Hot Air: Kinected

Why Move and Kinect aren’t threats.

By Aaron Roberts. Posted 02/17/2011 11:00 1 Comment     ShareThis

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So, yeah, you know those Move and Kinect things?  Not a threat.

Sure, I made this boastful claim before, but that makes the fact no less true.  There are so many Wiis in so many homes that Microsoft and Sony’s peripherals, which are peripherals, remember, won’t really have a chance to compete.  This is because you do not have to buy them to get the system itself, either one.

But they are not completely useless.  Nintendo and its designers can learn things from these competing interfaces, as each one has things to teach about what kinds of interface we’ll be seeing next:

1. A camera will be involved.

I don’t care what you think, the camera features in both Move and Kinect do make a difference.  It’s nice to not HAVE to hold a controller for games.  Not all games, but certain games like dance games, music, and I’m sure that WarioWare could find a way to use the camera in new ways, since we already have WarioWare Snapped! and all.

2.  More accelerometers.

As technology advances and things can get smaller, we can’t look forward to controllers getting bigger, right? The “Duke” controller on the original Xbox showed you what horribly large controllers are like, and the answer was “lame.”  Although, to be fair, you never forget you were playing a game on the Xbox when you used it.  My point here is that I’m sure Nintendo will find ways to cram more accelerometers into the next Wii,  especially now that a WiiMotion Plus remote is the same size as a regular Wii Remote.  So a controller roughly the same size could have TWICE the motion capability next generation.

3.  More franchises.

I know, saying this about Nintendo makes no sense, but think about it.  Most Nintendo franchise games on Wii, not all, but a lot, use motion controls either as a use for a special item, like Twilight Princess, or as something superfluous that could have been done with a button, like Super Mario Galaxy or Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  Nintendo is using its franchises, as always, but I don’t think we have one that has completely defined motion control as THE way to play games from now on. Wii Fit aside, because that is a game about exercising, so you wouldn’t necessarily want to play with a controller, anyway.

4. No colored balls.

It’s obvious to say that a multi-colored ball on the tip of a Wii Remote– sorry, PlayStation Move controller– is lame.  I didn’t really need to say it, because it’s obvious, but it kind of rounds out the article, doesn’t it?  The colored ball on the end of the Move is like a monument to lameness, no matter what Kevin Butler says.

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    Rift says...

    I would feel retarded playing Playstation move. Honestly it looks like you’re waving a huge lightbulb around or one of those things used to direct airplanes.

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