Issue 5: Jumping the Fence

Here’s your introduction to and index of the great stories we have queued up to discuss many of the great video games that shone brightly on Nintendo hardware but moved on to other consoles.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 07/06/2010 12:42 Comment on this     ShareThis

Issue 5: Jumping the Fence

Letter from the Editor…

The upcoming revival of Goldeneye 007 on Wii brings back fond memories of late night, multiplayer madness, not to mention the golden age of Rare’s software on Nintendo consoles. Subsequent to that James Bond masterpiece, we saw brand new franchises from the British developer, to include Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Jet Force Gemini. While I’m positively giddy that I’ll get to revisit a new take on Rare’s original first person shooter, albeit from Eurocom and N-Space, I have no such hopes for the other titles, especially since they’ve already been re-released and sequelized on Microsoft hardware.

Together, those games represent the spirit of this week’s issues: great developers and franchises that were amazing on Nintendo machines, only to depart for other manufacturers’ employ and consoles. Sometimes the prodigal children have returned, and other times they’ve foundered. But there’s no denying the love we had for the originals, and we discuss those, and more, in issue 5.


Issue 5: Jumping the Fence

Round Table: Baby, Come Back by Nintendojo Staff
The staff debates which lost game franchises they’d like to see return to Nintendo game consoles.

Tidman’s Take: Betrayed by Matthew Tidman
In his biweekly column, Tidman recounts the turning point of when he decided to not play Final Fantasy.

Nester64x: Who Needs ‘Em? by Nester64x
Nester is ready to school you on why all this whining about lost games and developers is a waste of your time.

From Death Stars to Dragons by Andy Hoover
Factor 5 was such a rock star developer for Nintendo 64 and GameCube that many fans assumed the company was an owned second party developer of Nintendo’s. Take a look at the rise of this developer across the years, and its subsequent descent after the launch of PlayStation 3.

That Grass Ain’t Green by Robert Thompson
Some Nintendo fans may remember a time when they cringed to see a killer video game announced by a former Nintendo-specializing developer– yet that new game was being made for a Sony or Microsoft console. Then, after the game’s release, was the schadenfreude of its failure.

Backpedal Fantasy by M. Noah Ward
My, how the Final Fantasy series has changed since the Super Nintendo years. Noah makes an argument for why the series would be better to return to its roots.

Hot Air: Fencejumped by Aaron Roberts
Aaron discusses games lost in the way only he can.

A Rare Find by Matthew Tidman
An issue on games and developers lost wouldn’t be complete without a retrospective on Rare, a former Nintendo second party developer that made several of the best games on Nintendo consoles.

Homecoming by James Stank
There were many games that left the Nintendo stable, but some came back that were quite good.

Reader Reactions to Issue 5 Compiled by M. Noah Ward
A collection of your thoughts and comments on the stories in this issue.

Additional features in this issue…






Next Week…

Issue 6: Nintendojo Puzzle League
We love the puzzle game genre so much that we’ve decided to dedicate a week to it. We talk about our favorite puzzle games, how they’re evolving in this generation, and the puzzles that time forgot.

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