Your Hands!

Nester64x: Feel the Power in your Hands!

Nester64x by Nester64x, posted on 08/03/2010 15:00 4 comments

Why upgrade you characters when you can upgrade yourself… with the Power Glove!

Flight within Mario: What Else Do You Need?

Editorials by Luciusb29, posted on 08/03/2010 11:00 7 comments

Taking an in depth look at the most game breaking power-ups of the Mario series.

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