Issue 37: Only on Wii

Tidman muses this week on why Wii is so popular even with its competitors are copying like they always do.

By Matthew Tidman. Posted 02/15/2011 17:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

Issue 37: Only on Wii

Ok, so lets face it: Wii is nowhere near as powerful as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To argue that it is would just be foolishness on the highest levels. Yet, the-little-system-that-could has, so far, outsold its competitors by a large margin. Wii has definitely been a success, if only looking at the competition that went from lambasting Wii at every possible opportunity to copying motion controls in that company’s own idiom.

In a world where “newest” is usually equated with “best,” Wii took what many would considered to be antiquated hardware and made it truly work for everyone. Why should it be so, though? Not all games for the system are good, and all Wii really brings to the table are motion controls. Even this, as previously mentioned, is no longer Wii’s domain alone. While you can point out that those other consoles weren’t built from the ground up to take advantage of their respective motion options, the fact still remains that many of those casuals who loved Wii flocked to 360 to try out Kinect when it released.

But Wii is special somehow. It did it right first. It brought immersive gameplay into the living room, and once again every game system owes a debt of gratitude to Nintendo for finding a new, fun way to play. While the hardware may be limited, there are more than a few fantastic games that are good because they are only on Wii. This week we’re taking a look at those games and what makes them so excellent, because often they get overlooked– and that’s just a crime.

Game On,

Issue 37: Only on Wii

Caught One-Handed by Andrew Hsieh
Tired of your Wii games? Breathe new life into them with this new way to play co-op!

Tidman’s Take: The Perfect Blade by Matthew Tidman
Muramasa: The Demon Blade reveled in its limitations to make a game that would not be as good on other systems.

Metroid in Motion by Kevin Knezevic
The Wii Remote did more than just make aiming easier– it turned Metroid Prime 3: Corruption into one of the most immersive experiences on the platform.

Hot Air: Kinected by Aaron Roberts
Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move? Totally not a threat, but Nintendo could learn stuff from them.

Puzzling Perfection by Adam Sorice
Zack & Wiki: A game that could be achieved with any motion control but only stood a chance on Wii.

Nester64x: I’ll Kinect My Fist to Your Face! by Nester64x
Kinect doesn’t just suck, it’s just another step in Microsoft’s journey to becoming Big Brother!

Resident Evil Revolution by James Stank
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition has to be the definitive version of the game and a telling example of why Wii controls are amazing.

Additional features in this issue…


  • Nightly News Roundup by Robert Thompson


  • Nightly News Roundup by Nicolas Vestre


  • Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 130 by M. Noah Ward
  • Nightly News Roundup by Carter Fagan


  • Nightly News Roundup by Andrew Hsieh


  • Nightly News Roundup by Aaron Roberts

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