Issue 4: Hardcore Apologists

This week we look into the exodus of hardcore gamers and game development from Wii, while examining and challenging what defines a “hardcore gamer” today.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 06/28/2010 07:30 1 Comment     ShareThis

Issue 4: Hardcore Apologists

Letter from the Editor…

While getting ready for E3 2010, we weren’t sure what our biggest surprise would be, but we were fairly certain, whatever our choice, it wouldn’t be anything related to a hardcore renaissance on Wii. Instead, we are getting something like that with all the hardcore third party titles slated to show up on 3DS, but bear in mind those are nearly all ports and none of them are coming to Wii. Wii does have some traditional hardcore titles on the horizon– Metroid: Other M, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the excellent-looking Goldeneye remake, to name a few. But wouldn’t you also think that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is hardcore? What about the surprisingly challenging Donkey Kong Country Returns? You don’t really think your grandma’s going to pull up and start putting Diddy through the paces, do you? Which brings us to the point of this issue: where did Wii go wrong with hardcore gamers, and why should they still keep their Wiis? What makes us hardcore anyway? We dive into this topic headfirst this week with both the humor and seriousness the topic demands.

We also still have a number of E3 2010 previews yet to post, as well as reviews on other titles. Expect to see those sprinkled throughout this week as bonus content.

We hope you like getting into this classic debate with us, and we definitely are excited to hear your reactions to our stories, podcast and videos.


P.S. Do you define yourself a hardcore gamer? Why is that? Let us know in the comments.

Issue 4: Hardcore Apologists / Table of Contents

Hands-on E3 2010 Previews Throughout the Week by Evan Campbell, Matthew Tidman and M. Noah Ward
We have many, many hands-on previews to share with you. Which ones? Check back each day to find out.

What’s “Hardcore,” Anyway? by Andy Hoover
Andy’s a little frustrated by this endless debate about hardcore versus casual. He takes an analytical look at where the debate started, and what the merits of it are.

Round Table: The Comeback Game by Nintendojo Staff
Has the serious gaming ship already sailed for Nintendo? The staff discusses what Wii could do, if anything, to regain hardcore cred with the masses.

Top 5 Best and Worst Hardcore Games on Wii by Greg Wampler
Greg takes us on a tour of the five best, and five worst, hardcore games on Wii by his estimate.

For The Love Of Pokémon by Evan Campbell
Bonus Content! Evan goes to the 2010 Pokémon National Championships.

Has Nintendo Really Changed? by Greg Wampler
Greg sends us into the past to better explain how Nintendo today is the same company they have always been.

Early Abandonment: How Wii Failed Hardcore Gamers by James Stank
James plots out the crumbling of the hardcore gaming demographic on Wii.

Video Versus! Hardcore Style Battle: Master Chief vs. Tingle by Matthew Tidman & Aaron Roberts
It’s like my dad could beat up your dad, only much cooler and much nerdier. Now with video!

Hot Air: Apologisted by Aaron Roberts
Aaron is ready to give an apology. Or not.

Why Can’t Wii Be Friends? by Matthew Tidman
There’s really nothing wrong with a huge casual audience on Wii, if you consider it carefully. Tidman questions why the hate persists.

Nester64x: Spin Dr. (Mario) by Nester64x
Nintendo’s made some mistakes in the past? Yeah right!

Presenting the Tosterown by M. Noah Ward
You want your Wii hardcore, right? Well what if you got just that– amped up to eleven? Behold the Wii, as marketed by the manliest, most badass designers ever.

Keeping the Faith by Robert Thompson
Who cares about this whole hardcore debate? As Robert puts it: Damn, it feels good to be a (Nintendo) gamer.

Additional features in this issue…






Next Week…

Issue 5: Jumping the Fence
There are so many great franchises on Nintendo hardware, and a bulk of those come from Nintendo itself. Yet there has also been a wealth of fantastic second and third party titles that have been moved to other consoles for a variety of reasons. We take a week to reminisce our favorite “games that got away,” as well as take a look at the ones that came back.

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