Issue 62: Star(s of Gaming) Wars

A long time ago, on a forum far, far away …

By Andrew Hsieh. Posted 08/08/2011 10:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

Isn’t it odd how we continually obsess over the same video game characters, time after time again? Some of us stick to the classics– the Mario brothers, Link and Zelda, Samus Aran– and others think heroes like Captain Falcon and Lucas could give them a run for their money. Still others like the protagonists in Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, or their dastardly counterparts (every other boy/girl in Harvest Moon trying to woo your boy/girl of your choosing; Tom Nook and Phyllis’ seemingly linked plans to put your town in a continual state of misery). Maybe you think all of that’s silly talk, and root for the lowliest Mr. Saturn or Sandbag instead. Either way, it’s rare to enter a video game forum and not see a post about how much so-and-so loves such-and-such character. Nintendojo, for its part, has decided to embrace these Star(s of Gaming) Wars. (We are not ashamed.)

This week, Adam Sorice will kick us off with a discussion of just what Nintendo’s doing with its little 3DS thingymadoodoo, in light of the oncoming competition, and shed light on how there’s more to this debate than the 3DS price cut. Mel Turnquist will continue the wars with a look at Luigi’s links to the Mafia (you never noticed?), while Kevin Knezevic fights both Wild World and City Folk fans with his two bells on why Animal Crossing for the GameCube is superior to both its sequels. Contributor Marc N. Kleinhenz returns for another segment of Green Switch Palace, with part two of his seminal look at Nintendo from outside perspectives, and Aaron Roberts glances through all the terribad bullies in the Mushroom Kingdom who consistently manage to evade capture in “Mushroom Kingdom’s Most Wanted.” Finally, we’ll round it all up with a preview of Fortune Street, the upcoming cooperative-slash-competitive board game featuring both Blue Slime and Super Mario. If it looks like we’re talking about too many characters and too many conflicts– well, we probably are.

The thing is, a lot goes on every day in Videogameland, with fanboys waging flame wars on the net more than any Bowser player in Super Smash Bros. Brawl could hope to wage. Here at Nintendojo, we figured we might as well join the fray. We’ve all got our favorites, right? Better flaunt ’em before we stomp ’em.



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Issue 62: Star(s of Gaming) Wars

Playing to Perfection by Adam Sorice
What’s Nintendo doing?

Luigi: Second Fiddle by Mel Turnquist
Luigi only pretends to play second fiddle when he’s really pulling all the strings.

Dojo Show Go! Ep. 155 by Matthew Ward
James and Smith join the DSG club. (So can you, if you apply to ND!)

My Two Bells by Kevin Knezevic
Animal Crossing GCN rules. (Kevin would like to say that he’s not flame-proof, by the way, and that he’d really like to live, thanks.)

Gangs of Fortune Street by Andrew Hsieh
Take a look at a game that almost became Japan-only– again.

My Two Bells by Kevin Knezevic
Not content with defending StarFox Adventures on GameCube, Kevin pipes up for Animal Crossing, too.

Green Switch Palace by Marc N. Kleinherz
What does the competition think about Nintendo?

Mushroom Kingdom’s Most Wanted by Aaron Roberts
Brighten up your day by seeing all the villains still on the loose! (Why don’t they go to prison?)

Additional features in this issue…


  • Industry Chatter by Andy Hoover


  • Now Playing by Bill Marcotte


  • Week: End Game: On by Mel Turnquist


  • Weekly News Roundup by Lewis Hampson

Coming Up Next Week…

Issue 63: Island of Misfit Games
Have an extra dose of sadness looking at all these games that don’t belong.

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